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joseph guttenplan, MS, MPH, PhD Guttoxconsult

larchmont, New York
Toxicology Expert Witness, Chemistry & Chemicals Expert Witness - cancer, tobacco, e-cigarettes, birth defects,
Active cancer and toxicology researcher, over 80 peer-reviewed publications and over 100 meeting presentations and abstracts, coauthored one book, Types of damages: cancer, birth defects, intoxication, kidney disease, lung disease, reactive airway disease, nervous system damage, multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, asthma, heart disease, genital injury, drug-induced hair loss. Types of toxic agents: e-cigarettes, ionizing radiation, toxic waste dumps, insecticides, dioxin, toxic dyes, environmental tobacco smoke, antiviral drugs, floor cleaning solutions, alcohol, carbon monoxide, asbestos, wood preservative, glue vapors, pesticides, insecticides, automobile parts washer solvent, lithium overdose, toxic gas release from chemical plant, toxic gases from sewage plant, toxic chemicals at a railroad site, analysis of test data on predicting birth defects, metal fumes, oil refinery chemicals, personal lubricant toxic effects, carcinogens at a water treatment plant, carcinogens at a t...