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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of physician assistant expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on physician assistant and related issues. Physician assistant expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these physician assistant expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, Family Medicine, Long Term Care, Pain Management, Pediatrics, Physician Assistant, Surgery, Anesthesiologist Assistant, Aneurism, Brain Tumor, Chiari Decompression, Chronic Subdural, Craniotomy, and Fracture.

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Robert Evans, DMS, PA-C

Flagstaff, Arizona
Neurological Surgery, Physician Assistant - TBI, Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion, Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, Thoracic fusion, Spinal Cord Injury, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Brain Tumor, Craniotomy, Laminectomy, Micro discectomy, Chiari Decompression, Hydrocephalus, Aneurism, VP Shunt Malfunction, Chronic Subdural; orthopedic spine
I have practiced clinically in the operating room, outpatient clinic, and hospital setting for approximately 20 years. I review MRI, CT, CTA of the Brain, Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine and Lumbar Spine on a consistent basis. I have published journal articles, drafted numerous protocols and manuals, and presented hundreds of lectures to physicians, PAs, nurses, military personnel, paramedics, and medical students. I have committed my attention to creating the first Neurological ICU at multiple Level 1 trauma centers. Additionally, I have published numerous journal articles, protocols and manuals, and presented hundreds of lectures to physicians, PAs, and nurses in the field of neurosurgery. I have also conducted studies involving telehealth related to traumatic brain injuries. In addition to my clinical and surgical practice, I am a professor of didactic education in Neurology for PA students, and I act as a preceptor to many students.

Aaron Shaw, MS, MSBS, PA-C Neurofit Health, PLLC

Neurological Surgery, Physician Assistant - Traumatic Brain Injury, Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, Thoracic fusion, Spinal Cord Injury, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Brain Tumor, Craniotomy, Laminectomy, Micro discectomy, Chiari Decompression, Hydrocephalus, Aneurism, VP Shunt Malfunction, Chronic Subdural
I have been a Neurosurgical Physician Associate and have completed over 1500+ neurosurgical cases as a Physician Associate First Assist in the past 7 years. I have worked at multiple designated Level 1 Trauma Hospitals taking neurosurgery first call for new consultations in the emergency department and in the critical care/ inpatient hospital setting. I have also worked in neurosurgical clinics for the past 7 years. I have a very good working anatomical knowledge of the spine and brain and have participated in dissection/ study in multiple cadaver labs. I have personally seen and evaluated neurosurgical patients as initial visits, pre-operative, intra-operative and post- operative setting, including inpatient and outpatient setting. From experience and repetitive exposure to the situation, I have developed a keen understanding/predicting appropriate clinical patient conditions/ symptoms after personally reviewing MRI, CT, CTA of the Brain, Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine and Lumbar S...

John W Kimbell, MMSc, CAA

Cumming, Georgia
Anesthesiology, Physician Assistant - Anesthesiology, Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant, CAA, Anesthesiologist Assistant, AA, anesthetist, medical direction, medical supervision, AA scope of practice, AA licensing, TEFRA, difficult airways, NORA, OB anesthesia, patient monitoring, anesthesia machines, equipment, autotransfusion
I am a Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant and hold a Master of Medical Science Degree in Anesthesiology and Life Support Systems from Emory University. I am certified by the National Commission for Certification of Anesthesiologist Assistants (NCCAA) and have more than 40 years of private practice experience. During that time, I have provided anesthesia care to more than 40,000 patients and am still engaged in full-time clinical practice. I have extensive experience in most surgical sub-specialties except open heart and transplant. This includes orthopedics, ENT, urology, GYN and GYN oncology, OB including high risk and obstetric hemorrhage, thoracic, neuro, colorectal, spine, general surgery, vascular, plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, GI and pulmonary endoscopy, radiologic and non-surgical cardiology, and robotic procedures in several specialties. My practice is the busiest OB anesthesia practice in the US with over 25,000 deliveries per year. I am Chief Adm...

John R Williams, PA-C Third Opinion MD, LLC

Clayton, Georgia
Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine - Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant, Orthopedic Physician Assistant, Primary Care Physician/Internal Medicine Assistant, Preventative Care Physician Assistant
Highly qualified, board certified Physician Assistant with a diverse background that includes clinical experience in Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics and Internal Medicine. I will be an asset to your team with over 8 years of experience in direct patient care in several different locations: hospital, surgical and office settings. I am currently licensed to practice as a Physician Assistant in the state of Georgia. I am actively practicing full-time in a busy Emergency Room at a local hospital. I have worked in large and small hospitals. I am available for comprehensive chart/medical records review, case disposition analysis, defining standards of care, production of reports, participation in court/trial testimonies and screening for case merit (failure to diagnose, medical malpractice, personal injury, prescribing errors, abuse and deviations from standard of care).

David Talford, PA-C, MPAS

Meridian, Idaho
Physician Assistant, Urgent Care Medicine - Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Skin Cancer (Melanoma - Squamous Cell), University Clinical Faculty, Educator, Paramedic, Infection (Bacterial - Viral Fungal), Sepsis, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Embolism, Nurse Practitioner, NP PA
Mr. Talford, PA-C, MPAS is an experienced physician assistant clinician, PA educator & teacher. Expert opinion on standard of care is offered across the general spectrum of physician assistant practice. Areas of focus include, urgent care/emergency medicine, dermatology, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology and assists with referral when a particular disorder is outside scope of expertise. He provides chart review, analysis and testimony. As a published co-author in an international textbook on medical education; his work had been presented internationally and nationally on several occasions. Mr. Talford, graduated Alpha ETA from the Des Moines University Physician Assistant Program, and brings well apportioned perspective and insight into physician assistant & nurse practitioner (Advanced Practice Provider) standard of care. A nationally certified, Idaho licensed physician assistant to include 15 years’ experience of university appointment graduate level physician assistan...

Jill M Ferry, RN, MPAS, PA-C, CAQ-EM

Portsmouth, Iowa
Physician Assistant, Family Medicine - Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Geriatrics, Long term care, Pediatrics, Woman's Health, Hospitalist inpatient care, Urgent care, General surgery
Practicing Physician Assistant since 1995 with background in nursing. Graduated with Honors with master's degree in Physician Assistant studies in 1995. Board Certified through the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants since 1995. Employed fulltime in a Critical access hospital/clinic. Experience in Family practice with coverage in Emergency Department, urgent care, inpatient hospitalist, post-operative care, geriatric nursing home care, post-partum and nursery, pediatrics, and first assist with surgeries/C-section Deliveries. Certificate of added qualifications in Emergency Medicine (CAQ-EM) through NCCPA. Certified in Advanced Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Neonatal Resuscitation Provider. Instructor for ACLS and PALS. Preceptor/Affiliate instructor for PA/NP students for multiple universities. Physician Assistant expert witness for greater than 20 years and over 70 cases.

Michael J Hebert, M.S., PA-C M.J. Hebert Enterprises, LLC

Pineville, Louisiana
Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine - Emergency Medicine PA, Urgent Care, APP, MLP, Mid-level Provider, Heart Atttack, CVA, Stroke, Heart Attack, Intracranial Hemorrhage, Kidney Stone, Sepsis, Ectopic Pregnancy, Pneumonia, laceration, fracture, dehydration, acute kidney injury, appendicitis
A 20 year Army Veteran. I have worked as a Physician Assistant in both Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care for 25+ years. I am a proud 1997 Summa Cum Laude graduate of the U.S. Army PA Program where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. I later obtained my Master of Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona. I am a retired Major from the Louisiana Army National Guard and have deployed overseas on two occasions. I last served as Deputy State Surgeon in charge of medical readiness for Louisiana troops. I currently split my time between working in a fast-paced emergency department and a high-acuity urgent care clinic in the central Louisiana area.

Christopher R Cannell, DMSc, MPAS, PA-C Christopher Cannell Physician Assistant Expert Witness

Pembroke, Massachusetts
Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine - Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care: Dr. Cannell can testify himself for PAs and NPs as well as provide malpractice case merit review, expert witness, deposition, and expert testimony.
Dr. Cannell has been practicing as a Physician Assistant/Associate for 20 years with the last 18 in Emergency Medicine. Additional experience in Orthopedics, Urgent Care, Internal Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine. He has been recognized by the AAPA as a Distinguished Fellow due to tiredness dedication to the PA profession and years of serving his community. He has served as an adjunct clinical instructor in Emergency Medicine at Tufts School of Medicine since 2015 and has been a community Emergency Medicine PA Educator since 2007. He has spent the last 5 years also serving as a legal consultant/expert witness on both the plaintiff and defense sides in addition to full-time clinical duties. Dr. Cannell has been a lead PA in the Emergency Department and Co-Chief of APCs all within South Shore Health System. He can testify himself for PAs and NPs as well as provide malpractice case merit review, expert witness, deposition, and expert testimony. Dr. Can...

Dean P Kendziera, MSHS, PA-C

Norton Shores, Michigan
Physician Assistant, Orthopedic Surgery - Physician Assistant, PA, Midlevel, Orthopedics, Surgery, Trauma, Spine, Joint replacement, fracture, sports medicine, arthroscopy, foot and ankle, osteoporosis, revision surgery, cast, splint, infections, epidural abscess, pain management, narcotics, injections, preoperative, postoperative, EMR
I have been a Physician Assistant (PA) for 23 years. I have worked in primary care, school-based health, urgent care, pediatric intensive care, outpatient orthopedics and orthopedic surgery. I have been an expert witness for 5 years. I have extensive experience as a PA, most recently in all aspects of orthopedics and orthopedic surgery. My orthopedic experience includes non-operative care and operative care as first assistant for patients with complex conditions involving the spine, neck, hand and extremities, joints, total joints and revision joints, injections, casting, wound care, perioperative care, narcotic and non-narcotic pain management, trauma and fractures. I have rounded on thousands of hospital patients for a variety of operative and non-operative orthopedic conditions; managing their pain, wellness, expectations, anticoagulation therapy, wound and dressing care, antibiotics, hospital and surgical complications, and discharge needs. I am a leader in electronic medical...

Angela Baumeister

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Family Medicine, Geriatrics - Geriatrics, Long Term Care, Wound Care, Family Medicine, Diabetes Care, Home Healthcare, Primary Care, Physician Assistant, Midlevel Provider, Advance Practice Provider
I have worked as a Physician Associate for 15 years, specializing in Family Medicine and Geriatrics in outpatient, home health, and long term care settings. I was an Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies at the University of St. Francis and was a member of the adjunct faculty as an advisor for capstone research projects. I’ve served as a board member of the New Mexico Academy of Physician Assistants as well as a member of the NMAPA annual conference planning committee.

Stephanie L Burgess, MPAS, BS, PA-C Burgess Experts INC

Farmingdale, New York
Physician Assistant, Sports Medicine - Orthopedics, First Assist, Surgery, Opioid prescribing, pediatrics, adults, geriatric, lead PA
Over 10 years as a full time Sports Medicine/Orthopedic Physician Assistant assessing patients and performing surgery. Prescribing and monitoring opioid and other medications in pediatrics, adults and geriatric population.

Kate Wise, DNP

Mt Pleasant, South Carolina
Nurse Practitioner, Nurse - pediatrics, family medicine, inpatient, outpatient, critical care, urology, nephrology, child abuse, developmental disabilities, surgery, general practice, medical management, genetics, nutrition, obesity, pain management, radiology, physician assistant, spine surgery, pediatric urology, wounds
I am a board certified Family medicine nurse practitioner with over 16 years of experience in the nursing field. My background encompasses critical care, inpatient and outpatient nursing, family medicine, and extensive pediatric specialty experience. I have been requested as a guest speaker for both doctoral level students and various specialty conferences over the years. I am proficient in medical chart reviewing, and my work as both an RN and as a medical provider gives me a unique perspective to bring as an expert witness. My exceptional oral and written skills as well as outstanding time management serve as a significant benefit to the attorney and case at hand. I am enthusiastic to save the attorney both time and money while providing excellent expert witness services.

Emily Hedrick, MSPAS, PA-C

Alexandria, Virginia
Physician Assistant, General Surgery - Hepatobiliary Surgery, Pancreatic Surgery, Pancreas Disease, Pancreatitis, Gallbladder Disease, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Gastric Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Cholecystitis, Cholecystectomy, Gastrectomy, Bowel Resection, Appendectomy, Peri-operative Care, Intra-abdominal Abscess, Hernia Repair
I am an experienced Surgical Physician Assistant with a demonstrated history of over 10 years in clinical practice. I have participated in the care of patients across numerous surgical subspecialties including hepatobiliary surgery, general surgery, surgical oncology, trauma surgery, breast surgery, bariatric surgery and colorectal surgery. My clinical roles include providing operative consultations, first assisting in the operating room and caring for postoperative patients, including quickly recognizing and triaging postoperative complications. I have experience serving as an expert witness in many legal cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. I pride myself on being efficient, knowledgeable and thorough when reviewing medical malpractice cases and consistently provide transparent and reliable opinions in a timely manner.

Jeffrey G. Nicholson, PA-C, PhD, M.Ed, MPAS, DFAAPA PA Experts Network

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Physician Assistant, General Practice - Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, Pain Management, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurology, Nurse Practitioner, Expert Witness Referrals, PAs, NPs, and RNs, nurse, sitter, nursing home, long term care, assisted living, memory care, EMT, CRNA, CNM, PT.
Dr. Nicholson is a 30 years practicing PA, PA Educator and experienced legal consultant. He can testify himself for PAs and NPs as well as provide other PA, NP and RNs. Malpractice case merit review, expert witness, deposition and testimony for all medical specialties. Dr. Nicholson is a recognized leader in the PA profession and recognized expert on PA malpractice. He can either help you personally or provide the right expert, usually within 24 hours. Current CV Highlights: Distinguished Fellow, American Academy of Physician Assistants; President, American Academy of Physician Assistants in Legal Medicine; Membership Commission, AAPA; Delegate, Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants; Board of Directors, Hillside Health Care International Mission Clinic; Adjunct Clinical Faculty, University of Wisconsin – Madison PA Program Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Marquette University PA Program Fellow, Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants President, PA Experts Netwo...

Jeffrey VanBendegom, MD, FACEP

Middleton, Wisconsin
Emergency Medicine, Physician Assistant - My focus within Emergency Medicine is cardiology care in the ER. I have 10 years experience performing case analysis and quality assurance for STEMI (Heart attack care) in my hospital system, as well as cardiac care peer review. I am also involved in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as EMS director.
I am a practicing full-time Emergency Medicine physician. Board-certified in Emergency Medicine with Fellowship status in the American College of Emergency Medicine. I am also an EMS director, part owner in a private practice, and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin. I have 10+ years experience in case analysis in multi-disciplinary case review (peer review) in my hospital system. I have also served as victim witness and expert witness in assault cases.
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