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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of law enf & criminal justice expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on law enf & criminal justice and related issues. Law enf & criminal justice expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these law enf & criminal justice expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Use Of Force, Excessive Force, Police Training, Police Use Of Force, Crisis Intervention, Internal Affairs, Officer Involved Shootings, Police Misconduct, Police Practices, Police Procedures, Arrest, Civil Rights, De Escalation, Deadly Force, and Discrimination.

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Daniel J Brown Evidence Solutions, Inc.

Tucson, Arizona
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Police Internal Affairs Investigations, Expertise with Police Policy and Procedure, Evidence based analysis and testimony, Police Use of Force and Failure to Protect
I served in the Law Enforcement profession for nearly 22 years, with close to 28 years of combined policing and military service. I am a seasoned professional with proven leadership skills. I thrive in stressful situations and have a keen ability to establish productive organizations. I am fair, task-oriented, and work well with others. I respect those individuals under my leadership and give the same respect to those I serve. I helped establish a municipal police department from inception and used this knowledge to re-build two different fledgling police departments as a police chief. I have personally guided an organization of over 150 employees. I practice integrity, honesty, courage, and respect. I think “out of the box” and embrace diversity. I am a decorated military veteran of two branches of service, hold a graduate-level education, and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. My experience in law enforcement ranges from municipal, county, tribal, and military. I am a well-rounded ind...

Roger J Hudson

Cabot, Arkansas
Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Use of Force ,Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, Ground Defense, Escalation of force, De-escalation of force, Training, Officer Safety, Physical Fitness, Martial Arts Master in Karate and Filipino Martial Arts over 45 years training, and experienced policy developer and training administration.
2nd year law student in good standing Masters Degree in Law (completion date Mach 2023) Division Chief of a FLETA Accredited, Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy Twenty years of Law Enforcement Experience, both Federal and State Over 20 years of supervisory law enforcement supervision Over 20 years as a professional law enforcement trainer at the federal level Over 10 years of supervisory law enforcement and training experience at the state level. Use of force subject matter expert over 20 years Division Chief for a FLETA Accredited Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy Masters Degree in Law (completion date Marc 2023)

Derrick Threadgill Insight Consulting Strategies

Little Rock, Arkansas
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Police Procedures, Administrative Hearings, Leadership, Citizen Complaints, Duty to Intervene, Misconduct, Civil Rights, Use of Force, Incident Review, Internal Affairs, Traffic Stops, Civil Service, Policy & Procedures
I am currently an active law enforcement supervisor with 28 years of law enforcement experience and training. I am responsible for conducting evaluations of use of force, pursuits, accidents and other incidents involving police officers' actions. In addition, I have also consulted police officers during administrative and internal affairs hearings. I bring this same professionalism and attention for the details of facts when reviewing cases for my clients. I have also presented in the 4oth Annual National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice National Conference, the Region 5 Training workshop of the National Organization of Blacks in Law Enforcement (NOBLE), Arkansas District Court Officers Association Semi-Annual Training and the University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute: School of Law Enforcement Supervision. Additionally, I have National Internal Affairs Training and Certification in addition to a Use of Force Instructor /Analyst Certification.

Ryan M Bodily Bodily's Traffic Collision Consulting and Reconstruction

Tehachapi, California
Accident Reconstruction, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Traffic, Event Data Recorder, EDR, crash, collision, accident, report review, vehicle inspection, scene inspection, collision reconstruction, expert witness,
Ryan Bodily is the lead consultant. Ryan is currently a Sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, having promoted in April 2020. Prior to this promotion Ryan was a Vehicular Homicide Detective for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He has been in Law Enforcement for over 25 years with an emphasis in traffic for 17 of those years. He has investigated thousands of traffic collisions during his career. These investigations include field work and report review. He has been the lead investigator of 102 fatal traffic collisions of which 65 have led to criminal prosecution. Ryan is a Bosch certified technician for the imaging of a vehicle's Event Data Recorder. He is also certified to analyze the report produced by the software. Ryan has over 500 hours of California P.O.S.T. approved training classes regarding the subject of Traffic Collision Investigation and DUI Investigation. These classes include Basic Traffic Investigation, Intermediate Traffic Inv...

Spencer Fomby Law Enforcement Tactical Consultants LLC

Sacramento, California
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Use of force, officer involved shootings, crowd control, crowd management, public order, less-lethal weapons, SWAT, patrol operations, tactical operations, chemical agents, police policy, firearms, de-escalation, in-custody death, arrest procedures, defensive tactics, impact weapons
Spencer Fomby is a 22-year law enforcement veteran. He is an experienced Police Captain, SWAT Commander and Police trainer. He is currently the training division Captain for a medium-sized police department; responsible for the police academy, field training program, leadership development and in-service training. He has been a police use of force instructor for 15 years in the following disciplines; Public Order, active shooter, patrol tactics, counter ambush, defensive tactics, impact weapons, less-lethal weapons, sting balls, flash bangs, chemical agents, firearms, SWAT, and de-escalation. Spencer is considered a subject matter expert in tactical operations. He has 18 years of SWAT and Public Order experience. He was the lead Public Order instructor for the Berkeley Police Department; responsible for equipment selection, tactical training, less-lethal weapon selection, chemical agent selection and deployment, and mission planning. He was selected to join a National Institute of ...

Rachael L.N. Frost Frost ICED / Investigation, Consultation, Education & Development

Murrieta, California
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Police Practices, Police Policies, Investigation, School Safety, Domestic Violence, Stalking, Strangulation, Sexual Abuse, Workplace Violence, Child Abuse, Coercive Control, Restraining Orders, Interviewing, Internal Affairs Standards, Program Development, Law Enforcement investigations
Master Investigator (ret.) Rachael Frost is a reliable and proven expert witness for both court testimony and detailed case investigation and development with experience in high profile, media-saturated cases. The first female Master Investigator at her agency, she is a twenty-year law enforcement veteran specializing in intimate partner violence-related cases, specifically, physical and emotional abuse, stalking, strangulation, restraining orders, sexual abuse, and child abuse. After obtaining more than $3.5 million in grant funding, M. Inv. (ret.) Frost developed numerous multidisciplinary teams throughout 15 years to include their policies, protocols, and training across government, nonprofit and for-profit agencies directed at addressing intimate partner violence, threat assessment, murder/suicide, and more. Serving in her department's Internal Affairs bureau and as a defensive tactics instructor enhanced M. Inv. (ret.) Frost's vast experience in law enforcement policies, proced...

Jeffrey C Kearnan, MS Security Solutions, LLC

Arnold, California
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Security - Policy/Procedure Development, Internal Affairs Investigations, Emergency Management, SWAT Team Operations, Incident Command System, Security/Guard Staff Procedures, Emergency Operation Plan, Active Shooter Response, Threat/Vulnerability Assessments, School/House of Worship/Church Safety procedures
Thirty-two years of professional policing to include top secret clearance with extensive experience in leadership management, and supervisory roles ranging from line officer to senior level and executive command experience as an active duty U.S.A.F. sergeant and civilian law enforcement executive. Strong and positive reputation as an open communicator with a proven track record of effective, participative and proactive leadership. Experienced in serving government, city municipalities governing boards, JPA’s and private sector communities bringing a unique perspective in a collaborative and forward-thinking, problem-solving process. Expert witness consultation, depositions and court testimony involving litigation issues regarding security practices, law enforcement policy, procedures, practices and training for patrol officers, special operations teams, investigative agents, Supervisors, Command staff and facility security officers. Owner, Security Solutions, LLC consulting servi...

Glenn A. Marin GAM Consulting

Whittier, California
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Communications - 911 Center Ops, Computer Aided Dispatch, Public Safety Project Management, 911 Technologies, Mobile Radio Operations & Design
Glenn A. Marin, a semi-retired consultant in the field of public safety emergency service call processing and dispatching systems ranging from facilities to technical system to operations. He has over 45 years experience in the application of automated systems to public safety organizations and their operational impacts with specific emphasis on computer, telephone and mobile radio communications systems. Collectively, these technologies support what is commonly known as the 9-1-1 emergency telephone system operated from facilities known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). This experience includes all the technologies associated with the design of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management (RMS), Jail Information Systems (JIS), Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) systems and two-way radio systems, both trunked and conventional. Mr. Marin has extensive experience with operational policies, procedures and practices of public safety dispatch centers with both personal supervisory...

Craig McLaren First Response Law Enforcement Consulting Group

Santa Clarita, California
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Crowd Control, Use of Force/Excessive Force Inadequate/Negligent Security, Informants, Evidence Preservation, Chain of Custody, Sexual Assault, Drug Enforcement, Gangs, Surveillance, Vice, Prostitution, Gambling, Vehicle Pursuits, School Shootings, Workplace Violence
Vastly Experienced Police Expert. Over 31 years as a Los Angeles Police Officer. Expertise in General Police Procedure, Community Based Policing, Patrol Car, Bicycle, and Foot beat tactics. Worked Los Angeles Police Department C.R.A.S.H. (Gang) unit. Trained / Taught new officers for 24 years in all facets of Police work. Including Use of Force and Use of Deadly Force (Officer Involved Shootings) as well as Evidence Preservation and Chain of Custody. Worked as L.A.P.D Employee Defense Representative and represented over 50 Police Officers in Divisional and Internal Affairs investigations/ interviews. Worked undercover in Narcotics Field Enforcement Section. Court qualified and department certified expert in Narcotics and Gangs. Testified in approximately 50 Preliminary Hearings and Trials. Expertise in the use of Certified Reliable Informants and Surveillance. Worked, undercover in numerous Prostitution task forces as well as Massage Parlors, Alcohol Beverage Control enforcement and...

James W. Potts, JD Potts & Associates, Inc.

Pasadena, California
Legal, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Human Resources, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Orientation, Discrimination, Violence in the Workplace, Age, Wage & Hour, Active Shooter Training, Hiring & Firing, Wrongful Termination, Retaliation, workplace investigations
Jim, as CEO of Potts & Associates, has been in the business for over 42 years assisting and representing employers in all aspects of human resources. Jim holds 2 degrees, a B.A. and a J.D.. Jim was a Master teacher for the University of Phoenix for 13 years and taught a number of subjects on the graduate and undergraduate levels including Employment Law, Legal Aspects of Supervision, Ethics, Business Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. Jim is also a Certified Mediator through the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and was formerly a certified Terrorist Investigator with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Jim retired as a Captain. Jim also writes a Blog for employers every Monday for the last 11 years called "Listen Up" ( Jim is also a published author of 4 books. Jim published his first book In July 2008 (Right to Counsel) and a second one in November 2013 entitled “Walking on Eggshells, Managing Minorities in the Workp...

Chuck J. Rylant, PsyD., MBA

Arroyo Grande, California
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - use of force, police use of force, law enforcement use of force, self defense, arrest and control, police excessive force, excessive force, defensive tactics, martial arts, strangulation, choke hold, jiu jitsu, fight or flight, stress response, officer involved shooting, police shooting, OIS
Dr. Chuck J. Rylant has 23 years of experience in the industry and is a court-experienced expert witness in use-of-force, self-defense, strangulation, human performance factors, and police tactics and training. He has a Doctor of Clinical Psychology; dissertation: Decisions Under Pressure: Psychological and Physiological Aspects of Police Use of Force. Dr. Rylant is a retired police officer/detective, S.W.A.T. member, and P.O.S.T. certified department firearms, baton, chemical agents, use of force, and arrest and control (ARCON) trainer. He is currently a police academy arrest and control (ARCON), use-of-force, and de-escalation instructor, as well as a certified advanced Force Science Specialist. Dr. Rylant is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt instructor for law enforcement and civilians, as well as author of Shots Fired: The Psychology Behind Officer Involved Shootings.

Alan C. Youngs, Esq. The Youngs Group

Denver, Colorado
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice, Police Practice & Procedure, Legal, Use of Force, Police Training, Police Academies, Crisis Intervention, Field Training Program, Police Use of Firearms, Baton, Taser Discipline, Internal Affairs, Jail Operations, Gangs
Chief Alan C. Youngs retired after 33 years with the Lakewood Colorado Police Department, a suburb of Denver. He held command positions within every division of the department. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, 166th Session. He is currently a technical compliance adviser to the Department of Justice consent decree in Puerto Rico. Chief Youngs is a practicing attorney, and is a law enforcement expert witness in police policies, procedures and police academies. Mr. Youngs is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Investigative Operations Committee and the IACP Professional Standards Committee. He is a certified instructor for the recognition of Excited Delirium and Agitated Chaotic episodes, by the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc. He is also certified in Fraud Prevention. He is an Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE) certified Litigation Specialist and a member of the Board of Directors for AELE.

John A Campanella, SHRM-SCP Campanella Consulting Group, Inc.

Newark, Delaware
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Police policy, police fatigue, police misconduct, criminal defense, civil, police, investigations, pursuit, detention, prosecution, neglect of duty, fail to train, negligent retention, arrest, false arrest, law enforcement, evidence, use of force, handcuffing, police procedures
I worked in Law Enforcement for over 32-years retiring from the Delaware State Police in September 2017 at the rank of Captain, serving the last four years as the Director of Human Resources. My law enforcement experience includes increasingly responsible roles and achievement in the areas of: Policy/Procedure Development; Human Resource Management; Compliance Monitoring; Internal and External Investigations; & Training/Development. I have extensive experience and knowledge in researching, developing, implementing, and evaluating police policy and procedure that reflect best practices of the law enforcement industry. I served as the Accreditation Manager for the Delaware State Police responsible for two meritorious re-accreditation awards with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and supervised a third meritorious re-accreditation as a commander. I have been a certified assessor for the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CA...

Timothy M. Dixon, J.D.

Washington, District Of Columbia
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Police, Civil Rights, Constitutional, Law, Misconduct, Search, Seizure, Arrest, False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Wrongful Death, Law Enforcement, Police Practices, Police Procedures, Excessive Force, Use of Force
29 years of legal and law enforcement experience combined (21 years practicing law and 8.5 years as a sworn police officer and 2 years as a law enforcement trainer/instructor) Supervisor Legal Education Unit-Baltimore Police Department-2021-Present Legal Education Instructor-Baltimore Police Department-2020-2021 Criminal Defense/Police Disciplinary Hearings Representing Officers/Police Misconduct Representing Officers/Civil Rights Attorney Representing Plaintiffs-2001-2019 Former Assistant State's Attorney-2001-2003-Prosecuted persons charged with misdemeanor and felony violations of State and local criminal statute. Baltimore Police Department 1993-2001-Former Police Officer, Sergeant, and Lieutenant in Baltimore Police Department and Associate Legal Counsel Member of the District of Columbia Bar-2004 Member of the Maryland Bar-2001 Adjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice Department 2000-2003

Jesse J Porter Jr, CPM Porter Consulting and Expert Tactical Training

Washington, District Of Columbia
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Use of Force Analyst-Instructor, Officer-Involved Shooting investigations, BWC- Video Technology and Human Perception, Crisis Intervention, De-escalation, and Hostage Negotiator Instructor. Active Shooter Instructor, Critical Incident Management, Civil Disturbance Instructor. Taser Instructor.
33 years of Law Enforcement Tactical and Training Experience in Patrol, Specialized Training, Leadership, Crisis Intervention, Deescalation, Active Shooter, Critical Incident Command, Tactical, and Use of Force Investigations and Training * Use of Force Instructor / Analyst * Police Use of Force Investigator * Crisis Intervention / Mental Health Response / De-escalation * Advance Hostage Negotiator-Instructor * Civil Disturbance - Crowd Control Certified * Policy & Procedure Development * Active Shooter Training / Critical Incident Response Instructor * Advance Body-Worn Camera Investigations (Video Technology and Human Perception *Traffic Stop Tactics, Legal and Procedures Instructor * Mentorship / Leadership Development Taser Instructor, ASP Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, TECC-TCCC Instructor. Highly qualified law enforcement professional with 33 years of progressive law enforcement experience, working for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. – most re...

RICHARD M BLOM Miami Police (Retired)

Miami, Florida
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Security - Police policies and procedures, use of force, vehicular pursuits, vulnerabilities, responsibilities and liabilities in regard to business, personal and residential security.
Richard Blom is law enforcement professional with over 39 years of experience. His last position was as the Chief of Police of the City of Doral, Florida. The policing philosophy and operational strategies that he introduced coupled with the partnerships that he created with the community and media contributed to a significant reduction in crime every single month during his tenure as chief. During his tenure as chief the department received several prestigious awards and recognitions for community policing practices. Prior to his appointment as chief, he was the Assistant Chief of the Miami Police Department where he started his career in 1975. During his career with the Miami Police Department, he held command level positions in all three of the department’s divisions. In addition, he has held a number of high-profile assignments such as Commander of the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Bomb Squad Commander, as well as the Commander of the Crime Prevention an...

John D. Dale

Pembroke Pines, Florida
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Use of Force, Criminal Investigations, Police Misconduct, Internal Affairs, Employee Investigations, Civil Rights Violations, Excessive Force, Police Tactics, Officer Involved Shootings, Mass Shootings, School Security, Vehicle Pursuits, Police Policy, Arrests, Police Training.
Retired law enforcement professional with over 29 years of experience. Six years with the Broward Sheriff's Office as a Colonel in charge of the Department of Professional Standards (Internal Affairs, Public Corruption, Training, Accreditation, Human Resources), the Department of Investigations (Criminal Investigations, Strategic Investigations, Child Protection Services and Crime Lab) and the Department of Administration. Former Training Center Director. Twenty-two years with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department as an officer, detective, sergeant, captain in the areas of training, SWAT, criminal investigations, narcotics, accreditation, internal affairs and uniformed patrol. Memberships with FBI National Academy Associates, FBI National Executive Institute Associates, Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), National Sheriff's Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) serving on their Committee for Human and C...

Chief Chet Epperson (Ret.), M.B.A. AGR Police Practice Group, LLC

Rockford, Illinois
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Use of Force, Police Shootings, Officer-Involved Shooting, Excessive Force, Risk Management, Police Complaint Investigation, Deadly Force, Internal Investigation, Police Policy Practices, Police Tactics, Arrest
President, Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE). Formed in 1966, AELE is research driven educational organization that produces and disseminates legal information through traditional seminars, via electronic media and direct contact. Experienced 40-year police professional in areas of use of force, internal affairs, officer-involved shootings, supervision, practice, policy, discipline, mental health, auditing, staffing analysis, organizational assessments, investigations, and training. 34-years as an active law enforcement officer and 10 of those years as chief of police of a 340 sworn/ non-sworn municipal police department. On-going experience for the past 6-years as a police practice consultant providing Federal Court-Appointed expertise in police Consent Decrees and a United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Police Consultant regarding police use of force. Expert in applying Constitutional Standards, State Law, policy, practice and training to po...

Lauren A. Freeman, Esq. Freeman Legal Consulting and Expert Witness Services, LLC

Chicago, Illinois
Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Prosecutorial conduct, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Wrongful Convictions, Reverse Convictions, Malicious Prosecutions, Abuse of Process, Brady Violations, Discovery Violations, Investigative Misconduct, Civil Rights Violations, Felony Review Assessment, Prosecutorial Immunity, Prosecutorial Ethics
In April 2017, Lauren retired from the Cook County State's Attorney's Office after a distinguished 30-year career during which she handled some of Chicago's highest-profile prosecutions. Lauren’s extensive prosecutorial and investigative review experience positions her as a valuable independent consultant for case assessment, consulting, and expert witness work in civil and criminal cases alleging prosecutorial misconduct. During her first decade as an A.S.A., Lauren handled appeals, misdemeanors, domestic violence cases, felony review, preliminary hearings, grand jury investigations/indictments, narcotics prosecutions, sex crimes, child exploitation, and the gamut of felony cases, including first-degree murders. She litigated countless felony motions and trials in some of the busiest courtrooms in the country. The final 12 years of her career, she was assigned to the Special Prosecutions Bureau's Professional Standards Unit, focusing on the investigative review, indictment, and p...

Robert T Johnson, Lt. Colonel (R) - Ill State Police Law Enforcemnt Policy & Practices Consultant

Palos Heights, Illinois
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Use of Force, Police Policy Practices, Police Pursuits, Excessive Force, Police Vehicle Pursuits, Police Internal Investigation, Deadly Force, Police Internal Affairs, Police Complaint Investigation, Police Vehicle Emergency Response, Police Shooting, Police Tactics, Police Use of Force and Arrest
Robert T. Johnson is a law enforcement veteran with thirty-two (32) years of active service. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Illinois State Police. He continues to serve as a private consultant and expert witness regarding law enforcement policies and practices as well as conducting sensitive internal investigations as an independent investigator for municipalities regarding allegations of police misconduct. He also serves as an Assessor (Team Leader) for the Commission for the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and has reviewed the operations of over thirty (30) law enforcement agencies nationwide seeking accreditation. He has also conducted Operational, Organization and/or Policy reviews for several agencies, most recently the Kane County Sheriff, the Armenian National Police (for the World Bank) and the Kankakee (IL) Police Department. Johnson began his career as a patrolman for the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC. Two years later he join...

Leroy K. James, MS L. K. James & Associates

Cheltenham, Maryland
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, School Safety - School Security, Clery Act Compliance, Campus Security Operations, Investigations, Emergency Management, Special Events Management, Policies and Procedures, Community Policing, Consortium Building, Patrol Operations, Local Law Enforcement Collaboration, Training & Education
Mr. James has served as a University Chief of Police, as well as an Executive Director for Campus Safety and Security at two (2) four-year higher education research institutions, and at a community college in the Washington DC and Baltimore metropolitan region. In those positions he served as the chief architect for the safety and security infrastructure for several different campuses and over 50,000 students. He also served as an adjunct professor in criminal justice at a community college. He serves as the founder of a campus security consulting firm that specializes in assisting university leaders comply with their federal responsibilities under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. Mr. James is also the Training and Education Coordinator for the Historically Black Colleges and Universities - Law Enforcement Executives and Administrators (HBCU-LEEA) organization which serv...

Frank A. Mancini, DCJ Prezza Consulting LLC

Middleton, Massachusetts
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Police accountability, internal affairs, police misconduct, early intervention systems, police mediation, police use of force, police supervision, law enforcement administration, community policing, law enforcement auditing, excessive force, police corruption, public corruption, investigation
Law enforcement operational, administrative, and policy expertise, criminal justice doctoral academic degree, criminal justice university teaching experience, subject matter expert in areas of law enforcement operations, police accountability, application of discipline, internal affairs processes, police officer administrative and criminal investigations, organizational risk analysis, Early Intervention Systems, police/community mediation, law enforcement auditing and inspections, community outreach, and police oversight mechanisms. Experienced witness in depositions, court testimony, administrative hearings, MA Civil Service Hearings, labor arbitration testimony. Doctoral Research Portfolio: Dissertation Title “Technology and Police Accountability: Body-Worn Cameras, Effects on Complaints and Use of Force”. Experienced in Public Sector Investigations; Workplace Misconduct, Law Enforcement Training and Consulting Police Superintendent, Chief (ret.), Professional Standards Bureau, ...

Daniel King Force Investigations Team

Henderson, Nevada
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Officer Involved Shootings, Police Use of Force, Excessive Force, Deadly Force, Police Training, Body Worn Cameras, Duty to Intervene, Officer Safety
Daniel King has been a police officer in the Las Vegas Valley for 23 years, specializing Police Use of Force. Daniel has trained, investigated, and been involved in Officer Involved Shootings, Use of Force, Tasers, Duty to Intervene, and allegations of Excessive Force. Daniel teaches Use of Force, Excited Delirium, Force Investigations, Use of Force Report Writing.

Chief Roy G. Taylor, Ph.D. Taylor Law Enforcement Consulting Group

Raleigh, North Carolina
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Use of Force & Deadly Force, Electronic Control Devices, Standards of Conduct, High Speed Vehicle Pursuits & Chases, Law Enforcement Policies and Procedures,Failure to Train, Violations of §1983 Civil Rights, Police K-9, Firearms, Security (Private & Public), Security Training, Security at Events
Professional law enforcement manager with over 40 years of experience in a wide-range of federal, state, local and private criminal justice positions. Areas of expertise include: training; Use of force & firearms instruction; anti-terrorism, operation security, force protection, recruiting, selection and assignment; employee supervision, evaluation and retention; curriculum development; policies and procedures design and implementation; physical security, canine utilization; budgeting; public relations; emergency management. • Chief of Police Blue Ridge Public Safety – 4/2014-Present • Litigation Consultant 12/2013-Present • President/CEO Signal 88 Security of Charlotte – 7/2012-Present • President/CEO Capitol Special Patrol – 2/2012-Present • Chief of Police Capitol Special Police – 8/2002-Present • Lt. Colonel – Army Reserve – 6/17-Present • Lt. Colonel – Army National Guard – 3/2000-5/2017 • Antiterrorism/Emergency Management Branch Chief DoD – 4/2007-4/2014 • Task Force Office...

Trent T Pettigrew, MSM Pettigrew Consulting Solutions LLC

Yukon, Oklahoma
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - K9 use, Criminal/Drug Interdiction, Search and Seizure, Pursuits, Lie Detection, Police policy and procedures, Racial Profiling, Retaliation, Interview and Interrogation, Fail to Promote, Traffic Stops, Discrimination
I am currently employed as a State Trooper with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, holding the earned rank of Captain/Troop Commander. I hold degrees in both Criminal Justice and Business, as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Management. I am also an expert in Criminal/Drug Interdiction, K-9 use, Search and Seizure, Racial Profiling, Body Language/Statement Analysis, Police Policy and Procedures and pursuits. I also have extensive experience with police employer retaliation, discrimination and failure to promote issues . I am an Adjunct Instructor in the Oklahoma City metro area – Instructing courses in Organizational Behavior, Organizational Leadership, Criminal Justice and Ethics.

Aaron T. Olson, M.Ed. A.T. Olson Consulting, L.L.C.

Beavercreek, Oregon
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Police Procedures, Police Policies, Police Investigations, Police Arrests, Police Use of Force, Officer Involved Shootings, Police Pursuits, Human Resource Investigations, Bias Investigations, Discrimination Investigations, Harassment Investigations, Retaliation Investigations, Report Writing
*U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) as a Verified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) *Published co-writer of Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society, 7th Edition by Pearson *Published co-writer of Multicultural and Diversity Strategies for the Fire Service by Pearson *Retired Oregon State Police Sergeant with 26 years of police service *Former Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training Instructor on Background Investigations, Internal Affairs Investigations and Report Writing *Former Local Government Personnel Institute HR Investigator: Investigated police chiefs, county commissioners, city council members, and employees *Current adjunct professor at Eastern State Oregon University teaching Multiculturalism in Emergency Services *Current adjunct professor at Portland Community College teaching Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Professions and Civil Liability...

Timothy M. Dixon, J.D.

Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Police, Civil Rights, Constitutional, Law, Misconduct, Search, Seizure, Arrest, False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Wrongful Death, Law Enforcement, Police Practices, Police Procedures, Excessive Force, Use of Force
29 years of legal and law enforcement experience combined (21 years practicing law and 8.5 years as a sworn police officer and 2 years as a law enforcement trainer/instructor) Supervisor Legal Education Unit-Baltimore Police Department-2021-Present Legal Education Instructor-Baltimore Police Department-2020-2021 Criminal Defense/Police Disciplinary Hearings Representing Officers/Police Misconduct Representing Officers/Civil Rights Attorney Representing Plaintiffs-2001-2019 Former Assistant State's Attorney-2001-2003-Prosecuted persons charged with misdemeanor and felony violations of State and local criminal statute. Baltimore Police Department 1993-2001-Former Police Officer, Sergeant, and Lieutenant in Baltimore Police Department and Associate Legal Counsel Member of the District of Columbia Bar-2004 Member of the Maryland Bar-2001 Adjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice Department 2000-2003

Kyle Heyen Detector Dogs International, Inc.

Custer, South Dakota
Dogs, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - FLSA, Tracking Dogs, K9 Squads, Explosive Dogs, Police Dogs, Narcotics Dogs, Cadaver Dogs, Dog Bites, Human Scent Tracking, Drug Dogs
Principal and Founder of Detector Dogs International, Inc., K-9 Handler, and former Police Officer, Kyle K. Heyen has provided dogs and training to foreign, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Mr. Heyen assists plaintiff and defense attorneys in matters of police canine team conduct, use of force, wage and hour disputes, and canine deployment (patrol, drug, explosive, arson). He serves as a testifying expert in federal and state court for both criminal and civil cases concerning the use and training of service dogs and civilian dog bite cases. Mr. Heyen was one of the first peace officers in the U.S. to be certified, according to standards of the German Police, to train and judge drug & explosive detector and patrol dog teams. He has trained dogs and handlers for four federal law enforcement agencies (including the U. S. Department of State's Anti-Terrorist Assistance Program, U. S. Department of Defense, U. S. Border Patrol and U. S. Immigration Inspections), as we...

JOHN M DANIEL, EMT, RN, FNP, DO Daniel Medical and Legal Consulting

Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Police officer policy, Body/vehicle cameras, 911 Dispatch for officers, Restraint asphyxiation, DUI, Serving process, Patrol policy and procedures, SWAT tactics, Use of Force, Internal Policy and supervision issues, Corrections policy and procedures, Correctional Medicine. EMT, Nursing, Physician.
Dr. Daniel was employed as a full-time deputy when he was a nurse. He served in corrections for 3 years as a booking and Senior Officer supervising 13 corrections officers. Dr. Daniel went to corrections school in 1992 and police academy in 1996. Dr. Daniel served as a full time SWAT officer, Patrol deputy, bailiff and supervised 6 LPNs in jail medical. Jail medical was only one of two programs across the state that had National Accreditation in Correctional medicine. Dr. Daniel had the highest DUI arrests and process served while making arrests and answering calls in his zone. Even when Dr. Daniel was not full-time, he has served in multiple departments as a reserve officer. Dr. Daniel was elected full time Constable of his county district in 2018 and was reelected to that position in August of 2020. Dr. Daniel has twenty years of experience in Law Enforcement. Dr. Daniel is a wound care physician who has done Hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBO) and is one of the few physicians tha...

Dan Busken Chief Dan Busken

Greenville, Texas
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Use of Force & Deadly Force, Law Enforcement & Civil Rights, Law Enforcement Policies & Procedures, Police Vehicle Emergency Response. Police Vehicle Pursuits, Police Use of Force and Arrest, Police Shootings, Police Internal Affairs, Police Misconduct, Case Evaluation, Expert Witness Testimony
Chief Dan Busken served as a municipal police officer for 35 years including 25 years as a chief of police. This service included responsibility for development of and compliance with progressive law enforcement policies and procedures. Chief Busken served on the Board of Directors for the Texas Police Chiefs Recognition Program. This program sets the standards for progressive and professional law enforcement practices throughout the State of Texas. While serving as a municipal police chief in three different States (Missouri, Alabama, Texas), Chief Busken directed research, development, and implementation of many police department policies including: Use of Force, De-Escalation and Alternatives, Taser, Pursuit, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Crime Prevention, Recruitment, Canine Operations, Narcotics Enforcement, Tactical, Emergency Response and Negotiations, Domestic and Family Violence, Jails, Housing of Prisoners, Arrest, Detention, Search and Seizure. Chief Busken has a MBA wi...

James L Greenstone, Ed.D., J.D., F.A.A.E.T.S., DABECI Greenstone and Leviton

Ft. Worth, Texas
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Main Specific Specialty Areas: Hostage and Crisis Negotiations, Crisis Intervention, Suicide, Psychological functioning.
Services: Consultation, Litigation assistance, Case Development, Deposition, Expert testimony, Research and Case Review, Mediation Advocacy. Professional Experience: Extensive experience with plaintiff and defendant cases in multiple areas of expertise. Ten years, Director of Psychological Services, Fort Worth Police Department, Fort Worth, Texas, and Supervisor, Peer Counseling Team and Critical Incident Stress Management Program. Hostage and Crisis Negotiations Team member and operational police mental health consultant. Fifty-five years private practice. Forty-three years of police and hostage negotiations experience. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Police Emergency Response. Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations: An international journal. Formerly, Editor-in-Chief, Emotional First Aid: Journal of Crisis Intervention. Author, The Elements of Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiations: Critical Incidents and How to Respond to Them, On Policing: From Swords into ...

Brad Smith Canine Tactical Operations and Consulting

Gun Barrel City, Texas
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Dogs - K9, K-9 tactics, Police dogs, FLSA, K9 Policy, Monell, industry standards, best practices, expert witness, case review, deposition, report writing, K9 as deadly force, K9 SWAT, K9 Use of force, K9 deployments, K-9 searches, K9 arrests, K-9 tactical tracking, Site inspection
Brad retired from West Covina Police Department in California after 30 years of service. He’s been a K9 trainer for 35+ years, K9 handler for 20 years, SWAT six years and K9 SWAT for 18 years. Brad is a graduate of POST Master Instructor Program where he designed the first POST approved K9 SWAT (SKIDDS) and CAnine Tactical School (CATS) in California. Since 1988 Brad has lectured, taught, and trained thousands of law enforcement officers throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, Australia and China. In 1997 Brad started Canine Tactical Operations where he provides K9 expert opinions and reports across the country for civil and criminal litigation in state and federal courts regarding K9 tactical searches, police practices, industry standards, training and use of force. Brad also provide K-9 unit readiness evaluations to assure your K9 unit is current and up-to-date with regards to: selection of dogs, K-9 handlers, training, documentation, FLSA, use of force, repor...

Lenard Vare Carsel & Ayves, Inc.

Kyle, Texas
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Jails, Prisons, Custody, Electronic Monitoring, home detention, Corrections, Law Enforcement, Classification, Use of Force, In-custody Death, Security, Religious Rights, Negligence, PREA, Supervision of Inmates, Strip Searches, Suicides, Conditions of Confinement, 1983 Litigation (Jail and Prisons)
Lenard Vare has over 27 years of practical experience in inmate management in both jails and prisons in CA and NV. He is a retired prison Warden with the state of Nevada and a recently retired Director of a county jail system in CA. Lenard's expertise is in inmate classification, program design, high-risk inmate transportation, organizational development and training law enforcement and correctional personnel in topics related to inmate management. He has served as a criminal investigator and hostage/crisis negotiator, supervised fugitive recovery teams, conducted internal affairs investigations, and operated community-based correctional facilities. He has also served as criminal justice faculty teaching courses at the undergraduate level at local colleges. He is a certified jail manager and a certified project management professional. Recent cases in which Lenard has been retained as an expert have involved - A jail riot and subsequent staff response resulting in a class action...

Bruce Champagne, B.S., MPA Quadrant Operations, LLC

Sandy, Utah
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Police Uses of Force, Police Training, Police Practices, Civilian Self-Defense, Biomechanics, Investigations, Memory, Martial Arts, Criminal Gangs, Behavioral Profiling, Crime Analysis, Specialized Interviews, Tactical Operations, Aquatic Crime Scenes and Investigations
As a decorated law enforcement officer with service in both urban and rural municipal agencies and a county sheriff’s department, Bruce Champagne has completed assignments as a field training officer, patrol and investigations supervisor, corrections officer and supervisor, criminal gang investigator, forensic diver, major crimes detective, civilian review board representative, SWAT leader and member, and firearms/defensive tactics instructor. Bruce was a previous president of the Utah Tactical Officers Association, Utah Gang Investigators Association, Utah Forensic Divers Association, and Utah Peace Officers Association. Bruce is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, International Association of Forensic Criminologists, Association of Force Investigators, Society for Integrity in Force Investigation and Reporting, and National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), and is a certified instruct...

Suzanne G. Devlin, MSCM

Fairfax Station, Virginia
School Safety, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - Investigation, Emergency Preparedness, Police Practices & Procedures
7 years, Supervisor, Safety and Security, Loudoun County Public Schools, Virginia 2 1/2 years, Senior Principal Intelligence Analyst, BAE Systems, Washington, D.C. Retired, Deputy Chief of Police, Fairfax County Police Department, Fairfax, Virginia M.S. Degree – Conflict Management, George Mason University (MSCM) 2016 - Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) - Emergency Management Executive Academy Graduate, Leadership Fairfax and Leadership Loudoun Graduate Certificate – Public Manager – George Washington University 15 years college-level teaching experience in Criminal Justice at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, Virginia. FBI National Academy – 188th Session - Graduate Veteran – United States Marine Corps 2012 - Present: Various professional conferences on School Safety and Security Significant Activities: 2008 – Virginia Governor's State Law Enforcement Command Advisory Group 2007 – National Capital Area Repres...

David T. Sweeney DT Sweeney Consulting, LLC

Seattle, Washington
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Police pursuits, Use of force, Less lethal weapons, De-escalation, Crisis intervention, Rapid intervention, Police supervision, Early intervention, Police training, Civil rights, US 1983, Legal standards for police, Best practices for police, EEO, EVOC, Discrimination, Harassment,
I have trained thousands of officers in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Performance Reviews for Employees, Early Intervention for Police Officers, Early Intervention for Police Supervisors, Effective Supervision of Police Personnel, Tactical De-Escalation, Care Under Fire, Integrated Tactics and Use of Force, Active Shooter/Rapid-Intervention, Crisis Intervention Training, Post-Academy Training for New Officers, Taser Instructor, CPR Instructor, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, & Legal Standards for Police. I have received hundreds of hours of training myself in a variety of police disciplines. I will provide you with an unbiased review of your case and then determine how I can best help you with your case.

Greg H. Bristol

Points, West Virginia
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - 1.) Police Practices, Procedures & Policy, 2.) Hate Crimes, Human Trafficking and Public Corruption Analysis, and 3.) Title II ADA Compliance in Police Investigations
Greg Bristol is a retired FBI Special Agent and a subject matter expert in the investigations of hate crimes, human trafficking and public corruption. He applies his FBI expertise to determine the difference between a labor violation and forced labor or the difference between consensual prostitution and sex trafficking. He has taught police officers how to investigate human trafficking and hate crimes since 2006, first as a certified FBI police trainer, and secondly as the President of the Human Trafficking Investigations & Training Institute (HTITI). He is an experienced contracted EEO Investigator. Mr. Bristol is currently an expert consultant with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime - Training & Technical Assistance Center, where he assists in financial fraud, hate crimes, human trafficking, and government corruption matters. His career as a State Trooper, a Special Agent with the FBI, and as a Special Agent with the Special Inspector General for Afghani...

Kenneth R. Lang, PhD Ken Lang Consulting, LLC

Flatwoods, West Virginia
Police Practices & Procedures, Law Enf & Criminal Justice - criminal investigation, death investigations, forensic art, forensic artist, homicide investigation, murder investigation, police composites, police shootings, police sketches, rape investigation, restorative justice, sex crimes investigations, violent crime investigation
Dr. Lang began his law enforcement career in 1989 with the Havre de Grace Police Department. He served as a patrol officer for two years until he became employed by the Baltimore County Police Department (BCoPD), where he served for the next 23 years. Initially assigned to the Patrol Division, the administration transferred him to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Crimes Against Persons Section, where he completed hundreds of violent crime investigations, including crimes of rape, armed robbery, and murder. In addition to his primary detective assignment, Dr. Lang also served as a certified Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission adjunct police instructor at the BCoPD Academy for 16-years and as an FBI trained forensic artist, completing over 100 composite sketches for the BCoPD and other jurisdictions. His forensic art training encompassed concepts concerning composite sketches, postmortem drawings, age enhancements, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional skul...

Patrick M Mays Deftac

Richwood, West Virginia
Law Enf & Criminal Justice, Police Practices & Procedures - Excessive Force Case Analysis, In Custody Excessive Force, Civil Rights Violations By Law Enforcement & Corrections, Death or Serious Injury While in Custody.
Retired Law Enforcement Detective, Task Force Commander, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Specialized Defensive Tactics Instructor, Department of Justice State of North Carolina, Sheriff’s Education Training and Standards Commission, Full Limited Lecturer Instructor – Specialized Control Techniques Certification. 1993 to 1989 Henderson North Carolina, The Vance County N.C. Sheriff’s Department only in-service Instructor. Also, during that period, I taught at many Community Colleges In-Service and Academy Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, and Jailers.
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