Hazardous Materials Expert Witnesses

Hazardous materials expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on hazardous materials. The hazardous materials expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Accident Reconstruction, Chemistry & Chemicals, Industrial Hygiene, Mold, Safety, Security, Transportation, and Warnings & Labels.

Dr. Eric N Brown, CIH, CSP Indoor Environments

Los Angeles , California
Mold, Industrial Hygiene - Asbestos, Bad Faith, Construction Safety, Environmental, Ergonomics, Hazardous Materials, Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Hygiene & Mold, Landlord / Tenant, Lead Poisoning, Occupational / Environmental Health, OSHA, Safety, Wrongful Death
Dr. Eric N. Brown, CIH, CSP, is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), with both certifications in good standing with the issuing boards. Dr. Brown holds a Doctorate in Public Health with an Industrial Hygiene specialization from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a Master’s degree in Public Health with an Occupational Health specialization from the Medical College of Ohio. He has over 20 years of experience in: Health and Safety Industrial Hygiene Indoor Air Quality Exposure Assessments Heat Stress Litigation Support Dr. Brown has been a designated expert in hundreds of cases, been deposed dozens of times, and has testified successfully in both trials and arbitrations. His services are available to attorneys representing both plaintiff and defendant.

Richard W Carr, PhD, CDS R W Carr, Inc.

Jacksonville, Florida
Transportation, Safety - FMCSA, FMCSR, DOT, OSHA, Tank Truck, Loading, Unloading, Forklifts, Driver Qualifications, Drug & Alcohol, Hours of Service, Hazardous Materials, Training, Standard of Care, Vehicle Inspection, Fleet Safety, Commercial Drivers, CDL, Driver Hiring Standards, Record Retention, ELD, Cargo, Accidents
Richard W. Carr is the principle of R W Carr, Inc., a Risk Management & Safety Consulting company based in Jacksonville, FL. which primarily serves the transportation industry, insurance industry and the legal profession. Mr. Carr has been Operations Manager – Transportation for Olin Chlor Alkali Products, Inc. in which he oversaw a private fleet of tractor trailers delivering hazardous materials throughout the western United States until June 2014. Prior to this he was Director of Risk Management, Safety & Health for Masco Contractors Services, Inc.; a nationwide company employing as many as 20,000 employees at 350 facilities and operating up to 10,000 motor vehicles. Prior to this he was Managing Director of Transurance Risk Retention Group, Inc. and Phoenix Risk Services, Inc., an Arizona licensed Risk Retention Group and a third-party claims administrator respectively whose specialty was commercial motor vehicle fleets. Prior to this, he was Vice President-Safety & Risk Man...


Evanston, Illinois
Chemistry & Chemicals, Warnings & Labels - Paint & Coatings, Premises Liability, Household Chemical Products, Hazardous Materials, Labels & Warnings, Aerosols & Spray Products, Laboratory Testing & Analysis, Accident Reconstruction, Failure Analysis, Patent Infringement, Chemical Exposure, Chemical Fires & Explosions, Chemical Accidents
Dr. Brown is an experienced expert witness who provides file review, research, site visits, evidence gathering, failure analysis, laboratory testing & analysis, verbal reports, written reports of opinion, testifying at deposition, and testifying at trial. We act as your translator of technical jargon into easy-to-understand language for attorney and juries. Dr. Brown has published in the fields of organic chemistry, polymers, resins, paint & coatings and ultraviolet light curing of coatings; he also has several patents in these fields. Dr. Brown is a former Assistant Professor, Instructor and Adjunct Faculty Member at Loyola University, Roosevelt University and Elmhurst College.

Kevin Mathews Mathews Consulting

Prospect, Kentucky
Transportation, Safety - commercial driver, commercial carrier, hiring, training, hours of service, fatigued driving, trucking, commercial vehicle, doubles coupling, pre-trip inspection, post-trip inspection, distracted driving, coupling, hazardous materials, warning devices, endorsements, DOT, driver qualifications, FMCSA
As a certified Class A commercial driver (CDL) with multiple endorsements, I bring extensive practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the trucking industry. With experience as an instructor/trainer for a major trucking company, Mathews Consulting specializes in providing comprehensive services focused on commercial driver actions and responsibilities. This includes in-depth expertise in hours of service, endorsements, and more. Moreover, our consulting services encompass the training, hiring, qualifying, supervising, monitoring, and auditing of drivers by commercial carriers. Former litigator with over 50 cases tried to a jury. A detailed CV is attached to this listing.

Thomas I. Fitzgerald, Esq.

Merrimac, Massachusetts
Transportation, Accident Reconstruction - Trucking, Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, Truck Safety, Overweight, size, weight restrictions, hazardous materials, compliance, fatigue, work zone, distracted driving, cargo tank, impaired driving, rollovers, Data Q, DOT, Driver qualifications, OSHA, loading, Commercial Vehicle, tank truck, CMV, speed
Thought leader on trucking and commercial vehicle safety and accident reconstruction. Lieutenant and Commanding Officer, Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section (2010-2022). Certified accident reconstructionist. Licensed attorney. Experienced expert and fact witness.

Raymond V Kasey Raymond Kasey

Falls Church, Virginia
Transportation, Security - hazardous materials, dangerous goods, chemicals, railroad, truck cargo tank, security, grade crossing, derailment, mechanical , signal, operations, track, locomotive, tank car, packaging, accident reconstruction and investigation, Federal Railroad Administration
BIOGRAPHICAL QUALIFICATIONS I am an expert in railroad safety and particularly in the hazardous materials (hazmat or HM) discipline of regulations contained in 49 CFR Parts 100-199 and also qualified to enforce Parts 200-299. I have worked in the industry for 57 years. My career began as a locomotive fireman and engineer on the Erie Lackawanna Railroad on September 6, 1967. I was subsequently promoted to Trainmaster-Road Foreman of Engines on the Consolidated Rail Corporation (aka, Conrail) in 1977. In 1983 was hired by the U.S. Department of Transportation / Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) as a Hazardous Materials (HM) Inspector. In 1991 I was again promoted as a HM Specialist to the FRA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where I remained until my retirement at the conclusion of my government career in 2010. Since that time I have worked doing various consulting duties for railroads, railroad repair companies, other consulting companies, the government, and as an exper...