Head And Neck Cancer Expert Witnesses

Head and neck cancer expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on head and neck cancer. The head and neck cancer expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Dentist, Hematology, Nurse Practitioner, Oncology, Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck, Radiation Oncology, and Sleep Medicine.

Phillip Beron, MD

Phoenix, Arizona
Radiation Oncology, Oncology - Radiation injury, quality assurance, radiation safety, delayed diagnosis, breast cancer, lung cancer, product liability, brain tumor, stereotactic radiosurgery, mesothelioma, prostate cancer, peer review, implant therapy, hospital safety, radiation side effect, cervix cancer, head and neck cancer
Phone: 310-709-4604 Email: [email protected] Active Board Certified Radiation Oncologist with extensive teaching experience. Chair of a National Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance Committee (ASTRO). Former Chief Quality Officer Dept of Radiation Oncology UCLA. Former Quality Officer David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Former Chief Quality Officer CTCA Radiation Oncology. Current APEX accreditation site surveyor Extensive experience in evaluating or developing programs for hospital safety, patient safety, and peer review in Radiation Oncology. Elected by my peers for the Top Doctor Award multiple years. Expert witness experience for both plaintiff and defense. Able to explain complex cases to juries and attorneys in easily understood terms. Easily reachable. 310-709-4604 (cell) [email protected]

Naveen Kumar, DO, FACS

Gilbert, Arizona
Otolaryngology, Sleep Medicine - ENT, Rhinology, Laryngology, Otology, Neurotology, Head and Neck Cancer, Facial Plastic Surgery, Sinus Surgery, Hoarseness, Vertigo, Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Apnea, Snoring, Scarring, Thyroid Surgery, Ear infections, Ear surgery, Vocal cord paralysis, Facial paralysis
Board certified Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgeon located in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Specializes in Rhinology (nose and paranasal sinus disease), Head & Neck Surgery, Thyroid surgery, Sleep Medicine, Implantable Nerve Stimulation for Sleep Apnea, and Laryngology (vocal cord surgery). Authored papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented research at national otolaryngology meetings.

Jacqueline Dibble, FNP- BC, APRN

Bethany, Connecticut
Otolaryngology, Nurse Practitioner - Head and Neck Surgery, Head and Neck Cancer, ENT, Otolaryngology, Surgery, Family Nurse Practitioner
Jacqueline Dibble FNP-BC, I Worked as an RN for four years in Surgical Oncology as a floor nurse caring for patients post surgery after urological, endocrine, liver/pancreatic, and ENT surgeries. For the last 8 years I have worked as an APRN in Head and Neck Cancer Surgery. Experience in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck surgery on the inpatient and outpatient setting and operating room. I have treated a wide variety of otolaryngology patients (Benign and cancer). I am currently still practicing at Yale New Haven Hospital/Smilow Cancer Center.

Dennis S Agliano, MD FENTA

Tampa, Florida
Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck - ENT, Thyroid, Carotid, Head and Neck Cancer, Face Lift, Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, Dizziness, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Sinus, Balloon Sinuplasty, Facial Fillers, Neck Masses

Ashley C Mays, MD, FACS

Vero Beach, Florida
Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck - Head and Neck cancer, Reconstructive surgery, Plastic surgery, lymphedema surgery, ear nose and throat surgery, microvascular surgery, free flap surgery, facial plastic surgery, ENT, otolaryngology
Dr Mays is an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat surgeon), having trained at Wake Forest University. She then completed what is arguably the best comprehensive head and neck cancer oncology fellowship, and full body plastics microvascular surgery fellowship in the country at MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, Texas. This advanced training makes her one of the most highly trained specialists of the head and neck, with subspecialty interests in advanced reconstructive surgery and facial plastic surgery. She has been in practice in academic settings for the last 8 years, training residents and medical students, in addition to her busy clinical practice. She practices in head and neck tumor resection (benign and malignant), and reconstructive surgery. She brings an expertise in the highest complexity head and neck reconstruction, including free flap surgery to rebuild the bony facial framework such as jaws and maxillas, as well as nasal reconstruction and oral cavity reconstruct...

NEEL SHAH, MD, FACP Med Expert Billing Co.

Wheaton, Illinois
Hematology, Oncology - Medical Oncologist, Hematologist, Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lymphoma, Melanoma, Bleeding, Sarcoma, Board Certified, Head and Neck Cancer, Thrombosis
I am a triple board certified physician in Medical Oncology, Hematology & Internal Medicine. I have experience reviewing cases, as well as being an expert witness. I have reviewed cases that deal with hematology and medical oncology issues. I also have trial and deposition experience. A full narrative report can be supplied with each case review, if needed.

Tushar R Shah, MD, MHA Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute

Flint, Michigan
Radiation Oncology, Oncology - Radiation Oncology, Oncology, Breast cancer, lung cancer, brain tumor, stereotactic radiosurgery, prostate cancer, gynecological cancer, head and neck cancer, lymphoma, gastrointestinal cancer, Radiation injury, peer review, implant therapy, radiation side effects
I am Board Certified (American Board of Radiology) in Radiation Oncology and in active clinical practice since 2003. I utilize Standards of Care and National Published Guidelines in my clinical practice in oncology. I am available to provide medical chart review, narrative reports, consultation/testimony for plaintiffs and defense.


Kansas City, Missouri
Otolaryngology - Ear, Nose and Throat, ENT, Head and Neck Surgery, Hearing Loss,Endoscopic sinus surgery, Pediatric Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Cancer, Thyroid disease, Otitis media, sleep apnea, Nasal obstruction, Salivary gland neoplasms, Chronic ear disease, Vertigo, Tinnitus,Tonsillectomy, Tympanostomy
Gregory Mulcahy is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. He is licensed to practice in the state of Missouri. He completed his Otolaryngology residency at Duke University Medical Center. He has 24 years post residency experience in Veterans Administration, Academic, and Private Practice He is currently employed by the ENT Clinic at Liberty Hospital, Liberty Missouri.

Andrei Barasch, DMD, MDsc Andrei Barasch, DMD, MDsc

Monroe Township, New Jersey
Dentist, Oncology - Oral Medicine, Osteonecrosis of the Jaws, Head and Neck cancer, Oral Surgery, Chronic pain, Oral Oncology, Oral Cancer
After graduating at the top of his class from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Barasch was trained as an Oral Medicine/Oral Oncology specialist at Harvard and the University of Connecticut. He has extensive experience in hospital dentistry, head and neck cancer, and side effects of cancer therapies in the head and neck region. Dr. Barasch is also a clinical researcher with funded grants, and published more than 80 articles in the peer reviewed literature. He is currently an associate professor at Harvard.

Amit Bhojwani, DO, MS, MBS, FACS

Chesterfield, New Jersey
Otolaryngology, Oncology - ENT, head and neck cancer, vertigo, hearing loss, earplugs tinnitus, ear infections, sinus surgery, ear surgery, vocal cord paralysis, facial paralysis, dizziness, loss of smell, facial injury, facial trauma, facial fractures, airway obstruction, allergy, strangulation, free flap reconstruction
Dr. Bhojwani is a board certified Otolaryngologist - Head and Neck Surgeon in active clinical practice. He has expertise in both general otolaryngology as well as head and neck oncology and reconstruction. He is Assistant Professor at Drexel University College of Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor at Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is a decorated service member in the US Army Reserve, having served over 20 years. Dr. Bhojwani is a published author and invited speaker. He is an experienced expert witness who has written numerous expert reports and he has participated in multiple depositions.

Lily P Love, MD, MBA

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck - Medical spa, medspa, aesthetics, botox, filler, hearing loss, facial trauma, disfigurement, facial paralysis, sinus, nasal surgery, head and neck cancer, complications, ENT surgery, facial plastic surgery, facelift, rhinoplasty, scar, complications, tinnitus
I am double board certified in Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and have been in practice since 2009. I have worked at top hospitals including Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, and I trained at Tulane in New Orleans and Mount Sinai in New York City. I did a one year fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in Tampa, Florida. I also co-own a medical spa so have extensive experience in that realm. I also co-own a hearing aid business so have extra experience with hearing loss and tinnitus beyond the usual clinical scope of practice. I have worked in VA settings throughout my training. Currently I practice in the State of New Mexico on which I volunteer for the New Mexico Medical Review Commission which is a panel that reviews all malpractice cases brought in the state, this brings insight in how to review whether there is evidence of deviation from the standard of care, causation of harm, reasonable doubt, etc. I hav...

Timothy P. Korytko, MD

Cooperstown, New York
Oncology, Radiation Oncology - Brain tumor, spine tumor, radiation injury, delayed diagnosis, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, head and neck cancer, lymphoma, skin cancer, rectal cancer, cervix cancer, uterus cancer, sarcoma/soft tissue tumor, radiopharmaceuticals, liver radioembolization, brachytherapy
• Board Certified Radiation Oncologist in active practice over 10 years. • 5+ years in administrative leadership chairing a radiation oncology department. • Published author in area of radiation oncology. Board certified radiation oncologist with over 10 years clinical experience treating and diagnosing patients with brain tumors, spine tumors, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, head and neck cancer, lymphoma, skin cancer, rectal cancer, gynecologic cancers, and soft tissue tumors. Extensive clinical experience providing radiation therapy to all areas of the body including the brain, spine, and liver, and in radiopharmaceuticals. Available to provide expert witness services in medical malpractice and personal injury cases in the areas of cancer treatment, treatment-related damages, causation, and claims of delayed cancer diagnosis.

Michael Armstrong, MD Richmond ENT

Richmond, Virginia
Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery - Facial Plastic Surgery, Ears, Nose, Throat, Allergy, Sinus, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Vertigo, Dizziness, Head and Neck Cancer, Strangulation
When an accident or illness leaves a patient injured, it often requires a seasoned professional to interpret and explain the medical record. Dr. Armstrong is an experienced medical doctor and trained expert witness who has assisted plaintiff and defense attorneys in more than 275 criminal, medical liability, personal injury, or disability cases. Recent cases have included claims regarding 3M Combat Arms Earplugs, Iraq war, Afghanistan War, motor vehicle accidents, hospital death, missed cancers, strangulation, tinnitus, hearing loss, throat injuries, and surgical complications following difficult intubation, neck dissections, tonsillectomies, nasal and sinus surgeries, and facial cosmetic surgery. The first phone call is complementary. Initial record review can usually be completed within 1-2 weeks of receipt. In some cases, an independent medical examination can be completed remotely using telemedicine. Dr. Armstrong is an ear, nose, and throat surgeon with advanced training in al...