Intoxication Expert Witness


Intoxication expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on intoxication. The intoxication expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Addiction Medicine, Dram Shop & Alcohol Services, Emergency Medical Toxicology, Emergency Medicine, Hotel & Restaurant, Psychiatry, and Toxicology.

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Leon M Gussow, MD

Chicago, Illinois
Toxicology, Emergency Medical Toxicology - Alcohol, Poisoning, opiates, opioids, Marijuana, Overdose, Cannabinoids, cannabis, intoxication, Drug Screening, Dram Shop, Drug Testing, Carbon Monoxide
Over 20 years experience providing consultation and expert witness testimony in cases involving topics including alcohol, marijuana, carbon monoxide, adverse drug effects, drug tests, and urine drug screens. Extensive teaching experience with the Toxikon Consortium Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program in Chicago. Fellow, American College of Medical Toxicology; Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine; Medical Consultant, Illinois Poison Control Center; Peer Reviewer, Clinical Toxicology; Peer Reviewer, Journal of Medical Toxicology; Peer Review, Emergency Medicine Journal; Peer Reviewer, Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine.

Ronald Himmelman, MD

Glencoe, Illinois
Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Toxicology - Stroke, sepsis, myocardial infarction, infections, trauma, medication side effects, drug testing, alcohol issues, intoxication, prison and jail medicine
I am Board-Certified in Internal Medicine as well, yet have exclusively practiced Emergency Medicine for the past 35 years, first in a county hospital setting, followed by working in a few private hospitals, where I practice presently. I am Board -Certified in Emergency Medicine since 1988 and have been recertified every 10 years since then, with the latest coming just two months ago. In addition, I have been Board-Certified in Medical Toxicology.

Preston Rideout Nightclub and Bar Consulting

Greenwood, Mississippi
Dram Shop & Alcohol Services, Hotel & Restaurant - Nightclub, Bar, Alcohol, Bartender Training, Mechanical Bull, Intoxication, Dram Shop, Liquor Liability,
Alabama Techniques Of Alcohol Management (TAM) Alabama Training For Intervention Procedures (TIPS) Arkansas Alcohol Seller Server Training Program Arkansas Techniques Of Alcohol Management (TAM) Arizona Techniques Of Alcohol Management (TAM) California Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBS) California Techniques Of Alcohol Management (TAM) Connecticut Techniques Of Alcohol Management (TAM) Colorado Techniques Of Alcohol Management (TAM) Delaware Techniques Of Alcohol Management (TAM) Florida Alcohol Program Responsible Beverage Service Florida Techniques Of Alcohol Management (TAM) Florida Responsible Vendor Alcohol New Hire Florida Responsible Vendor Alcohol Manager Florida Responsible Vendor Alcohol Habitual Drunkard Florida Responsible Vendor Alcohol ID Checking Florida Responsible Vendor Alcohol “BAC” Georgia Alcohol Seller Server Training Program Georgia Training For Intervention Procedures (TIPS) Illinois Responsible Alcohol Vendor Training (BASSET) Illinois Techniques Of...

Shannon C. Miller, MD, DFASAM, DFAPA, NCTTP Forensic Addiction & Psychiatric Services, LLC

Cincinnati, Ohio
Addiction Medicine, Psychiatry - Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Nicotine, Substance Use Disorder, Drug Testing, Detoxification, Intoxication, Drug Withdrawal, Addiction, Drug Abuse, Overdose
“FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Updated CV available at Consultation on issues relating to alcohol/drug use, addiction, gambling, etc. Active clinical practice for over 2 decades in Addiction Medicine, broadly experienced. Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, as well as Psychiatry. Distinguished Fellow, American Society of Addiction Medicine, and the American Psychiatric Association. Editor for major national Addiction Medicine textbook and medical journal. Roughly 60 scholarly medical publications. Co-Chair for major national Addiction Medicine medical conferences. Awards for clinical practice, teaching, research, military service. Opinions sought by Dateline NBC News, Pravda, U.S. News & World Report, etc. 20 years of service as a United States Air Force Officer; earned the Meritorious Service Medal twice, deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Certified in Buprenorphine treatment, and tobacco treatment. Previously deemed by the courts as an e...