Trip And Fall Expert Witnesses

Trip and fall expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on trip and fall. The trip and fall expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Automotive, Biomechanics, Construction, Neurological Surgery, Orthopedics - Non-Surgical, Physical Therapy, Safety, and Slip Trip & Fall.

Gary P. Clemente G. P. Clemente Consulting

Clovis, California
Slip Trip & Fall, Construction - Trip and Fall, Sidewalk Accidents, Sidewalk Trip and Fall, Sidewalk Repair, Property Management, Safety Inspection, Insurance Inspection, Concrete, Sidewalk Safety, Trip and Fall Hazards, ADA Compliance, Trip and Fall Injuries, Personal Injury, Slip Trip and Fall
Over 28 years as the president and founder of Sidewalk Safety Inc., servicing much of California as a construction expert in assessing and repairing over 50,000 walkway TRIP HAZARD LIABILITIES for property management firms, HOAs, commercial, residential, banking and insurance entities. As an expert legal witness, I am committed to providing precise, clear, factual information pertaining to personal injury cases resulting from TRIP AND FALL hazard liabilities related to exterior and interior walkway surfaces. Also, to assist in determining origination, prevention and assigned responsibility for such liabilities. Providing timely investigative assessments of TRIP AND FALL accidents with thorough and persuasive written reports. The presentation of these elements with a convincing oral summary in deposition and courtroom settings cannot be understated. For many years, I have also been a professional writer, author and speaker through the authorship of books, newspaper journals and co...

Jon Kaufmann, PT, MPT Kaufmann Physical Therapy

West Hollywood, California
Physical Therapy, Orthopedics - Non-Surgical - MVA, trip and fall, whiplash, rotator cuff repair, total knee replacement, total shoulder replacement, total hip replacement, disc replacement, ACL repair, gait analysis, work comp, spine injury, spine rehabilitation,
Jon Kaufmann, PT, MPT is a practicing physical therapist and expert in the field of physical therapy as a practitioner, clinic manager, and educator. Jon has 21 years of full time clinical experience and 18 years of business ownership. He has extensive experience working with post-operative rehabilitation, geriatrics, spine injuries, chronic pain and acute injuries that are treated on a daily basis. He has lectured at Northwestern University as a guest speaker on ergonomics and is a clinical instructor. Furthermore, his full time experience for over 20 years gives him an advantage of explaining medical diagnosis and anatomy to the common person. With meticulous documentation standards in his own clinic, these skills will also be delivered to his report writing and research that becomes an asset for both plaintiffs and defense.

Henry M Kingi, Jr King Kame Productions Inc

Encino, California
Automotive, Slip Trip & Fall - Auto accident, car crashes, auto and motorcycle crash reconstruction, vehicle ergonomics, vehicular dynamics, Performance driving, defensive driving, human factors, Slip, trip and fall, human physicality, wire rigging and safety, climbing rigging and safety.
Henry Kingi Jr. is a highly accomplished professional in the field of stunts, with a career spanning over 30 years as a stunt person, stunt coordinator, and action designer. His areas of expertise include slip, trip, falls, (un)orthodox stunt rigging (wire/rope, pulley systems, box truss and pneumatic piston systems), vehicle safety, fire burn protection, vehicular dynamics and vehicle ergonomics. Through his extensive experience, Henry has had the opportunity to study human movement in numerous scenarios and understand the probabilities of sustaining injuries. He has also created and recreated car action sequences, both as a performer and action designer, which has provided him with an in-depth philosophical understanding of vehicle dynamics. With his wealth of experience, Henry is capable of creating or recreating accident scenarios, as well as analyzing and comprehending the causes of accidents. Expert Qualifications: Professional Stunt Person: Henry Kingi Jr. has an extensive ca...

Neil Brown, MD, PhD, FACS(C) FACS FAANS Minimally Invasive Spine & Neurosurgery Inc

Sarasota, Florida
Neurological Surgery, Biomechanics - neurosurgery, spine surgery, spine injury, brain injury, spinal cord injury, spinal biomechanics, slip and fall, trip and fall, motor vehicle accidents
My clinical opinions are based upon twenty-six years as a practicing board-certified neurosurgeon. Likewise, biomechanical opinions are based upon an BSc (Hon) in Applied Mathematics, an MSc in Physics, and a PhD in Medical Biophysics. I have also been inducted as a member of the American Society of Biomechanics, which as a requirement for membership, requires ten or more biomechanical articles published in peer-reviewed journals. I have testified in over 100 depositions and in 15 trials. Opinions related to injury causation, especially with regard to Personal Injuries (slip/trip and falls, motor vehicle accidents), are examined qualitatively for biomechanical consistency with the known biodynamics required for injury of structures (typically a question of traumatic causation of disc herniations). Opinions related to medical malpractice follow the stringent guidelines of impartial testimony by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Bad outcomes do not necessary mean ...

Jerry Birnbach, F.I.S.P., Assoc A.I.A. Jerry Birnbach LLC

New York, New York
Slip Trip & Fall, Safety - Over 400 cases offering opinion reports , 47 State , retail accidents, store standard of care, slip and fall, trip and fall, display safety, merchandising, retail liability, ada regulations, product liability, design standard, retail liability, customer accidents, retail safety, product safety
Top 40 Retail Industry Leader per VMSD magazine Top 50 Retail Design Firm per VMSD Design awards for Store Design, Display Design, Marketing Licensing and Branding expertise (Target and Walmart Brands) Former Contributing Editor Display Design Ideas Former Juror Design Contest Store of the Future Design Firm Globalshop Industry Show Guest Speaker Trade Shows, Industry Conferences CV available www.retail-expert-witness com