Leukemia Expert Witnesses

Leukemia expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on leukemia. The leukemia expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Critical Care Medicine, Hematology, Oncology, and Pediatric Hematology Oncology.

Ahmad El-Far, MD

Hematology And Medical Oncology

Bond Clinic

Winter Haven, Florida
Hematology, Oncology - Colon & Rectal cancer, Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Lymphoma, Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma, Anemia, Blood Transfusion, Platelet disorders, Blood disorders, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted Therapy, Precision Medicine
# Completed residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center # Has experience in hospital medicine as worked as a hospitalist prior to completing fellowship # competed Fellowship in Hematology and Oncology at orlando Health # Worked as Medical Oncology and Hematology specialist with focus on Gastrointestinal cancers. # Now Joined community Oncology private practice where I treat wide variety of Cancers including Blood cancers in addition to treating other benign blood disorders like managing anemias, blood clots, bleeding disorder among others. # Participating as PI in clinical trials in the community. # Board certified in Hematology and Medical Oncology # Member of American society of Clinical Oncology and American Society of Hematology


Wheaton, Illinois
Hematology, Oncology - Medical Oncologist, Hematologist, Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Melanoma, Colorectal Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Myeloma, Kidney Cancer, Liver Cancer, Oncology, Hematology, Blood Disorders, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Bleeding, Sarcoma, Board Certified, Thrombosis, DVT
I am currently a licensed M.D. in the State of Indiana. I completed a three-year residency program in Internal Medicine at the University of Illinois. After completing that residency, I completed a three-year fellowship at Rush University Medical Center. I am a triple board certified physician in Medical Oncology, Hematology & Internal Medicine. I have been practicing Hematology and Medical Oncology on a full-time basis since 2007. I have 10 years of experience reviewing cases, as well as being an expert witness. I have reviewed cases that deal with hematology and medical oncology issues. I also have trial and deposition experience. A full narrative report can be supplied with each case review, if needed.

Laura Kate Gowans, MD

Corewell Health, Beaumont Children’s

Royal Oak, Michigan
Pediatric Hematology Oncology - Cancer, Coagulation , Bleeding, Infection, Stroke, Thrombosis , Leukemia , Sarcoma , Chemotherapy

Bryan C Hambley

Cincinnati, Ohio
Hematology, Critical Care Medicine - Leukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, Critical Care Hematology, Bone Marrow Transplant, Stem Cell Transplant, Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia, Hematologic Oncology, Hemophilia, HLH, Sickle Cell Disease, Aplastic Anemia, MDS, Polycythemia Vera, Myelofibrosis, ITP
I am an experienced physician with a robust background in hematology and critical care medicine. I completed my fellowship in hematology with a focus on blood cancers and stem cell transplantation at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. I hold board certifications in internal medicine, hematology, and critical care medicine. With a career spanning clinical practice, research, and academia, I have expertise in managing hematologic malignancies, stem cell transplantation, and the integration of inpatient cancer care with critical care medicine. Currently, I serve as an Assistant Professor at The University of Cincinnati. My role encompasses the care of patients with blood disorders, blood cancers, and those undergoing stem cell transplants, as well as serving as an attending physician in the medical intensive care unit. I focus my research on improving clinical treatments for patients with blood cancers, and have published extensively on the topics of leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease,...

Reed Brian Mitchell, MD

Mid-Atlantic Medical Consulting

Midlothian, Virginia
Oncology, Hematology - Lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, clotting disorders, anemia, anticoagulation, bleeding disorders, hematology disorders, leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkins disease, life-expectancy, expert witness, causation, delayed diagnosis
I have been practicing Hematology, Oncology, and Internal Medicine in Virginia since 1992. For 7 years I was Assistant Professor of Medicine at VCU and since then have been in private practice. I served on the management team of a 20+ physician private practice for 10 years, including 3 years as managing partner. I worked continuously over that time developing ways to make medical record keeping more accurate and concise, providing benefits to all who might need to access or understand a patient's medical records. I have reviewed a wide variety of cases with regard to standards, causation, liability, and life-expectancy. I enjoy analyzing complex and manifold medical issues, boiling them down to their essence, and providing, whether for medical, personal, or legal purposes, a coherent and concise analysis. Most importantly, however, I focus on the care of my patients. ● Board certified in Oncology, Hematology, and Internal Medicine ● Assistant Professor of Medicine, Virginia Comm...

Clinton F Merrill, MD

Western Oncology & Hematology Consulting Services

Laramie, Wyoming
Hematology, Oncology - Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, Tumors, Leukemias, Lymphomas, Myeloma, Myeloproliferative Disorders, Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Benign Hematology, Anemia, Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
Experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all solid tumors as well as the full range of hematologic malignancies. Special expertise in benign hematology including: anemias, low blood cell counts, iron overload disorders, and bleeding and clotting disorders. I take pride in providing thorough record review, meticulously researched reports reflecting unbiased opinions, and excellent communication skills with the ability to make the complex understandable.