Warnings Expert Witnesses

Warnings expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on warnings. The warnings expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Human Factors, Industrial Design, Intellectual Property, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Regulation, Products Liability, Transportation, and Warnings & Labels.

Adam K Aleksander, PhD, PE, CSP

Aleksander & Associates P.A.

Boise, Idaho
Human Factors, Products Liability - Mechanical, Industrial, Safety Engineering, Forensic Engineering, Human Factors, Product Liability, Warnings, Labels, Defects, Visibility, Reconstruction, Failure Analysis, OSHA, Construction, Equipment Failures, Industrial Accidents, Power Utility Accidents, Insurance Claims, Photogrammetry,
Dr. Aleksander has a diversified Engineering background with specific experience (50 years) in Manufacturing, Cost Analysis, Consulting Engineering, Engineering Sales, Project Management, Product Development, Research, Lecturing, and Technical / Litigation Forensic Engineering Investigations of accidents and equipment failures. He has worked extensively in heavy industry (conveyors, biomass boilers, electric utilities) as well as the Forensic Engineering practice. Dr. Aleksander was the founding chair of the ASTM committee E58 on Forensic Engineering. He worked overseas on some 40 occasions in multiple South East Asia locations, and was involved in innovative efforts in international plastics mitigation. His academic credentials (Ph.D. Human Factors and Safety Engineering) bring a solid foundation to issues regarding product liability, warnings, labels, and use, based on a decades of development and research, and standards. This training also compliments Dr. Aleksander's experience...

Mari S Truman, MS, PE

OrthoBioMech LLC

Warsaw, Indiana
Biomechanics, Medical Devices - Occupant Motion, Injury Biomechanics, Orthopedics, Medical Product Liability, Duties of Manufacturer, Design, Testing, Manufacturing, Warnings, Instructions for Use, Injury Event Reconstruction, Failure Analysis, Injury Pattern, Soft Tissue Injury, Low Speed Collisions, Falls, Impacts, Sports
Licensed Professional Engineer Medical Device Design & Development  38+ years orthopaedic device development  12 patents Testified in State and Federal Courts , Injury Biomechanics and Medical Device Litigation  20+ trials  100+ depositions 38 years of experience in the biomechanics and orthopedics fields, 16 years forensic case analyses. I routinely deal with forces that are applied to the human body during many activities, including impact and injury scenarios. To assure the safety and efficacy of new medical devices, we define clinically relevant performance requirements for their installation and use, and then test to define the product specific performance characteristics. The physical principles and methods used in orthopedic biomechanics are the same as those used to reconstruct injury events. I am familiar with forces and loads applied to the hips, knees, wrist, shoulder, head, neck, lower back and skeleton in many typical activities, including sitting, walking, jumpin...

John S. Morse, PhD, PE

John S. Morse, PE

Fluvanna, New York
Accident Reconstruction, Products Liability - Ladders, scaffolds, shopping carts, fires & explosions, oil & gas industry, guarding, machine guarding, warnings, heavy trucks, brakes
Dr. Morse has investigated over 675 ladder and climbing equipment incidents involving stepladders, extension ladders, articulated ladders, fixed ladders, multi-purpose ladders, telescoping ladders, combination ladders, orchard ladders, fire service ladders, maritime ladders, rolling ladders, scaffold ladders, pool ladders, platform ladders, manhole, dock, trailer and window washing ladders, stepstools, folding attic stairways, fixed stairways and scaffolding, as well as ladder accessories and fall protection equipment. He has co-authored three publications on ladder safety. Dr. Morse has appeared on television three times to discuss shopping cart safety. He has also investigated incidents involving fires and explosions, heavy truck accidents, industrial accidents, oil & gas industry, guarding, warnings, and plumbing failures.

Debra Leibold, MD, PhD


Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Pharmaceutical Regulation, Warnings & Labels - Pharmaceutical Industry, Drug Development, Product Labeling, Regulatory Labeling, Prescribing Information, Indications, Dosage, Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, Adverse Experiences, Regulatory Compliance, Safety, FDA, Off-label Use
Ethical Full Lifecycle Labeling/Prescribing Information That Never Cuts Corners For Pharmaceutical Giants Merck, Shire, and J&J: Labeling strategy and leadership that brings product labeling and products to market supporting vaccines and treatments for infections, internal medicine, oncologic, and rare diseases. These include life-saving, ground breaking, and first-of-its-kind products. Bring decision makers across divisions to the table to negotiate resolution of labeling issues - leading to the creation, revision, and maintenance of clear and compliant product labels that educate health care professionals and patients in the US, EU, Japan, and Rest of World. Gain consensus and champion proactive consensus-building across Research, Statistics, Regulatory, Joint Ventures, Legal, and Marketing on labeling - laser-focused on the bottom line: “What do the doctor and patient need to know?” Provide leadership in support of label development for new applications, supplemental appl...

Linda van Roosmalen, PhD


Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Transportation, Industrial Design - wheelchair transportation, biomechanics, public transit, railcar boarding, accessible air travel, wheelchair securement, wheelchair restraint, seatbelt, crash safety, ergonomics, accessibility, paratransit, wheelchair lift, medical device, ramp, school bus, walker safety, warnings, usability, ADA
On 2024.06.04: Due to limited bandwidth I'm unable to take on additional cases. My apologies. Dr. Linda van Roosmalen brings over 25 years of experience in wheelchair transportation safety as a designer and researcher at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a key member of a select group of experts dedicated to researching Wheelchair Transportation Safety. Over the past two decades, Dr. van Roosmalen has been retained by both plaintiff and defendant councils, providing her expertise in various cases, including: • Wheelchair transport safety on school buses, public buses, paratransit, non-emergency transport, private vehicles, rail systems, and airplanes. • Lift and ramp access. • Securement of wheelchairs and scooters, along with associated labeling. • Seat belt restraints for wheelchair-seated occupants and related labeling. • Accessibility for wheelchair users in various environments, such as sidewalks, crosswalks, bathrooms, amusement parks, and public vehicles. With a strong ...

Khalid Sorensen, PhD

Finity Engineering LLC.

College Place, Washington
Mechanical Engineering, Intellectual Property - Automation, Robotics, Machine, Design, Mechatronics, Dynamics, Motion Control, Vibration, Segway, Product Liability, Machine Vision, Sensors, Traction, Tire Mechanics, Cranes, Warnings, ASRS
Twenty years of experience developing and implementing mechatronic, motion control, and automation technologies. Founder of a motion-control technology company where the industry-recognized motion-control technologies were key drivers in the acquisition of his company 5 years after inception by a global leader in automation. Served as CTO at a world-class supplier of large-scale automation, advanced manufacturing, and nuclear handling solutions. Responsibilities include providing technical oversight of critical projects; identifying and mitigating areas of high technical risk; leading in the creation of cutting-edge control, automation, and robotic technologies; directing R&D efforts; managing the business’ technology portfolio; and disseminating and facilitating the use of best-practice engineering methodologies. Adjunct Associate Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he lectures on various engineering topics. These include: Dynamics, Advanced Controls, Vibratio...