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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of animals expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on animals and related issues. Animals expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these animals expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Animal Abuse And Cruelty, Animal Behavior, Animal Control Field Operations, Animal Control Training And Supervision, Animal Investigations, Animal Sheltering, Carriage Driving, Cattle Collision, Cattle Fencing, Coyote Bites, Dangerous Dogs, Dog Bites, English Horse Riding, Equine Behavior, and Equine Facilities.

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Kimberly Cherney Kimberly Cherney Consulting

Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Animals, Dogs - Dangerous Dogs, Dog Bites, Animal Abuse and Cruelty, Police Officer and Animal Control Safety Training, Animal Sheltering, Animal Investigations, Animal Control Field Operations, Animal Behavior, Animal Control Training and Supervision, Coyote Bites, Officer Safety Practices, Rescues
Kimberly Cherney has worked in the humane animal welfare and law enforcement fields for over 34 years. Kimberly worked for the City of Brea Police Department as a Police Officer prior to her employment in the animal services profession. She worked for the County of Orange and the City of Costa Mesa as an Animal Control Officer for three years prior to being hired by one of California’s fastest growing and most progressive cities, Irvine. While working for the City of Irvine’s Police Department, Kimberly worked as an Animal Services Officer, Senior Animal Services Officer, Animal Services Supervisor, Animal Shelter Supervisor and Animal Shelter Interim Manager. Kimberly retired from the City of Irvine in 2018. While working for Irvine, and following her retirement, Kimberly held the position of Board Member for the National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA). Following her retirement from Irvine, she became the Interim Executive Director for NACA. In this position, she p...

Greg Coulson Peppercorn Ranch

SANTA PAULA, California
Horses, Animals - Horse Behavior, Equine Behavior, Horse Accidents, Horseback Riding Accidents, Horse Management, Horse Camp, Horse Riding Instruction, Western Horse Riding, English Horse Riding, Horse Jumping, Trail Riding, Horse Training, Carriage Driving, Horse Driving, Horse Racing
EXPERIENCE Horseman since 1964 Professional Horseman since 1974 Experience with western riding; equitation, pleasure, trail, gymkhana, roping, working cowboy, and pack horses Experience with driving; harness racing, carriage, and wagon Experience with breeding horses Experience trimming and shoeing horses Extensive experience with English riding; eventing, dressage, cross country jumping, and show jumping Extensive experience training young horses and retraining problem horses. Given tens of thousands of riding lessons; some western, mostly English; eventing, dressage, jumping Schooled horses and riders through hundreds of thousands of jumping efforts Given hundreds of "first time on a horse" lessons Trained hundreds of horses and riders to high levels of achievement Trained dozens of horses from first handling through high performance Coached hundreds of riders in competitions Ridden in hundreds of competitions across the United States Managed and operated different sized equestria...

Bob Kingsbery

Tioga, Texas
Animals, Agriculture - fence expert, livestock expert, horse collision, cattle collision, escaped livestock, livestock/vehicle collision, ranch management, equine facilities, riding, escaped cattle, escaped horses, livestock fence, livestock fencing, cattle fencing, horse fencing, pasture management, rodeo
Bob Kingsbery is recognized as an international authority on livestock fencing, behavior and management, and ranch and pasture management. He has written more than 100 articles on the subject, including “Stop That Loose Horse” for EQUUS (July 2006); “How to Install a Safe Electric Fence” for PRACTICAL HORSEMAN (March 2004); “Prevent Fence Failure” for EQUUS (April 1999); "What's New in Livestock Fencing" for THE CATTLEMAN (June 1992); "What's New in Horse Fencing" for THE WESTERN HORSE (July 1993); “The Danger Zone: Between a Cow and a Trailer” (October 2016)” and “On the Road With Your Horses” (November 2017) for THE CATTLEMAN. He was interviewed for “Bull-Proof Fences” (March 2010) and “Livestock Fence & The Law” (June 2010) for the ANGUS JOURNAL. Bob Kingsbery has provided expert consultation and testimony in 46 US states, Canada and Australia, for more than 400 cases involving livestock related accidents, livestock fencing, animal behavior, and livestock management and handl...
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