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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of emergency medical toxicology expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on emergency medical toxicology and related issues. Emergency medical toxicology expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these emergency medical toxicology expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Emergency Medicine, Intoxication, Cannabinoids, Drug Testing, Overdose, Accidental Overdose, Acute Overdose, Addiction & Withdrawal, Alcohol, Alcohol Issues, Cannabis, Cannabis / Marijuana, Carbon Monoxide, Dram Shop, and Dram Shop / Alcohol.

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Leon M Gussow, MD

Chicago, Illinois
Toxicology, Emergency Medical Toxicology - Alcohol, Poisoning, opiates, opioids, Marijuana, Overdose, Cannabinoids, cannabis, intoxication, Drug Screening, Dram Shop, Drug Testing, Carbon Monoxide
Over 20 years experience providing consultation and expert witness testimony in cases involving topics including alcohol, marijuana, carbon monoxide, adverse drug effects, drug tests, and urine drug screens. Extensive teaching experience with the Toxikon Consortium Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program in Chicago. Fellow, American College of Medical Toxicology; Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine; Medical Consultant, Illinois Poison Control Center; Peer Reviewer, Clinical Toxicology; Peer Reviewer, Journal of Medical Toxicology; Peer Review, Emergency Medicine Journal; Peer Reviewer, Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine.

Ronald Himmelman, MD

Glencoe, Illinois
Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Toxicology - Stroke, sepsis, myocardial infarction, infections, trauma, medication side effects, drug testing, alcohol issues, intoxication, prison and jail medicine
I am Board-Certified in Internal Medicine as well, yet have exclusively practiced Emergency Medicine for the past 35 years, first in a county hospital setting, followed by working in a few private hospitals, where I practice presently. I am Board -Certified in Emergency Medicine since 1988 and have been recertified every 10 years since then, with the latest coming just two months ago. In addition, I have been Board-Certified in Medical Toxicology.

Daniel L Overbeek, MD

Rockford, Michigan
Emergency Medical Toxicology, Toxicology - Cannabis / Marijuana, Kratom / Mitragynine, Vaping / Electronic Cigarettes, Overdose, Intoxication, Drug Testing / Drug Screens, Dram Shop / Alcohol, Performance Enhancing Drugs, Methanol, Emergency Medicine
Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Medical Toxicology and Addiction Medicine. Full-time practicing Emergency Medicine, Medical Toxicology and Addiction Medicine. I am licensed in Michigan and New York, and am available to travel for cases as needed. I have experience reviewing cases regarding intoxication including dram shop liability, interpreting drug testing results including cannabis testing for both civil and criminal cases, as well as regarding liabilities in the setting of drug overdose including heroin/fentanyl. I am published on a variety of medical toxicology topics, including kratom / mitragynine, cannabis, vaping and electronic cigarettes. Experience in managing a wide range of clinical cases regarding substance use, intoxication, withdrawal syndromes, environmental and occupational exposures.

Patricia B. Rosen, MD, MPH Austin Toxicology

Austin, Texas
Toxicology, Emergency Medical Toxicology - Toxicology, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Texas
Active clinical toxicology practice and legal experience. Experience with occupational exposures and causation claims. Boards in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Toxicology with Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology.


Cypress, Texas
Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Toxicology - Medical Toxicology, Emergency Medicine, Acute overdose, Intentional overdose, Accidental overdose, Toxicological emergency, snakebite management, occupational exposure, addiction & withdrawal, venomous bites, workplace exposures, cannabinoids, drugs of abuse, forensic toxicology, lab testing
Dr. Kerollos Shaker is a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician and Medical Toxicologist. He graduated from University of Alabama School of Medicine. He completed residency in Emergency Medicine and fellowship in Medical Toxicology. He has experience in both ER and Toxicology as he practices in both fields. He is also a Laboratory Director with experience in high-complexity labs. ATLS, ACLS, PALS certified. Medical License in Texas and Florida. Cases review include but not limited to acute overdoses in any setting, interpretation of drug testing (hair, oral, urine, blood, vitreous fluid), Delta-8-THC, Delta-9-THC, marijuana, cannabinoids, PeTH testing blood alcohol testing, ethyl glucuronide testing, combined drug toxicity evaluation. nursing home overdose, envenomations from marine, snakes, arthropods, anti-venom administration, evaluation of toxidromes (serotonin syndrome, anticholinergic, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, sedative-hypnotic,), alcohol intoxication, alco...
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