Lost Earnings Expert Witnesses

Lost earnings expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on lost earnings. The lost earnings expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Accounting, Business Damages, Business Valuation, Economics, Financial, and Intellectual Property.

Michael Stokes, MBA Beta Business Consulting LLC

Scottsdale, Arizona
Economics - medical costs, present value, wrongful death, lost earnings, lost wages, economic damages, economics, cryptocurrency, valuation, securities
We specialize in bringing damages to present value including future medical costs, lost earnings, and wrongful death cases. Have worked 4 years in litigation-based economics as an expert witness. Currently working with Dr. Larry D. Stokes Ph.D - Economics. Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona - we accept clients from all states.

Bob Bates, JD, CPA, CFO, CVA, CFE

Fremont, California
Accounting, Financial - Business Litigation, Due diligence, Forensic accounting, Fraud investigations, Litigation support, Lost earnings, Valuation, CFO, CPA, Bankruptcy, Acquisitions
Bob Bates is a JD, CPA, CFE, CVA and CFO and has worked with dozens of lawyers on over 50 cases in various states. Sometimes he provides financial support for a client in litigation, or pre-litigation, and other times he provides a report, such as a damages calculation, which can be used in litigation. He also has experience providing testimony in depositions and trials. Unbiased Case Analysis Discovery Review & Recommendations High-Impact Demonstrative Exhibits Strategy and Tactics Conferences Damage Calculations Cash Flow Analysis Reports Profit and Loss Analysis Commercial damages, business interruption and lost profits He has been involved in depositions/interrogatories and testifying with multiple court cases including: Embezzlement-Discovered $300k fraud/consultant for counsel Massachusetts Creditor-NY. $1.6m debentures, usury/breach Creditor-NY. $1.7m debentures, usury/breach Creditor-LA, CA $1.7m debentures Creditor-Orange County, CA. $400k debentures Creditor-Orange Coun...

James Christopoulos, JD, MA Christopoulos Economics Consulting Group

Costa Mesa, California
Economics, Business Damages - Damages, Present Value Loss, Lost Profits, Lost Earnings, Lost Income, Lost Wages, Pension Loss, Present Value Medical Care Costs, Lost Earning Capacity
I am well versed in the calculation of past and present value future economic damages for all matters such as employment litigation, business litigation, wrongful death, and personal injury, including the calculation of future medical care costs. I provide credible testimony and produce clear summary reports of relevant conclusions.

Alan G Goedde, PhD Freeman & Mills, Inc

Los Angeles, California
Business Damages, Economics - intellectual property(patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, licensing, royalties), entertainment, music, business valuations, lost profits, statistics, lost earnings, product marketing,
A considerable part of Dr. Goedde’s practice involves intellectual property issues including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition matters as well as business valuations. His background in engineering and economics combined with his work experience in profit planning, budgeting, product marketing and acquisitions analysis has enabled him to assist clients in a wide range of intellectual property litigation. Dr. Goedde can also draw upon his experience as a patent examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. His testimony experience in patent infringement matters includes economic analysis of the Panduit factors, applying Georgia Pacific factors to evaluate reasonable royalty; and, developing RAND royalty rates considering such issues as scope of the royalty base, lump sum and running royalties, royalty stacking, license comparability, university licensing agreements, exclusive licensing, and apportionment of profits to non-infringing components. Dr. ...

Stanley P. Stephenson, PhD Stephenson-Economics, LLC

West Palm Beach, Florida
Intellectual Property, Economics - Damages Calculations, Lost Profits, Business Interruption, Intellectual Property Infringement, Products Liability, Earnings Loss, Lost Earnings, Patent Infringement, Trade Secrets, Trademark, Wrongful Death, Employment Disputes
Application of economic, accounting and statistical analysis tools to assess damages in products liability, contract breach, wrongful death, personal injury, business interruption, intellectual property, construction defects and employment disputes. Clients in manufacturing, airlines, real estate, oil and gas industry, hospitals, food services, and boat sale industries. Specialty is damages assessments in complex litigation.

David W. Carr, CPA, CMA, CFE, ABV The Witherspoon Group, LLC

Salisbury, Maryland
Accounting, Business Valuation - Forensic Accounting, Asset Tracing, Fraud Investigations, Economic Damages, Lost Profits, Lost Earnings, Business Interruption, Appraisal & Valuation, Loss of Business Value, Marital Dissolution, Partnership Disputes, Bankruptcy, Restructuring
David Carr is a forensic accountant and valuation analyst experienced in assisting with cases involving divorce, bankruptcy, fraud, partnership disputes, and economic damages. Mr. Carr has a background in public accounting, having performed financial statement audits and prepared business and individual tax returns. Mr. Carr also prepares business valuations for other purposes outside of litigation, such as estate & gift tax filing, employee stock ownership plans, and M&A consulting. Mr. Carr is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Management Accountant, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and Accredited in Business Valuation.

Rebecca Newman, CPA, CFE Forensic Accounting Services

Portland, Oregon
Accounting, Business Damages - Economic Damages, Commercial Damages, Business Interruption, Lost Earnings, Financial Elder Abuse, Fraud Investigations, Wrongful Death, Wrongful Termination
I have over 20 years of experience with forensic accounting, including personal injury, wrongful death, business interruption, and patent infringement cases. Clients have included civil plaintiff and defense attorneys, insurance companies, and criminal prosecution and defense attorneys. In addition to my training and substantial experience as a CPA, my background in communications allows me to effectively connect with clients, juries, and arbitrators, both in person and through my reports. I believe that clear, direct language is more understandable to the triers of fact -- and ultimately more convincing.