SEAK is the #1 rated Expert Witness Directory in the industry. 

We provide attorneys direct access to thousands of expert witnesses, with no referral fees and no middleman.

Founded in 1980, SEAK is The Expert Witness Training Company.  We have trained many thousands of experts through our highly regarded seminars, texts, and online training. We have been retained by the FBI, Secret Service, IRS and NYPD to train their experts as well as many consulting firms and professional societies. We have prepared experts in high stakes matters including medical malpractice, products liability, antitrust, patent litigation, homicide, will contests, and commercial litigation.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the SEAK Expert Witness Directory?
SEAK is the comprehensive platform for experts to showcase their expertise to the attorneys who search our Directory each and every day. 

SEAK is the #1 rated directory for expert witnesses.
• Contains over 2,000 experts.
• 100% free to search.
• Attorneys contact experts directly. No markups, referral fees or middleman.
We have been publishing the SEAK National Expert Witness Directory for over 20 years.

Who uses the SEAK Experts Directory?
The SEAK Directory is used by attorneys, paralegals, legal nurses, insurance companies, the media, etc.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes we do, please see here for details;

How many referrals can listed experts expect to receive?
That will depend on many factors, including your specialty, background, the quality of your work product, how easy you are to work with, etc. The only real way to know how successful it will be for YOU, is to join and try it out.

When will my profile get added to the Directory?
Your detailed profile will be posted to our website as soon as you join.

How do I join?
You can easily and quickly join here;

I am an attorney, do I need to call to hire an Expert?
No. You do not need to call SEAK to hire any of our listed Experts. Unlike other companies, there are no markups or referral fees. The terms of the engagement are directly between the attorney and the expert. Attorneys search for experts on the SEAK website and simply contact the experts directly. 

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