Founded in 1980, SEAK is The Expert Witness Training Company.  Our mission is to provide our clients with the Skills Education Abilities and Knowledge to succeed. We have trained many thousands of experts through our highly regarded seminars, texts, and instructional videos. We have been retained by the FBI, Secret Service, IRS and NYPD to train their experts as well as numerous consulting firms and professional societies. We have prepared experts in high stakes matters including medical malpractice, products liability, antitrust, patent litigation, homicide, will contests, and commercial litigation.

SEAK’s Expert Witness Directory

• Contains over 2,500 expert witnesses nationwide and is the #1 rated expert witness directory.
• 100% free to search.
• Attorneys contact experts directly, with no middleman and no markup.
• Detailed information on the experts include:
            • Education
            • Number of years in practice
            • Number of times the expert has testified in the last 4 years
            • Areas of expertise
            • Subspecialties, special skills, and experience
            • Contact information

            • CV and photo
            • and much, much more

We have been publishing the SEAK National Expert Witness Directory for over 20 years.


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