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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of obstetrical anesthesiology expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on obstetrical anesthesiology and related issues. Obstetrical anesthesiology expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these obstetrical anesthesiology expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Obstetrical Anesthesiology, Sedation, Airway Trauma, Alternate Site Anesthesiology, Anesthesiology, Arterial Lines, Birth Trauma, Blood Patch Headache, Cardiac Arrest, Central Lines, Central Venous Catheter, Cesarean Section, Difficult Airway, Difficult Airway Intubation, and Extubation.

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Eric A Harris, MD, MBA University of Miami / Miller School of Medicine

Weston, Florida
Anesthesiology, Pediatric Anesthesiology - alternate site anesthesiology, sedation, obstetric anesthesiology, non-operating room anesthesia, neuroanesthesia
I have been in academic practice for over 26 years and currently serve at the rank of Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology. I have been the director of the alternate site anesthesiology service at our institution for 23 years. My primary areas of expertise are pediatric anesthesiology, obstetric anesthesiology, and sedation and anesthesia for cases performed outside of the operating room (radiology suites, GI station, etc.) However, I have extensive experience in all areas of anesthesiology with the exception of cardiac anesthesiology and chronic pain management. I am board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, as well as sub-specialty boarded in pediatric anesthesiology. I am fluent in English and conversational in Spanish and French, and have excellent writing skills and numerous publications. I have over 15 years of deposition and trial experience. Due to a contractual obligation, I am unable to serve as an expert witness for plaintiffs in the state ...

Shivon Abdullah, MD

Bettendorf, Iowa
Anesthesiology, Obstetrical Anesthesiology - Difficult Airway, Hypotension, hypoxia, heart attack, stroke, Nerve Injury, Nerve Block, OR fires, intubation, extubation, recovery room, informed consent, airway trauma, central venous catheter, sedation, central lines, arterial lines, postoperative, intraoperative complications, sleep apnea
Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Licensed in 3 states. Diverse practice experience. My practice is diverse and includes perioperative of adult and pediatric patients in and out of the operating room for various surgical indications and procedures. I also provide anesthetic care for remote and non surgical indications such as anesthesia sedation for imaging and psychiatric procedures. My practice includes the treatment of obstetric patients and the various obstetric emergencies. I look forward to utilizing my knowledge and experience of the practice of Anesthesiology and aiding my clients in their claims. My biggest strengths are my ability to understand and simplify situations and events for my clients. Also my ability to clearly and confidently answer questions and understand principles and practices of anesthesia come handy in depositions and cross examinations.

Hilary Gallin, MD, MBA

Boston, Massachusetts
Anesthesiology, Obstetrical Anesthesiology - Anesthesiology, Obstetric Anesthesiology
I am a board certified anesthesiologist and completed my residency in Anesthesiology and fellowship in Obstetric Anesthesiology at a large academic medical center. I currently serve on faculty at that institution. In addition to being a practicing general and obstetric anesthesiologist, I serve on the Quality Assurance Committee for the department of anesthesia and the hospital wide Code Review Committee.

JOHN A SEITZ, MD 4015843176

New York, New York
Obstetrical Anesthesiology, Anesthesiology - regional anesthesia, outpatient anesthesiology,

David A. Gutman, MD, MBA, FASA - Anesthesiology Expert Witness Ethical Patient Advocacy LLC.

Charleston, South Carolina
Obstetrical Anesthesiology, Anesthesiology - Obstetrical Anesthesiology, Spinal Epidural Nerve Block, Nerve Damage Paralysis, Cesarean Section, Uterine Atony Post Partum Hemorrhage, Labor Delivery, Birth Trauma, Blood Patch Headache, Hypoxic Brain Injury, Cardiac Arrest, Difficult Airway Intubation, Lost Airway Hypoxia, General Anesthesia
Anesthesiology expert witness. Board certified anesthesiologist with fellowship training in obstetrical anesthesiology. Only anesthesiologist on SEAK with higher level obstetrical anesthesia sub-specialization. Associate Professor of Anesthesiology in full-time clinical practice at the tertiary academic medical center - Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Extensive experience working solo in locum tenens and with medical direction; supervising medical students, residents, and certified registered nurse anesthetists. Multiple publications, grand rounds, and book chapters. Four state licenses including New York, South Carolina, California, and New Hampshire. Unblemished record and incredibly responsive to emails and phone calls. Happy to arrange a complimentary phone call or Zoom session to introduce myself or discuss any anesthetic matter. Website: www.DoctorDavidGutman.com Email: [email protected] Phone: (843)732-4449 Case Expertise: My clinical focus i...
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