Jail/Prison/Correctional Facility Suicide Expert Witnesses

Jail/prison/correctional facility suicide expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on jail/prison/correctional facility suicide. The jail/prison/correctional facility suicide expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Correctional Healthcare, Jails & Prisons, and Police Practices & Procedures.

Lisa Boesky, PhD Jail Suicide Expert

San Diego, California
Jails & Prisons, Correctional Healthcare - jail suicide, suicide in jails, juvenile detention suicide, correctional suicide, jail suicide standard of care, correctional suicide standard of care, suicide risk assessment, suicide, jail/prison/correctional facility suicide
Dr. Lisa Boesky is a Jail Suicide expert. Dr. Lisa takes complex clinical information grounded in research and communicates it in a practical, engaging and user-friendly manner via: --Expert Witness testimony on legal cases involving individuals who have died by Suicide while incarcerated (plaintiff and defense) --Correctional Suicide presentations at national conferences --Audits/Reviews of Jail Suicide Prevention Programs --Litigation Consultant on legal cases involving individuals who have died by Suicide while incarcerated (plaintiff and defense) --Training Programs for correctional, mental health, substance abuse, and law enforcement professionals --Authoring books, book chapters, and other publications related to correctional mental health and Suicide If you need additional information about Dr. Lisa, her services, or a copy of her Curriculum Vitae, please contact her.

George C. Klein, PhD Oakton Community College

Northbrook, Illinois
Police Practices & Procedures, Behavioral and Social Sciences - Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Mentally Ill, Police, Police Apprehension of the Mentally Ill, Police Policies and Procedures, Crisis Intervention Teams, Jail Suicide.
George C. Klein, Ph.D. works as an expert witness on the intersection of mental health and criminal justice. He specializes in the police apprehension of the mentally ill, police policies and procedures, police use of excessive force, and jail suicide. He was a part-time police officer for over eight years. He was a consultant and researcher for the Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI Academy for over 13 years. He is a trained hostage negotiator and served with a SWAT team. His book, entitled, Law And The Disordered: An Exploration in Mental Health, Law, and Politics, was published in 2009. The book is an examination of the mental health and criminal justice system in Illinois. It includes fieldwork on police apprehension of the mentally ill, hospital emergency rooms, the homeless mentally ill, and mental health screening in jails. His book, entitled, The Militarization of the Police? Ideology Versus Reality, was published in 2019. The book examines the police use of force, a...