Medical Device Expert Witnesses

Medical device expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on medical device. The medical device expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Anesthesiology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medicine, Engineering, Failure Analysis, Family Medicine, Hospitalist, Industrial Design, Intellectual Property, Medical Devices, Pain Management - Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Transportation.

Morten O Jensen, PhD, DrMed Jexpert LLC

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Medical Devices, Biomedical Engineering - Biomedical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Biomechanics, Medical Equipment, Intellectual Property (IP), Patent Infringement, Inter Partes Review (IPR), Patent Invalidity, Surgery, Medical Malpractice, Medical Instrument, Prosthetic Device, Medical Device, Blood, Medical Electronics, Device Failure
Dr. Jensen has been retained by representation for both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving medical devices and equipment, including their failure modes, design/manufacturing issues, usage, and patent infringement. Dr. Jensen has been at trial and deposed several times and participated in on-site interrogations. Dr. Jensen’s educational background is from top ranked universities at the interface of engineering and medicine. He has more than two decades of academic and industry experience in both Europe and the US. He worked for six years with a global measurement, automation, and instrumentation provider in the company’s consulting services and business development departments. He has 17 years of faculty member experience at highly renowned universities in Europe and the US, winning numerous prestigious awards for his work with research, teaching, and service. The results from some of his work has been adopted by the FDA guidelines for designing certain medical devices. ...

T.Kim Parnell, PhD, PE Parnell Expert Consulting

Sunnyvale, California
Medical Devices, Intellectual Property - Mechanical Engineering, Forensic, Medical Device, Nitinol, Biomedical, Patent,IP, Consumer Products, Failure Analysis,Fracture,Fatigue, Truck Rollover,Crashworthiness, Finite Element, FEA, Reliability, Cell Phone,IVC, Composite Material,Piping,Equipment,Machinery,Food Processing,Personal Injury
T.Kim Parnell, PhD, PE is President of Parnell Expert Consulting. Dr.Parnell holds PhD and MSME degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, a BES from Georgia Tech, and is a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer (PE) in the State of California. Dr.Parnell is an ASME Fellow, an IEEE Life Senior Member, and a Member of NAFEMS, SAMPE, ASMI and SAE. Parnell is Past-Chair of the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section (IEEE-SCV) (over 13,000 members) and Past-Chair/Board Member of the IEEE Consultants' Network of Silicon Valley (IEEE-CNSV). Dr.Parnell is an experienced Expert Witness, has provided testimony in both trial and deposition, and has authored numerous expert reports, ITC and IPR declarations. He has worked extensively as an expert in medical devices, patents, product failure, product liability, and personal injury. Dr.Parnell has been retained in medical device litigation cases that are in the news.  Products include stent, stent-grafts, AAA devices, IVC F...

Eric P. Rose, NPDP, MBA Pinnacle Product Innovation, Inc.

Tarzana, California
Engineering, Industrial Design - ISO 9001, Product Development, Product Design, Design For Manufacturing, FMEA, Plastic Product Design, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), N95 Mask, Earplug, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Dental Device, Medical Device, Toy, Consumer Product, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Furniture.
◼ BACKGROUND: 35+ years' experience in product design, product development, manufacturing. Product innovation part-time academic since 2009. Certified New Product Development Professional (NPDP) since 2008 by the Product Development and Management Association. Member of: Society of Plastics Engineers, American Society for Quality. Expert witness services to Product Liability, Intellectual Property (IP), and Commercial Dispute litigators. ◼ PLAINTIFF COUNSEL RETAINED: Expert witness in 3M Combat Arms earplug case, retained by two plaintiff law firms. More at, Daubert ruling at, (Page 98). Two depositions. Expert Witness in furniture injury case, settled after my deposition. N95 mask commercial dispute case, report submitted 5/2024. ◼ DEFENSE COUNSEL RETAINED: Furniture injury case. Review of the state of competitive product safety, mechanisms, warnings. Defense counsel represented major insurance company. ◼ P...

Jeffrey Brown, PhD Compass Consulting Engineers

Westminster, Colorado
Biomedical Engineering, Sports Medicine - Medical device, Biologics, Manufacturing, Risk Management, Design History File, FMEA, Stem Cells, Biomaterials, Product Liability, Intellectual Property, Implant, Collagen, Device testing, Design Controls, Product labeling, CDMO, Quality/Regulatory, Allograft, Forensic Science, Accident Recon
Qualified Nuclear Engineering Officer in the US Navy First author for 3 peer-reviewed original scientific research articles 10+ years in medical device/biologics design, development, and manufacture 15 years in design and operational engineering Inventor on two biomedical patents

Chris Scott, PhD Material Answers LLC

Weston, Massachusetts
Chemical Engineering, Failure Analysis - polymer, plastic, rubber, coating, materials, material science, material engineering, thermoplastic, thermoset, composite, design, manufacturing, adhesive, ink, automotive, medical device, aerospace, packaging, accident, defect
Dr. Chris E. Scott is President of Material Answers LLC. He specializes in material structure, properties, and processing. His work emphasizes thermoplastics, thermosets, blends, composites, and multicomponent formulations. He has extensive experience with manufacturing, product development, product design, and failure analysis. Systems investigated include plastics, composites, coatings, paints, adhesives, rubbers, fibers, suspensions, emulsions, and pastes. In particular, Dr. Scott has published extensively on the topics of polymer processing and structure relationships, compounding and mixing in multiphase polymer systems, and structure and morphology development during polymer processing. He is the inventor on 11 U.S. patents, author of more than 30 articles in peer reviewed journals, author of 40 conference proceedings, and has presented more than 50 seminars to industry and government organizations. Dr. Scott has conducted failure analysis investigations and developed p...

Kevin Qiwei Zhang, MD, PhD

Boston, Massachusetts
Hospitalist, Family Medicine - inpatient, critical care, consumer compliance, pharmaceutical, complain, unprofessional, death, injury, loss, consultation, expert witness, drug safety, adverse reaction, incompetence, outpatient, urgent care, patient safety, malpractice, medical device, case review, peer review, clinical trial
Board certified hospitalist and family medicine practitioner with full license in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin, I have had extensive clinical experience in inpatient, critical care, and outpatient practice in the tertiary academic medical centers and community hospitals in multiple states. I obtained PhD in Medical Oncology and Pharmacology at Indiana University School of Medicine with tremendous experience in pharmacology and pharmaceutical research, drug safety and adverse reaction research and management with more than 20 publications in top-notch medical journals. I have comprehensive experience in case review, peer review, and expert witness consultation.

Linda van Roosmalen, PhD LINC Design LLC

Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Transportation, Industrial Design - wheelchair transportation, biomechanics, public transit, railcar boarding, accessible air travel, wheelchair securement, wheelchair restraint, seatbelt, crash safety, ergonomics, accessibility, paratransit, wheelchair lift, medical device, ramp, school bus, walker safety, warnings, usability, ADA
On 2024.06.04: Due to limited bandwidth I'm unable to take on additional cases. My apologies. Dr. Linda van Roosmalen brings over 25 years of experience in wheelchair transportation safety as a designer and researcher at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a key member of a select group of experts dedicated to researching Wheelchair Transportation Safety. Over the past two decades, Dr. van Roosmalen has been retained by both plaintiff and defendant councils, providing her expertise in various cases, including: • Wheelchair transport safety on school buses, public buses, paratransit, non-emergency transport, private vehicles, rail systems, and airplanes. • Lift and ramp access. • Securement of wheelchairs and scooters, along with associated labeling. • Seat belt restraints for wheelchair-seated occupants and related labeling. • Accessibility for wheelchair users in various environments, such as sidewalks, crosswalks, bathrooms, amusement parks, and public vehicles. With a strong ...

Matthew P Rupert, MD MS FIPP DABIPP DABA Vertex Spine

Franklin, Tennessee
Pain Management - Medicine, Anesthesiology - Interventional Pain Medicine, Minimally Invasive Spine, Spinal Cord Stimulator, Peripheral Nerve Stimulator, Headache Stimulator, Facial Pain, Headache, Migraine, CRPS, Non-drug Therapy, MIS, Laser Spine, Medical Device, Biomechanics, Injury Forces, Balanced Review, Conflict Resolution
My mission is to promote the advancement and development of cutting-edge truly minimally invasive surgery for acute and chronic pain conditions. I provide individualized treatment and not cookie cutter care. I am appreciative of various viewpoints on the treatment of pain, the current evidence based medicine as well as treatments that are not mainstream. Board certified Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice internationally by the World Institute of Pain Board certified Interventional Pain Physician by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians Board certfifed in Interventional Pain Medicine by the American Board of Medical Specialties Board certified in Anesthesiology by the American Board of Medical Specialties Multiple medical and biomechanical device inventions Ability to give neutral and bilateral viewpoints of difficult medical treatment situations Active involvement of local, national and international educational societies Author of many interventional pain med...

Stephen C Morris, MD, MPH

Mercer Island, Washington
Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services - Emergency medicine, EMS, medical device, medical education, critical care, surgical complication, acute coronary syndrome, motor vehicle accident, stroke, missed diagnosis, informed consent, disabilty, airway, hypoxia, trauma, workers compensation, treatment of minors, involuntary detainment, ACLS
I am board certified in Emergency Medicine by the American College of Emergency Physicians. Having completed my medical degree at University of Washington I completed my residency at Yale and my first job was as a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) during which time I earned a Masters in Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. Currently I am an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Public Health at the University of Washington and practice clinically at three hospitals, including our level 1 trauma hospital and our cancer and transplant hospital I have nearly two decades of experience practicing clinical emergency medicine in community, government and academic settings. Within these settings, I have cared for high volumes of trauma, pediatrics, geriatrics, oncology, psychiatry, substance abuse disorder, complicated cardiac patients including those with assist devices, and surgically complex patients. In addition...