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Underage Alcohol Harm Expert Witness Listings

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Maj. Mark Willingham, PhD, CPM

Alcohol Solutions, LLC

Jacksonville, Florida

Dram Shop & Alcohol Services Expert Witness, Premises Liability Expert Witness Fraternity Alcohol Hazing, Cruise Ship Alcohol Liability, Social Host, Business Party Liability, Bar Operation, Restaurant Operation, Alcohol Expert, Underage Alcohol Harm, Minors, Sorority Alcohol Hazing, Responsible Alcohol Retailing, Bar Security
Additional Information Maj. Mark Willingham, PhD provides litigation support, expert witness services, and forensic consulting in alcohol related injury and death (Dram Shop) lawsuits involving alcohol beverage service, sale, and consumption. He focuses on events arising in bars, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, resorts, fraternal lodges, social host, business parties, and fraternities. Dr. Willingham regulated, policed, licensed, and assisted the alcoholic beverage industry for 30 years and has provided consultation to cities, states, universities, and the alcoholic beverage industry throughout the country. Mark is widely recognized as one of the preeminent experts in responsible alcohol retailing. Dr. Willingham has provided expert witness services in Dram Shop lawsuits for 9 years providing testimony at deposition and trial throughout the country.