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D. Jan Duffy, JD Management Practices Group, Inc.

San Francisco, California
Employment Expert Witness, Legal Expert Witness - Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Investigation, Whistle Blowing, Compliance, Ethics, Wrongful Termination, Human Resources, Misconduct, Employment, Privacy
Jan Duffy has been retained as a management practices expert witness by both plaintiffs and defendants in more than 800 employment, compliance, business conduct, intellectual property, and tort lawsuits, arbitrations, and mediations. She has testified on more than 200 occasions in state and federal court in California and elsewhere in the US. Described as a “pioneer” in workplace privacy as well as internal investigations, and prevention and correction of compliance violations, Jan has engaged in archival scholarly research both as an academic and a professional, having authored more than 50 articles, reports, book chapters, and videotapes. As a management consultant, she has worked with clients in technology, health care, legal and financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, mining, retail, telecommunications, hospitality, entertainment, transportation, education and law enforcement among other industries. Jan has presented hundreds of seminars and training programs on har...
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Gerry H Goldsholle, J.D. Advice & Counsel Consulting

Mill Valley, California
Insurance Expert Witness, Legal Expert Witness - Life Insurance, Annuities, Insurance Product Design, Insurance Distribution Practices, Insurance Marketing Practices, Insurance Sales, Viatical Settlements, Senior Settlements, Retained Asset Accounts, Financial Services, Corporate Governance
I bring decades of business and legal experience in insurance and financial services to my expert assignments. I began my professional career as a trial lawyer at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and practiced corporate law in New York City before joining MetLife, where I held a variety of legal, planning and executive positions including Assistant General Counsel, VP for Corporate Planning & Development, VP for Investment & Fiduciary Services, Chief Brokerage Executive, and President & CEO of MetLife Marketing Corporation. My insurance-related experience spans corporate governance, insurance and securities regulation, diversification into auto, homeowners and reinsurance, new life insurance and annuity product development, inventing and creating the first retained asset account business, and creating new distribution systems. The 200+ person business I headed operated as a self-contained insurance company -- with its own actuarial, marketing, product development, sales,...
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Guy O Kornblum GK Consultants, LLC

San Francisco, California
Insurance Expert Witness, Legal Expert Witness - Insurance Claims Handling, Insurance Compliance with Good Faith Claims Principles, Standard of Care in Civil Litigation, Civil Litigation, Case Evaluation, Negotiation and Settlement
GUY O. KORNBLUM is a partner in Kornblum, Cochran, Erickson & Harbison, LLP, with offices in San Francisco and Santa Rosa, California. He has specialized as a trial and appellate lawyer for over 40 years. The firm specializes in a wide range of civil litigation, including serious injury and wrongful death, financial and physical elder abuse, and all aspects of insurance including “bad faith” claims. Mr. Kornblum himself has handled over 4000 litigated matters to conclusion and has several million dollar plus cases to his credit. He has represented hundreds of clients, small businesses, individuals, and large Fortune 500 corporations during his over 40 years of practice. He is highly regarded for his courtroom and appellate skills, and his representation of his clients in mediations, where he has a strong track record of successful settlements. Mr. Kornblum is certified in Civil Trial Law and Civil Pretrial Practice Advocacy by the prestigious National Board of Trial Advocacy, ...
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Joel Mark, Esq.

Palm Desert, California
Dispute Resolution Expert Witness, Legal Expert Witness - Attorney's Fees, Attorney Fee Disputes, Legal Malpractice, Attorney Ethics, Law Practice Management, Law Firm Dissolution
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Janice A. Ramsay, Esq. Janice A. Ramsay ALC

Irvine, California
Insurance Expert Witness, Legal Expert Witness - Bad Faith, Property Insurance Claims, Insurance Coverage, Insurance Industry Custom and Practice,
Ms. Ramsay has been retained as an independent expert on the custom and practice of the insurance industry in commercial and residential property insurance claims in over 150 matters. She was previously a lawyer practicing law in the field of property insurance and for over 35 years, she had given coverage advice in thousands of claims to insurers, advised insureds as to their rights and coverage, handled insurance coverage and bad faith litigation for insurers and insureds, litigated coverage, bad faith, subrogation, and defense cases. Ms. Ramsay has worked with claims that have involved arson, insurance fraud, business interruption, landslides, earthquakes, floods, other water losses, underwriting issues, broker and agent error, insurable interest issues, appraisal rights and procedures, examinations under oath, suit limitation, subrogation and mortgagee rights.
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Michael G Watters, Esq. O'Brien Watters & Davis, LLP

Santa Rosa, California
Dispute Resolution Expert Witness, Legal Expert Witness - Standard of Care of Attorneys, Attorney Fee Disputes, Attorney Ethics, Legal Malpractice, Litigation Strategy/Tactics, Litigation Coach/Consultant, Litigation Trainer, Major Trial Assistance and Augmentation, Expert Witness Depositions
Extensive jury trial and court trial experience as well as extensive appellate court experience. In trial for more than 250 days (2009 - 2014). Worked on appeals in areas of attorney conduct including two California Supreme Court cases: Flatt v. Superior Court (my firm) and Musser v. Provencer (trial counsel and my firm). See Hall v. Harker (trial and appellate counsel), Gregori v. Bank of America (trial and appellate counsel), Asman v. Revlon (trial counsel and writ counsel) plus other reported as well as non-published appeals. Expertise in complex civil litigation including professional liability, defense of professional licenses, fraud in the sale of a business, fraud in the sale of real property, employment litigation, high-end divorce, personal injury, construction defect, professional liability, etc.
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