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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of food expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on food and related issues. Food expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these food expert witnesses testify regarding may include: E. Coli, False Food Advertising, Food Advertising, Food Business, Food Labeling, Food Manufacturing, Food Marketing, Food Poisoning, Food Processing, Food Retailing, Food Safety , Food Sales Forecasting, Food Science, Food Supply Chain, and Foodborne Illness.

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Catherine E Adams Hutt, PhD, RD, CFS RdR Solutions Consulting, LLC

Food, Public Health - Food Safety, Food Manufacturing, Nutrition, Foodborne Illness, Food Fraud, Food Forensics, Food Poisoning, Food Adulteration, Dietary Supplements, Food Labeling, Quality Management, Health Claims.
I have high-level training and senior experience in a variety of food related fields, including food manufacturing, food service, food regulations, and nutrition. My diverse background makes me ideally suited for challenging cases where it is important or helpful to be able to integrate information from a number of different disciplines. My professional experience is truly unique and my credentials make me unimpeachable. Most of my cases are settled before going to trial on the strength of my expert opinion. I enjoy deposition and trial, understanding the art of the exercise; and I work to deliver the optimal results for my clients.

Thomas J. Montville, PhD

Martinsville, New Jersey
Food, Public Health - food science, food poisoning, labeling claims, foodborne illness, preservatives, food safety, food processing, food labeling, food manufacturing, Salmonella, E. coli, norovirus, listeria,
Thomas J. Montville, Ph.D. is a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology (F.A.A.M.) and a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists (F.I.F.T.). He holds a faculty appointment as Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, where he has served as both Director of the Graduate Program and Chair of the Department of Food Science. He is an internationally recognized expert in food safety. The US FDA recognizes him as an expert in food microbiology in support of GRAS petitions. Dr. Montville received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and his B.S. from Rutgers. He was a Senior Research Microbiologist at the United States Department of Agriculture before joining the Rutgers faculty. Dr. Montville is Editor Emeritus of the Journal of Food Safety and has been appointed to many editorial boards. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers having more than 10,000 citations. Dr. Montville has also authored 16 chapters, and 10 books. Hi...

John L Stanton, PhD Saint Joseph's University

Sewell, New Jersey
Food, Business Operations - food business, Food Advertising , food Marketing, False food advertising , Food retailing, Food sales forecasting , Food supply chain
Biographical Information on John L. Stanton John L. Stanton has a Ph.D. in Quantitative Methods and Marketing from Syracuse University, and been in the food industry for about 40 years. He is currently professor and previously held endowed chair in the food marketing department at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Dr. Stanton was elected to the European Retail Academy Hall of Fame, the Private Label Manufacturers Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement award from the Promotion Optimization Institute. Besides academia, Dr. Stanton has also worked in the food industry. He has consulted for many nationally known food companies including Campbell Soup Company, Procter & Gamble, Acme, Kroger, Pepsi, Frito Lay, Florida Dept. of Citrus, Kellogg and others. Dr. Stanton was awarded an honorary Degree from "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy for contribution to Food, Nutrition and Health and from the Romanian-American University for contributions to Global food mar...
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