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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of food expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on food and related issues. Food expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these food expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Antimicrobial, Bacteria, Building Science, Coffee Spills At Drive Thru, Dose Assessment, E.Coli Prevention, Environmental Science, Exposure Risk, Food, Food And Beverage Spills, Food Holding Temperatures, Food Illness, Food Poisoning, Food Safety , and Food Serving.

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Catherine E Adams Hutt, PhD, RD, CFS

RdR Solutions Consulting, LLC

Food, Public Health - Food Safety, Food Manufacturing, Nutrition, Foodborne Illness, Food Fraud, Food Forensics, Food Poisoning, Food Adulteration, Dietary Supplements, Food Labeling, Quality Management, Health Claims.
I have high-level training and senior experience in a variety of food related fields, including food manufacturing, food service, food regulations, and nutrition. My diverse background makes me ideally suited for challenging cases where it is important or helpful to be able to integrate information from a number of different disciplines. My professional experience is truly unique and my credentials make me unimpeachable. Most of my cases are settled before going to trial on the strength of my expert opinion. I enjoy deposition and trial, understanding the art of the exercise; and I work to deliver the optimal results for my clients.

Kenneth B Kuscher

Brunswick Food Service Educators

Boynton Beach, Florida
Food, Hotel & Restaurant - Food Safety, Food Illness, Food Poisoning, Food Serving, Restaurant accidents, Food and beverage Spills, Proper Food Cooking, Food Temperature cooking, Food Holding temperatures, E.Coli prevention and all viruses. During past year have had a number of cases concerning coffee spills at drive thru
Ken has nearly 40 years of hands-on operational experience. In addition, he has extensive teaching experience at the college level, including food safety instruction. QUALIFICATIONS Certified ServSafe Instructor. Trainer: NEHA Food Safety / National Environmental Health Association. Trainer: Currently under a trainer contract with nine restaurants in the Miami, Florida area. As a Servsafe Instructor I have taught over 200 classes to Food Service Managers on Food Safety. Food Safety the entire cycle from before it is purchased, until after it is the customers Physical hands. This includes serving, as well as how the food was handled after the customer leaves the foodservice operation Including spills when the food is served as well as after it leaves the operation. COLLEGE TEACHING EXPERIENCE Lecturer: Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration. Food service, including food safety Adjunct Professor: Florida Atlantic University, School of Business. Food service, including ...

Alex LeBeau, PhD, MPH, CIH

Exposure Assessment Consulting, LLC

Orlando, Florida
Industrial Hygiene, Toxicology - Indoor Air Quality, Exposure risk, Risk Assessment, Legionella, Legionnaires disease, PFAS, Environmental Science, Building science, Mold, Bacteria, Dose Assessment, Heavy Metal, Risk, Pesticide, PCB, Food, Waterborne Pathogens, Product Safety, OSHA, Antimicrobial, GSA Water Testing
Problem solving Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with over 16 years of experience evaluating environmental and occupational exposures to chemicals and biological agents (e.g., bacteria) from the industrial hygiene and toxicology perspective. History of performing human health risk assessments at contaminated sites using U.S. EPA and state regulatory guidelines and monitoring remediation activities at those sites enabling me to analyze risk and determine if any workers or residents would be impacted by residual contamination and/or remediation activities. I perform indoor environmental quality assessments to evaluate exposure impacts on building occupants - including Legionella and water quality assessments - at healthcare, residential, commercial, and industrial facilities as part of the comprehensive overall building science aspect of indoor environmental quality. Experience co-authoring industry guidance on COVID-19 and presented on COVID-19 at a number of conferences as an...
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