Craig D McLaren Expert Witness
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  • Company: First Response Law Enforcement Consulting Group
  • Phone: (661) 305-7618
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General Specialties:

Police Practices & Procedures and Law Enf & Criminal Justice

Keywords/Search Terms:

Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Crowd Control, Use of Force/Excessive Force Inadequate/Negligent Security, Informants, Evidence Preservation, Chain of Custody, Sexual Assault, Drug Enforcement, Gangs, Surveillance, Vice, Prostitution, Gambling, Vehicle Pursuits, School Shootings, Workplace Violence


Basic, Intermediate and Advanced POST Certificate, California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training; California Licensed Private Investigator (License # PI189147), Bureau of Security and Investigative Services ; Court Qualified and Department Certified Expert in Narcotics and Gangs., ; Force Science Analyst, Force Science Institute

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Additional Information

Vastly Experienced Police Expert, working for plaintiffs as well as the defense. Over 31 years as a Los Angeles Police Officer. Trained / Taught new officers, in the field, for 24 years in all facets of Police work. Including Use of Force and Use of Deadly Force. Personally involved in over 40 Uses of Force as well as being present at approximately 100 more. Certified Force Science Analyst, by Force Science Institute, which is a leader in law enforcement study. The Institute has conducted many research projects uncovering the scientific realities surrounding officer performance under stress, action/reaction time, memory, decision-making and more in complex, rapidly unfolding encounters. Worked celebrity security for the late Dean Martin for approximately two years, providing personal security as well as residential security. Expert in Vehicle Pursuits, having been involved in and receiving yearly training in pursuits. As well as training new officers in Vehicle Pursuit Tactics. Extensive experience in both High and Low Risk Vehicle Stops, Pedestrian Stops, Restraint Options, Detentions and Arrests. Trained in Immediate Action Rapid Deployment Tactics (School Shootings, Workplace Violence, etc.). Worked L.A.P.D. C.R.A.S.H. (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) Gang unit. Attended California Gang Investigators Assoc. and U.S. Department of Treasury Bureau ATF, 30-hour, National Gang Conference (prison and street gangs training). Worked undercover in Narcotics Field Enforcement Section. Court qualified and department certified expert in Narcotics and Gangs. Testified in approximately 50 Preliminary Hearings and Trials. Worked as L.A.P.D Employee Representative involved in over 50 Divisional and Internal Affairs investigations/ interviews. Expertise in Intimate Partner Violence and Child Abuse, having personally handled over 100 Child Abuse investigations. Further Expertise in Sexual Assault, Certified Reliable Informants and Surveillance. Worked, undercover in numerous Prostitution task forces as well as Massage Parlors, Alcohol Beverage Control enforcement and Gambling locations. Trained in Mobile Field Force/ Crowd Control/ Civil Unrest/ Riot Tactics as well as being involved in the 1992 Los Angeles Riots and several other episodes of Civil Unrest. Expertise in General Police Procedure, Community Based Policing, Patrol Car, Bicycle, and Foot beat tactics. Including Evidence Preservation and Chain of Custody. Worked as Federal Consent Decree Coordinator for West Valley Division, ensuring compliance. California Licensed Private Investigator (License # PI189147)