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Police Practices & Procedures and Law Enf & Criminal Justice

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criminal investigation, crime scene analysis, crime scene reconstruction, use of force, death scene, homicide, murder, shootings, self defense, USCCA, NRA, rape, sex crimes, sex offense, sexual assault, violent crime, robbery, police practices, composite sketch


Doctor of Philosophy Criminal Justice, Walden University; Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, Columbia Southern University; Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, Columbia Southern University

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Additional Information

Dr. Ken Lang is a retired 25-year law enforcement veteran with extensive criminal investigation experience who holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice and teaches various criminal justice and investigative courses. Lang’s career began with the Havre de Grace Police Department in 1989. He served as a patrol officer for two years until he became employed by the Baltimore County Police Department (BCoPD) in 1991, where he served for the next 23 years. Lang’s police career centered on criminal investigations, dedicating 15 years to investigating violent crimes of rapes, robberies, and murders, and 5 years investigating property crimes. In addition to his primary detective assignment, Lang also served as a certified Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission adjunct police instructor at the BCoPD Academy for 16 years, teaching recruit classes and in-service training sessions. Courses taught included Sex Crimes Investigations, Investigative Resources, Basic Investigator’s Courses, and Advanced Investigator’s Courses. In an ad hoc capacity, Lang also became a forensic artist after completing the Federal Bureau of Investigation Facial Forensic Imaging course in Quantico, VA. As an FBI-trained forensic artist, Lang completed over 100 composite sketches for the BCoPD and other jurisdictions. His forensic art encompassed concepts of composite sketches, postmortem drawings, age enhancements, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional skull reconstructions. While employed with the BCoPD, Dr. Lang completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Columbia Southern University, an accredited institution. In 2010, he completed his B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, and in 2013 he completed his M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration. In June 2014, Dr. Lang retired from the BCoPD and transitioned into higher education as an assistant professor at the University of Valley Forge. Lang initiated his doctoral studies with Walden University, an accredited institution. He transitioned to Glenville University in 2016 where he served as a department chair for the Department of Criminal Justice and taught various field forensic courses. Dr. Lang has also taught for the University of Management and Technology (undergraduate courses) and Southern New Hampshire University (graduate courses). Dr. Lang has worked in higher education for 9 years and has taught various university courses, including Advanced Crime Scene Management, Advanced Issues in Evidence, American Courts and Justice System, Constitutional Law, Corrections and Penology, Crime Scene Management, Criminal Evidence and Procedure, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Procedure, Criminology, Death Investigations, Firearms and Ballistics, Fingerprinting and Latent Processing, Homeland Security, Internship, Internship Seminar for Psychology, Interviewing and Report Writing, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Criminology, Introduction to Psychology, Juvenile Delinquency and Justice, Organized Crime, Physical and Trace Evidence, Police Practices and Procedures, and Research Methods for Behavior Sciences. Dr. Lang completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice, which was conferred in May 2019. His dissertation titled, Valuation of Ex-Offender Motivations for Participation in Restorative Justice Praxis, was published that same year. Dr. Lang has written criminal investigative articles for the Death Investigator’s Magazine and peer-reviewed articles about research under forensic art and restorative justice concepts. Dr. Lang has conducted expert witness work involving cases where criminal investigation and police practices and procedures were evaluated for accuracy and completeness. Dr. Lang has also completed an expert analysis of bloodstain patterns at the Daniel Lady Farm (Gettysburg, PA) historical site, a Civil War field hospital. Dr. Lang currently serves as an associate professor of criminology/criminal justice at Milligan University in Milligan, TN.