Human Factors Expert Witnesses

Human factors expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on human factors. The human factors expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Accident Reconstruction, Agriculture Engineering, Architecture, Automotive, Automotive Engineering, Aviation & Aerospace, Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering, Ergonomics, Human Factors, Manufacturing, Metallurgy, Motorcycle, and OSHA.

Craig Rosenberg, PhD User Interface Expert Witness

Human Factors, Software Engineering - user interface, user interface design, mobile software, smartphones, software, software engineering, software architecture, virtual reality, augmented reality, GPS, human factors, display design, virtual environments, augmented environments, systems engineering, simulation, software development, UI
Dr. Rosenberg has been retained over 120 times, has testified at 8 trials in both State and Federal courts, testified at 45 depositions, and has written over 100 expert reports and declarations. Dr. Craig Rosenberg has worked on many high-profile cases and advanced engineering projects for a wide range of Fortune 500 companies including Google, Samsung, Amazon, Boeing, IBM, Disney, Uber, Lyft, Huawei, Nintendo, BMW, Dell, AT&T, Zillow, Motorola, BlackBerry, Ericsson, LG, Sony, HTC, Mattel, United States Army and Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and many others. Dr. Rosenberg is the founder of Global Technica and is an accomplished human factors engineer, user interface designer, software engineer, and systems engineer with extensive expert witness experience specializing in user interface design and human factors issues for embedded, mobile, web, desktop, and server software. Dr. Rosenberg specializes in software engineering, user interface design, information architect...

Kevin A Rider, PhD, PE, CPE Forensic Human Factors, LLC

Human Factors, Engineering - Distracted driving, Driving behavior, Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Maritime, Manufacturing, Mining, OSHA, Premises Liability, Products Liability, Safety, Slips, Trips, Falls, Transportation, Warnings, Conspicuity, Cell phones, Texting, Lighting, Perception, Visibility, Instructions, Human Factors
Dr. Kevin Rider is a human factors expert and owner of Forensic Human Factors, LLC, providing investigations, reports and expert testimony for personal injury cases – plaintiff and defense. His expertise involves investigating how people interact with other people, products and environments in predictable ways, and applying this understanding to effective, efficient and safe products, services and systems. He has been retained as an expert in more than 40 states (+ Puerto Rico). Dr. Rider’s expertise includes: • MVAs and pedestrian collisions, incl. trucks, trains, buses, motor/bicycles • Illumination, nighttime visibility, and conspicuity • DUI/DWIs, where intoxication was not a proximate cause of crash • Adequacy of product designs and warnings • The design and maintenance of safe civil and occupational environments • Premises liability, and slips, trips and falls • Workplace and construction safety Dr. Rider is a Professional Engineer (PE), a Certified Professional Ergonomi...

Timothy A Sestak, PhD, MSAE, MBA

Prescott Vly, Arizona
Aviation & Aerospace, Engineering - Business Operations (aviation), failure analysis, Human Factors, Aviation Software engineering and certification, aircraft design, controls, displays, hardware/software integration, Pilot Training, pilot-vehicle interface, Skydiving, Hanggliding, Parachutes, Wingsuits, Airplanes, Helicopters, Safety
Dr. Timothy Sestak is an expert in the field of aerospace technology and systems integration. With an impressive background in both academia and industry, Dr. Sestak has cultivated an exceptional breadth of expertise in numerous critical areas, including sensors, aerodynamics, human factors, human-machine interface, system logistics, hardware and software development, integration, testing, and certification of aircraft systems. Furthermore, he possesses extensive experience and training in aviation safety and safety systems, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the industry's most crucial aspects. As a Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the College of Aviation, he expertly guided students with his wealth of knowledge and practical insight. Dr. Sestak has held influential leadership roles and successfully managed high-technology programs for prominent organizations such as the US Navy, Boeing, B/E Aerospace, NASA, The Research Triangle Institute, IBM, and sma...

Mohammad Atarod, PhD, PE Atarod Biomechanics Laboratories

Irvine, California
Biomechanics, Accident Reconstruction - Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanical Analysis of Injury, Premises Liability, Slips/Trips and Falls, Crash Data Retrieval, Heavy Vehicle EDRs, Blackbox Download, Photogrammetry, Computer Simulations, Failure Analysis, Human Factors, Laboratory Testing, 3D Laser Scanning, Expert Witness Testimony
I am a Senior Biomechanical Engineer and Accident Reconstructionist. I am registered as a professional mechanical engineer (PE) in California, Nevada and Colorado. I specialize in accident reconstruction, injury biomechanics and injury mechanism/causation analysis. I works on cases across the country, analyzing injuries in automotive collisions, industrial accidents, workers compensation claims, premises liability claims, slip/trip and falls, and sport/recreation accidents. I have provided litigation support to insurance companies, law firms, and automotive manufacturers/industries over the past 10+ years. Technical Areas of Specialization: - Biomechanical Analysis of Injury - Accident Reconstruction - Premises Liability; Slips/Trips and Falls - Crash Data Retrieval; Heavy Vehicle EDRs - Photogrammetry and 3D Computer Simulations - Vehicle Systems Analysis Services: - Accident Reconstruction - Biomechanical Analysis of Injury - Premises Liability; Slips/Trips and Falls - Crash Dat...


Encino, California
Accident Reconstruction, Safety - Vehicle collisions, Premises liability including slip/trip & fall, Safety, Code Compliance, Construction & Industrial Accidents, Failure Analysis, Human Factors, Biomechanics, Mechanical Engineering, OSHA, ADA compliance, Products Liability, Criminal, Licensed Safety Engineer by State of California
 all vehicle types, multi-vehicle, bicycles, pedestrians, skidmark analysis. damage-matching, occupant biomechanics. visibility & line-of-sight analysis, traffic signal phasing, vehicular component defects, seatbelts. Premises Liability: Code Compliance, Slip, trip, floor friction testing, stairway & ramp accidents, glass injuries, guardrails; illumination issues; manual & electronic gates, ladders, door closing mechanisms, falling objects, structural failures. Occupancies include single- and multi-family residences, retail stores, office buildings, garages, sidewalks, parks and other public access. Industrial & Construction accidents: Walking-working surfaces including ramps, hoisting & conveying, powered lifts, work platforms, forklifts, construction vehicles, materials handling & storage, machine guarding, ladders, scaffolding, trenching & shoring, Cal-OSHA compliance, lockout/tagout, IIPP analysis, human factors & ergonomics issues. Products Liability: Liabili...

Christopher A. Gayner, MSME Expert Reconstruction Company LLC

Santa Barbara, California
Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics - Human Factors, Occupant Dynamics, Automotive Safety, Seat Belts, Airbags, Restraint Systems, Collision Analysis, Accident Causation, Accident Avoidance, Crash Data Retrieval, Animation, Vehicle, Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Expert Reconstruction Company LLC offers complete traffic accident reconstruction consulting and expert witness services. High quality scientifically based accident analyses for the litigation community on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants throughout California and the United States. Consulting on matters involving automobiles, trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. We are retained for both civil and criminal matters. Our loyal client base relies on our 35 years of professional experience to address a wide variety of technical accident issues. CEO and Senior Engineer, Christopher Gayner, holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and has completed over 35 specialized training courses/seminars/events. Please Call 888-687-1334 for an initial consultation.

Jose J. Granda, PhD, PE Cadsim Engineering

Sacramento, California
Accident Reconstruction, Engineering - Mechanical Engineering, Auto Accidents, Accident Biomechanics, EDR download, analysis, including TESLA, Work Place Accidents, Heavy Vehicles, Motorcycles, Pedestrians, Bicycles, Failure Analysis, Computer Models, Simulations, Finite Element Modeling (FEA), Human Factors, Vehicle Dynamics and Design.
QUALIFICATIONS; Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the California State University in Sacramento, CA with 39+ yrs. experience. Professional Registered Mechanical Engineer (PE License, CA). An expert in accident reconstruction using computer simulations of accidents involving vehicles, trucks, heavy vehicles, motorcycles, biomechanics, pedestrians, bicycles, occupational, workplace, failure analysis impact forces, industrial accidents. EDR (Event Data Recorder) analysis including TESLA vehicles, patents. EXPERT WITNESS EXPERIENCE: Written reports, depositions & trial experience. SPECIALIZED TRAINING; Vehicle Dynamics and Design, Vehicle Safety & Crash Reconstruction, Accident Biomechanics, Finite Element Modeling in Computer Aided Design, Advanced Mechanical Design and Failure Analysis (CSUS); Motorcycle Accident reconstruction, (Northwestern University); EDR Certification, Tech 1, Tech II, EDR Analysis Certification (Collision Safety Institute); Applying Automotive EDR Da...

Henry M Kingi, Jr King Kame Productions Inc

Encino, California
Automotive, Slip Trip & Fall - Auto accident, car crashes, auto and motorcycle crash reconstruction, vehicle ergonomics, vehicular dynamics, Performance driving, defensive driving, human factors, Slip, trip and fall, human physicality, wire rigging and safety, climbing rigging and safety.
Henry Kingi Jr. is a highly accomplished professional in the field of stunts, with a career spanning over 30 years as a stunt person, stunt coordinator, and action designer. His areas of expertise include slip, trip, falls, (un)orthodox stunt rigging (wire/rope, pulley systems, box truss and pneumatic piston systems), vehicle safety, fire burn protection, vehicular dynamics and vehicle ergonomics. Through his extensive experience, Henry has had the opportunity to study human movement in numerous scenarios and understand the probabilities of sustaining injuries. He has also created and recreated car action sequences, both as a performer and action designer, which has provided him with an in-depth philosophical understanding of vehicle dynamics. With his wealth of experience, Henry is capable of creating or recreating accident scenarios, as well as analyzing and comprehending the causes of accidents. Expert Qualifications: Professional Stunt Person: Henry Kingi Jr. has an extensive ca...

Jamie Klopp Klopp US LLC

Encinitas, California
Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace - Automotive Design, Car Design, Aircraft Design, Product Design, Human Factors, Ergonomics, Styling, Interface, Intellectual Property, Patent, Manufacturing, Engineering, FAA, FMVSS, Interior, Exterior, Seats, Utility Patent, Design Patent, Design Process, Product Development
Jamie Klopp owns and operates Klopp US LLC, an Automotive, Aircraft, and Product Design Expert Witness service. In addition to expert work, Mr. Klopp is an active design professional working in automotive and aerospace product development. Mr. Klopp holds broad design expertise with specific focus on Passenger Vehicles and General Aviation Aircraft.

Paul J Micale, Airline Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, MS, BA Micale Partners

Solvang, California
Aviation & Aerospace, Transportation - Airline Pilot Military Pilot Aviation Pilot Army Aviator Army Pilot Flight Operations Helicopter Pilot Aircraft Safety Risk Assessment Human Factors Crew resource management FAR 121 Pilot FAR Part 121 Pilot FAR 135 Pilot FAR Part 135 Pilot Flight safety Aircraft safety Crewmember fatigue
Paul Micale is an active airline pilot with 26 years of flight experience 13 of which are under FAR Part 121. He has over 7200 flight hours with multiple ratings. Paul is a decorated veteran being forward deployed as a combat pilot with the US Army during 7 years of active duty. His career includes continued service as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves where he has been a pilot and commander of flight units. As a military pilot he has flown fixed and rotary wing helicopter aircraft. His education and experience emphasizes flight operations and safety. He is part of the Micale Partners team. Paul is a licensed civilian Airline Transport Pilot with type rating as Pilot in Command and is currently employed by American Eagle Airlines as a CRJ-700 Pilot and First Officer in the Canadair Regional Jet aircraft with 65 seat occupancy. He is FAA certified for CAT II instrument approaches and to fly in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) airspace. He is type rated for thi...

Anthony G Micale, Aerospace Engineer, BSME, MBA Micale Partners

Solvang, California
Aviation & Aerospace, Automotive - Aerospace Engineer, Aircraft Engineer, Failure Investigation, Failure Analysis, Aircraft Safety Risk Assessment, Flight controls systems design, Human Factors, Hazardous Operations, DOD Secret Top Secret eligible, Space Vehicle Design, Fact Finding Event Reconstruction, Throttle Control, ABS
Anthony Micale brings over 32 years of aerospace and automotive engineering experience, including rigorous failure analysis. He is part of the Micale Partners expert witness team. He is currently employed at a Federally Funded Research and Development Corporation where he contributes to US space flight mission assurance. He has specialized in aerospace design and operation of flight and space vehicles with an emphasis on flight safety and mission assurance. Anthony is a past technical leader of an aircraft accident and incident investigation board comprised of engineers, pilots and legal counsel for a major commercial aircraft manufacturer. In this role he has studied, understood, created reports and defined design changes to resolve aircraft safety issues. Over his career he has conducted numerous analyses for root cause to determine failures attributed to design flaws, human error, human workload, improper manufacturing and inadequate maintenance. He has designed aircraft sys...

Omair Siddiqui, MSME

Los Angeles, California
Accident Reconstruction, Automotive Engineering - Accident Reconstruction, Event Data Recorder (EDR), Blackbox, Simulations, PC-Crash, Pedestrian collision, Collision Analysis, Forensic Engineering, Crash Investigations, Accident Analysis, Vehicle Dynamics, Crash Reconstruction, Accident Simulation, Human Factors, Crash Data Analysis
Additional Training ➢ SAE, Accident Recon, Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS, September 2021 ➢ SAE, Brake Control Systems: ABS, TCS, and ECS, March 2021 ➢ SAE, Driver Distractions, December 2020 ➢ PC-Crash Training Course (Advanced), February 2020 ➢ SAE, Photogrammetry and Analysis of Digital Media, June 2019 ➢ California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP), June 2019 ➢ Human-Vehicle-Environment (HVE) Forum (EDSMAC/EDCRASH Training), February 2019 ➢ SAE, Applied Vehicle Dynamics, December 2018 ➢ SAE, Applying Automotive EDR Data to Traffic Crash Reconstruction, November 2018 ➢ SAE, Side Impact Occupant Safety, November 2018 ➢ SAE, Vehicle Crash Reconstruction: Principles and Technology, August 2018 ➢ Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Investigators (SATAI) Conference, July 2018 ➢ Tesla EDR Training, June 2018 ➢ Collision Safety Institute – Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Technician Course, June 2018 ➢ I-CAR Collision Repair Course, May-June 2018 ➢ Digital Photography- California Cen...

Kenneth A. Solomon, Ph.D., P.E., Post Ph.D. Institute of Risk & Safety Analyses

Woodland Hills, California
Biomechanics, Accident Reconstruction - Human Factors, Animations, 3D Scans, Photometrics
Specialized forensic staff, broad range of consulting and expert testimony, 47 years of courtroom experience for Dr. Solomon, combined courtroom experience for company 334 person years. Accident reconstruction, biomechanics, human factors, safety, accident prevention, adequacy of warnings, computer animation and simulations, 3D scanning & photometric analyses, drone photography, construction defect, criminal defense, criminal prosecution, premises, product integrity, product liability, product testing, warnings, and lost income calculations. Auto, bicycle, bus, chair, elevator, escalator, forklift, gate, ladder, machinery, motorcycle, press, recreational equipment, roller coaster, slip/trip and fall, stairs, swimming pool, and truck. Litigation and claims, defense/plaintiff, educational seminars, and mediation and arbitration services.

Joseph R Travers

Newport Beach, California
Products Liability, Manufacturing - Fitness, Fitness Equipment, Gym, Treadmill, Bicycle, Group Cycle, Spinning, Strength Training, Weight Training, Product Quality, Asia Manufacturing, Human Factors, FMEA, DFMA, Design for Serviceability
Over 20 years in the fitness equipment and bicycle industries bringing to the table a well-rounded professional perspective. From Mechanical Engineer designing products to head of Product Development & Quality ensuring manufacturing process and sourcing excellence, my expertise covers a wide spectrum of technical disciplines. With experience in technical field service training and being an avid user of fitness and bicycle equipment, I can also relate well with the plaintiff’s side of a product liabilities claim. I have provided testimony and sat as the most knowledgeable defense party on over 45 depositions and mediations in 6 litigations in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, and New York, as well as well as internationally in Canada and Hong Kong. During college and after graduation, I was employed as a Mechanical Designer then Mechanical Engineer in the bike industry for Profile Design & Primo Products. I later transitioned into the fitness indu...

Matthew J Hartley, BS, LC, MIES Matt Hartley Lighting, LLC

Arvada, Colorado
Engineering, Architecture - Lighting, Illumination, Interior Lighting, Street and Area Lighting, Control Systems, Light Fixture Construction, Lighting Installations, Premises Liability Lighting, Security Lighting, Insufficient Lighting, Accident Investigation Lighting, Human Factors
My involvement in the lighting industry started in 1995. In this time I have been immersed myself in different facets of the industry including indoor and outdoor lighting, safety and security, lighting and human health, and lighting standards. Since 1999 I have been involved with several standard writing committees within the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America producing over six standard documents. Teaching has been a part of my career since I began in the industry in 1995, teaching to diverse groups from high school students to seasoned lighting professionals. Having a diverse background has allowed me to produce lighting designs, verify compliance, calculations, and photometric and equipment verification in the office. However I have also had field experience with commissioning, field survey and verification, and troubleshooting of field designs and equipment issues. I am available nationwide for your witness needs.

Jerry P Purswell, Ph.D., P.E., CPE Purswell & Purswell, Ergonomics & Safety Consulting

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Human Factors, OSHA - Warnings Design & Testing , OSHA, Product Safety, Industrial Safety, Chemical Safety, HazComm & FHSA labeling requirements, Electrical Safety, Construction Safety, Fall Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Consumer Product Safety, Human Factors, Perception-Reaction time, Backup Alarm
Dr. Purswell is a Registered Professional Engineer and a Certified Professional Ergonomist. He has designed and tested on-product warning labels as well as product instructions for consumer and for industrial products. He has published several papers on the use of OSHA's "General Duty" clause to cite employers for ergonomics hazards. He has also published several papers evaluating the effectiveness of backup alarms. With his CSU-Pueblo students, he has published papers on hazard analyses of consumer and industrial products. Dr. Purswell has performed usability testing on medical devices, including developing the test protocols and conducting usability testing with different populations. Dr. Purswell & his co-authors were named as Finalists for the 2014 Health Devices Award Achievement by the Emergency Care Research Institute. Dr. Purswell has been retained by attorneys around the US to evaluate the ergonomics and safety aspects of matters in litigation. He has testified at trial in...

Kristopher J. Seluga, M.S., PE Technology Associates, LLC

Stratford, Connecticut
Accident Reconstruction, Products Liability - Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanics, Automotive, Construction, Engineering, Failure Analysis, Forensic Science, Golf Carts, Human Factors, Motorcycle, Premises Liability, Safety, Slip Trip & Fall
Our staff of experienced engineers are ready to apply established scientific and engineering knowledge and techniques to your case. Our staff has published hundreds of papers, served on national ANSI standards committees and assisted over 2,600 attorneys and insurance agents settle or try their cases. Because the laws of physics and principles of engineering are universal, we are able to investigate and opine on a wide range of topics including motor vehicle crashes, heavy machinery, consumer products, construction sites, falls and biomechanical analyses. In each case, we assist our clients by determining, in as much detail as possible, how and why an accident occurred and communicating those finding in a clear and concise manner.

Keith M. Cianfrani, Ed.D, (abd), MAS, CRSP Aviation Safety Consultants, LLC

The Villages, Florida
Aviation & Aerospace, Accident Reconstruction - Aviation Accident Investigation, Risk Management, Human Factors, Safety Management Systems (SMS), Aviation Safety Auditing,Flight Data Monitoring,
Keith M Cianfrani, Ed.D. (abd), MAS, CRSP, President/CEO, Aviation Safety Consultants, LLC is a company designed to assist the aviation community with precise and specific safety consulting. Our clients include insurance companies, Part 135 and Part 91 aviation operators, aviation flight schools, aircraft production companies, and law firms. Keith is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, the founder and owner, has over 40 years of aviation experience. He is a master army aviator, aviation safety officer, commercial pilot, instructor pilot and was an accident investigator for the U.S. Army Safety Center. He is rated in both rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. As a safety officer, Keith has managed safety programs in organizations with over 100 aircraft stationed throughout 5 states. Keith is is an a safety and accident investigation instructor for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Keith is a certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and has also worked in the civilian, commercial a...

Bradley T Cook, PE, MSE, CXLT Kimley-Horn

Sarasota, Florida
Accident Reconstruction, Biomedical Engineering - Auto Accident, Accident Reconstruction, Biomedical, Biomechanical, Collision Analysis, Crash Data Retrieval, Human Factors, Motorcycle, Occupational Safety, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Slip Trip & Fall
Bradley is a Biomedical and Mechanical engineer with extensive experience in accident reconstruction. Bradley is a licensed professional engineer (PE) in Michigan and Florida. He specializes in vehicular accident reconstruction and has investigated hundreds of vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, etc. The investigations have involved issues of nighttime visibility, downloading of crash data (black box data), reaction time, and blind spots. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Science in Engineering with a concentration in Biomedical from Purdue University. Bradley has co-authored a chapter in Forensic Human Factors and Ergonomics: Case Studies and Analysis and Occupational Health and Safety Management in the Handbook of Human Factors & Ergonomics. He is also currently a committee member of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards Technical Panel (STP) 2201: Engi...

Daniel J. Hartwig, CSP, CIH General Health & Safety Services Corp.

Punta Gorda, Florida
Safety, Premises Liability - Slip, Trip & Fall, Personal Injury, Sidewalks and Speed Bumps, Stairs, Chemical Exposure, Noise, Product Liability, Machine Safety, Human Factors, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene, Mold
Daniel Hartwig, CSP, CIH is President of General Health & Safety Services Corp. and has provided safety counsel and expert witness testimony throughout the United States for over 40 years from offices in Wisconsin and Florida. Because of the wide variety of clients served, he has experience in many environments including retail stores, hotels, homes, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, hospitals and nursing homes, auto dealerships and many more. Being a premises safety expert, Mr. Hartwig performs investigations related to construction, operation, and maintenance of commercial premises, residential structures, and industrial facilities. The investigations involve site inspections and review of applicable standards. Based on the above information and review of the discovery material, he performs a root cause analysis of the accident, enabling him to provide a strong basis for his opinions. For product liability cases, he provides analysis of possible defects...

John D Lloyd, PhD, CPE, ACTAR

San Antonio, Florida
Motorcycle, Accident Reconstruction - human factors, biomechanics, accident reconstruction, motorcycle accident, motorcycle crash, motorcycle riding, motorcycle handling, motorcycle inspection, motorcycle testing, bicycle, e-bike, scooter, car crash auto accident, brain injury, head injury, TBI, helmet, helmet testing, motorcycle helmet
John Lloyd, PhD, CPE, ACTAR is a distinguished authority in motorcycle accident reconstruction, injury biomechanics and human factors, with 30+ of testifying experience. As a motorcyclist with more than 40 years of riding and advanced training, his understanding of the dynamics involved in motorcycle crashes sets him apart as a true specialist in the field. Dr. Lloyd has been qualified to provide biomechanical analyses of various incidents, including: . Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction - Motorcycle riding . Injury Biomechanics . Human Factors . Motorcycle handling and operation . Motorcycle inspection and testing . Motorcycle helmets . Biomechanics of Head and Brain Injury . Football and sports helmets . Automobile accidents . Truck accidents Dr. Lloyd earned a Ph.D. in Ergonomics (Human Factors Engineering) with a specialization in biomechanics from Loughborough University in England. He has been board certified through the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics sinc...

Shem Malmquist, FRAeS Malmquist System Safety, LLC

Melbourne, Florida
Aviation & Aerospace, Accident Reconstruction - System Safety, Safety Analysis. highway, rail, marine, Airlines, Human Factors, Weather Radar, Microburst, Downburst, Windshear, International airline operations, airline safety, complex system analysis
Expert witness in civil and commercial aviation, accident investigation and complex safety-critical systems. Most experts specialize in a single domain, typically very narrow in scope. As a result, it is common for a complex case to require multiple expert witnesses. This can dramatically increase the cost and complexity of your cases. Malmquist is an experienced expert, comfortable with both depositions and trial testimony, combining almost 50 years of being a pilot with many years of experience as an accident investigator as well as teaching safety and accident investigation at the university level. Malmquist has specialized in applying system theoretic analysis in major trials. These methods, developed by MIT researchers, provide a solid, traceable, foundation for understanding and explaining accidents involving complex systems. This goes far beyond just opinion as the basis of the analysis can be shown to be complete, rather than ad hoc. Malmquist is a visiting instructor at ...

Adam K Aleksander, PhD, PE, CSP Aleksander & Associates P.A.

Boise, Idaho
Human Factors, Products Liability - Warnings, Labels, Reconstruction, Visibility, Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering, Defects, Photogrammetry, Metallurgy, Human Factors, Ergonomics, Construction, OSHA, Safety Engineering, Product Liability, Equipment Failures, Industrial Accidents, Power Utility Accidents, Insurance Claims
Specific Cases: Go cart nip point fatality, washing machine amputation, amputations in punch presses, hydro-pneumatic tank explosion, agricultural truck amputation, airport conveyors, biscuit cutter, amusement rides, water-jet fatality, slips & trips, lead rope snap, exercise machine failures and injuries, document burn injuries, folding chair collapse, concrete anchor system, nail gun injury, prosthesis bolt failure, steam iron electrocution, pool light burn, design of warnings and instructions, ATV rollover, automotive failures and crash related phenomena, measurement of ECDs (TASER®) Farm equipment, failed engines, mining conveyors, power plant systems, belt conveyors, potato processing system, sewer line, tire shredder processing analysis, failed brake die, failed conveyor bearing, RV axle repair failure, trailer suspension system failure, trailer separation, dump truck telescoping cylinder failure, brake system, headlight filament analysis, service station gasoline tank leak, b...

Lee T Ostrom Sole Proprietor

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Safety, Ergonomics - Human Factors, Risk Assessment, Product Safety, Slips/Falls, Complex environments, Workplace Design, Procedures, Maintenance, inspection
CORE vs PSCo - May 2022 till November 2023 - Breached Contract and Negligence. I provided human factors/industrial safety support to plaintiff’s counsel. The jury said when interviewed that the human factors testimony I provided helped to persuade their decision. A synopsis of the lawsuit is below: On Oct. 25, a Denver district court jury found in favor of CORE in its lawsuit against Public Service Company of Colorado, a subsidiary of Xcel Energy Inc. (Xcel), regarding the mismanagement of the Comanche Unit 3 coal-fired power plant. CORE was awarded $26.45 million for lengthy outages on 2020 and 2022 caused by Xcel’s imprudent operations and negligence. 2022-Employee injury case. Two employees of a fish procession plant were repairing a conveyor system that was not properly locked out. The two employees entered a confined space called a fish dump with the knowledge of the supervisor. The employees contacted the actuator, and their legs were severely injured. I do not know t...

Lynda Coffman, BSME, MBA Take Flight Consulting, LLC

Barrington, Illinois
Aviation & Aerospace, Safety - Aircraft Damages, Accident Investigations, Human Factors, Airline Business Operations, Employee Injuries, Passenger Loading Bridge Operations, Ramp Safety, Safety Data Analytics, Root Cause Analysis, FAR 121, Airport Operations Policies and Procedures, Ground Equipment, Compliance
I am a Senior Airport Operations Executive with a nearly 30-year track record of driving operational excellence and ensuring safety in the airline industry. From the beginning of my career as an aircraft engineer to the my most recent role as President of United Ground Express, I have consistently upheld the highest standards to ensure the safety of all personnel, equipment and aircraft. I have held many airport roles which gives me broad and deep expertise in airport safety protocols and regulatory compliance. As the President of an airport ground handling company, I understand the intricacies of accountability and compliance where there are numerous operators working side-by-side, critical for establishing fault in airport damage / injury cases. I am a seasoned speaker and have presented at numerous industry events, conferences, graduate programs, and internal company events. I have a keen attention to detail and strong planning/organization skills.

Fred W. Turek, Ph.D. Circadian

Stoneham, Massachusetts
Transportation, Human Factors - Driver Fatigue, Fatigue Impairment, Human Fatigue, Accident Investigation, Human Factors, Operator Fatigue, Driver Alertness, Circadian Rhythms, Sleep Deprivation, Drowsy Driving , Fatigue Risk Management, Chronobiology, Truck Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Rail Accidents, Marine Accidents
Fred W. Turek, Ph.D., a consultant for Circadian Expert Services is a professor at Northwestern University where he served as the Chair of the Department of Neurobiology & Physiology for over 10 years. Dr. Turek is presently the Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Biology and the founder and director of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology at Northwestern University. Dr. Turek has served on a number of government advisory bodies and his research on biological rhythms has been supported by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, NASA, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Army Research Office, DARPA. Dr. Turek was the founding president of the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR) and the Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor in Chief of the Journal of Biological Rhythms. Dr. Turek has received several awards in recognition of his academic and research achievements, including an NIH Research Career Development Award, S...

James M. Miller, PE, PhD J.M. Miller Engineering, Inc.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Safety, Agriculture Engineering - Accidents, Auto ADAS, Agriculture, Battery Fires, Cannabis Processing, Chemical Exposure, Child Safety, Construction, Electrocution, Ergonomics, Fitness Equip, Fires/Explosions, HazCom, Human Factors, HVAC, Mechatronics/Nano, Medical Devices, OSHA, Recalls, RV/ATV, Slip/Fall, Vapes, Warnings/Label
There are four PhD and registered Professional Engineers at Miller Engineering who are celebrating 40 years of Professorships at three universities along with providing services to Government, Insurance, and Industry—through research, publications, presentations, and expert testimony. These co-founders and associates are James M. Miller, PE, PhD; Mark R. Lehto, PhD; David R. Clark, PE, PhD; Adam M. Olshove, PE, MSE; and Jeffrey D. Rupp, MSE. Miller Engineering has a dedicated office with a full-time staff of engineers, researchers, and technical writers. The span of our collective academic and experiential expertise includes the Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Agricultural, Industrial, Human Factors, Ergonomic and Safety fields of engineering. Miller Engineering’s principle engineers wrote the original books on warnings and instructions, have published in several other areas, have participated in product designs and patents, and have analyzed, reconstructed and/or animated numerou...

Daniel S Holmes

Eagle Lake, Minnesota
Accident Reconstruction - Accident investigation, accident reconstruction, air bag, CDR, EDR, time distance, speed, vehicle inspection, bicycle, commercial vehicle, motorcycle crash, pedestrian, scene photography, aerial photography, drone, occupant kinematics, human factors, sight lines, vehicle equipment, tire failure
My name is Daniel Holmes and I am retired from the Minnesota State Patrol with nearly 27 years of experience. While working for the Minnesota State Patrol I reconstructed over 170 serious or fatal crashes. I have also investigated over 1,500 motor vehicle crashes that did not rise to the level of requiring a crash reconstruction. In 2015, I was awarded the Minnesota State Patrol Award of Excellence in Crash Reconstruction for my work. I am A.C.T.A.R. ( National Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction) certified. I am trained as a C.D.R. ( Crash Data Recorder) analyst-technician and have the ability to image and analyze the airbag data from supported vehicles. I am a Forensic Mappist and have the ability to generate scaled diagrams from a scene or use mapping data obtained from Law Enforcement. I am also trained in Occupant Kinematics, and have reconstructed several pedestrian/bicycle accidents along with commercial vehicle crashes. I have a drone license...

Christopher E. Janson, MS, CSP, CHMM Haines, Janson & Associates LLC

St. Louis, Missouri
Safety, Premises Liability - Engineering, Products Liability, Slip, Trip & Fall, Retail Safety, Equipment & Machinery, Human Factors, Slip Resistance, Accident Investigation/Reconstruction, OSHA, Guarding, Failure Analysis, Construction, Industrial & Premises Accidents
Haines, Janson & Associates provides safety and risk management consulting services. Christopher E. Janson, Board Certified Safety Professional (CSP); Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM); Certified User of the English XL slip resistance measuring device (CXLT). Mr. Janson has held safety management positions with several Fortune 500 companies. He has also worked with a variety of firms as a consultant for the insurance industry. Mr. Janson is a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Eric R. Anderson Motorcycle Forensics Expert (.com)

Carson City, Nevada
Transportation, Motorcycle - Human factors, street use of motorcycles, motorcycle racing, motocross racing, trail riding, dirt bikes, adventure motorcycling and enduro riding, UTVs/ATVs, Vehicle Inspection, Motorcycle Safety Foundation employee/Rider Coach, certified Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association Coach, trainer
As a powersports businessman, protective helmet/apparel manufacturer and rider for more than 50 years, Eric Anderson has built a vast base of knowledge related to motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and off-road vehicles. He has been an MSF certified Rider coach as well as a ROHVA certified Driver Coach. He began working with the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) and Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) in the early 1980s before entering the business side of powersports building and marketing protective apparel and helmets. Later in the 2000s, he became an elected Board member to the MIC 10 times for a total of 20 years of experience directing the industry from the highest levels. Founding Scorpion Sports with its associated ScorpionExo brand of helmets and protective apparel was an industry success story touted by trade magazines and thousands of dealers who recognized the disruptive marketing, unique distribution channel and price viability of the fast-growing brand. Later as Vice-President Sal...

C.J. Abraham, PhD, P.E., DPE, JD, FRSC, FTI, DEE, IH

Great Neck, New York
Products Liability, Slip Trip & Fall - Athletics & Recreation, Safety, Safety Engineering, Warnings & Labels, Industrial Hygiene, OSHA, Risk Analysis, Biomechanics, Engineering, Fires, Explosions, Human Factors, Brain Injuries, Personal Injury, Trampolines, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Playground Accidents
Dr. Abraham is a licensed P.E. and a Senior Member and a Diplomat in The National Academy of Forensic Engineers. Over the last 45 years, C. J. Abraham has created warnings and instructions for many products and protocols applied and used worldwide. He has consulted to major news channels, NHTSA, OSHA, NIOSH, State of California (CaITrans), Microsoft, New York Transit, Queensborough Bridge Authority, Department of Agriculture, the Federal Government, State Attorney General's Offices, and municipalities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe in a variety of technical areas. His interests include head and brain protection in sports and recreation and personal injury accidents and litigations. In addition, he is also involved in the reconstruction of all types of sports injuries in a large variety of recreational and sports activities, amusement and trampoline facilities, as well as accidents involving a variety of products and vehicles. His background may be found at www...

Kristopher J. Seluga, M.S., PE Technology Associates, LLC

New York
Accident Reconstruction, Products Liability - Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanics, Automotive, Construction, Engineering, Failure Analysis, Forensic Science, Golf Carts, Human Factors, Motorcycle, Premises Liability, Safety, Slip Trip & Fall
Our staff of experienced engineers are ready to apply established scientific and engineering knowledge and techniques to your case. Our staff has published hundreds of papers, served on national ANSI standards committees and assisted over 2,600 attorneys and insurance agents settle or try their cases. Because the laws of physics and principles of engineering are universal, we are able to investigate and opine on a wide range of topics including motor vehicle crashes, heavy machinery, consumer products, construction sites, falls and biomechanical analyses. In each case, we assist our clients by determining, in as much detail as possible, how and why an accident occurred and communicating those finding in a clear and concise manner.

Helen Zienkievicz, APRN-CNP Cabin Safety Consultants

Moore, Oklahoma
Aviation & Aerospace, Safety - Air Carrier Access Act, Flight Attendant Emergency Procedures, Training and Program Development, Investigation of Inflight Cabin Emergencies; medical incidents, turbulence, evacuations, fire, etc., Passenger/Cabin Crew Illness/Injury, Threat Error Management, Safety Management Systems, Human Factors
Expert witness, consultant, program developer, trainer and internationally recognized speaker on commercial airline flight attendant and gate personnel training, performance, safety and FAA regulatory compliance. More than 40 years of experience in the commercial aviation industry; holding such positions as: Manager of Health, Safety and Security for Inflight Division, Senior Inflight Safety Investigator, Emergency Procedures Instructor for pilots and flight attendants, Station Manager, flight attendant and customer service supervisor. Other aviation roles included Chairperson of an FAA supported Aviation Safety Action Program for flight attendants, member of the Air Transport Association (A4A)Cabin Operations Committee and co-developer of Passenger Incident Review Committee process for addressing passenger misconduct incidents on a major global airline. Has provided expert witness, consultation services, reports and testimony for both plaintiff and defense cases and spoken at sever...

John V. Sabel, JD, ATP, CFII Aviation Advisors, LLC

Moon Township, Pennsylvania
Aviation & Aerospace - Airline, Pilot, Training, Regulations, Federal Aviation Administration, Airport, National Transportation Safety Board, Safety, Accident, Simulator, Air Carrier, Federal Aviation Regulations, Safety Management Systems, SMS Crew Resource Management, SMS, CRM, Human Factors
Part 121 Airline Transport Pilot (retired) with over 48 years of civil aviation flight experience and over 23,000 flight hours logged. Operated in domestic, Caribbean, Latin American, South American, and North Atlantic theaters. Extensive pilot training experience, safety/accident investigation experience, and university-level teaching experience. Attorney with experience in FAA enforcement action matters. Certificates and ratings: Airline Transport Pilot Type Ratings: EMB-110, DC-9, B-737, B-757/B-767, B-787, A-319/A-320/A-321 Flight Engineer – Turbojet Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Certified Flight Instructor: Airplane Instrument Multi-engine Ground Instructor: Advanced Instrument Industry Certifications: Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) – MITRE Aviation Institute - 07/2009, 10/2012 NTSB Aircraft Accident Investigation - National Transportation Safety Board – 09/2009 NTSB Accident Investigation Orientation – National Transportation Safet...

Ellen Szubski, M.S., Ph.D., CXLT, CPSI, AHFP The Warren Group, Inc.

Irmo, South Carolina
Human Factors, Premises Liability - Accident Prevention, Risk Management, Illumination, Conspicuity, Visual Perception, Slip resistance, Playground Safety, Premises Liability, Lighting, Line of Sight, Driver Distraction, Roadway Markings, Environmental Conditions, Slip-Trip- Fall Evaluations, Workplace Injuries, Human Factors, OSHA
Ellen Szubski, Ph.D., is a human factors consultant at The Warren Group. She earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Factors Psychology and a Master of Science in Applied Psychology from Clemson University. Ellen is also a Certified XL Tribometrist, a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI), and a Certified Associate Human Factors Professional (AHFP). Ellen worked in the Clemson Visual Perception and Performance Laboratory examining the factors contributing to the conspicuity of pedestrians and bicyclists in challenging road conditions, such as nighttime driving. She did her dissertation on “The Influence of Pedestrian Biological Motion on Time-To-Collision Estimates at Night”. Prior to entering the forensic field, Ellen planned and conducted experiments for a major bicycle manufacturer that improved bicycle conspicuity. She also conducted laser strike perception and performance studies for the Department of Defense. Ellen applies her experience in Human Factors to the ana...

Jahan Rasty, PhD, PE, MBA Real-World Forensic Engineering, LLC

Lubbock, Texas
Engineering, Metallurgy - Failure Analysis, Accident Reconstruction, Slip, Trip & Fall, Products Liability, Human Factors, Intellectual Property, Forensic Science, Fire, Equipment & Machinery, Electricity, Biomechanics, Premises Liability
Jahan Rasty, PhD, PE, MBA is a tenured full professor of Mechanical Engineering at Texas Tech University (since 1988) where he also serves as the Director of newly established post-graduate Forensic Engineering Certificate Program, as well as the director of Materials Performance Characterization and Failure Analysis Laboratory. Dr. Rasty is also the founding president of Real-World Forensic Engineering, LLC, which is a boutique-style engineering consulting firm. He is an experienced engineering expert and has successfully testified in more than 250 cases and has conducted over 1,000 engineering investigations in the areas of consumer products and industrial machinery failures involving design, manufacturing and marketing defect issues. Professor Rasty is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Texas, and holds various forensic certifications in the fields of fire and explosion investigation (CFEI, CFII), as well as vehicle Crash Data Retrieval (CDR). He received his BS,...

Deborah E Dickerson, PhD CIH CSP Dickerson Consulting LLC

Blacksburg, Virginia
Products Liability, Warnings & Labels - Injury, Illness, Product Liability, Premises Liability, Industrial Accidents, Warnings and Labels, OSHA, Worker's Compensation, Human Factors, Safe Equipment Design, Respiratory Protection, Respiratory Illness, Chemical Exposures, Dust, Asbestos, Silica, Lead, Temperature Extremes, Laboratory Safety
Expertise in: product design and safety; design of product warnings and labels; chemical exposure risks, analysis, and health outcomes; industrial system design, safety, and training. I am an associate professor of safety engineering and human factors engineering and the Director of the Product and System Safety Laboratory in the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. I hold MS and PhD degrees in safety engineering and the certified safety professional (CSP), certified industrial hygienist (CIH), and certified hazardous materials manager (CHMM) credentials. I have over 30 years of experience in the fields of industrial hygiene and safety engineering: conducting investigations and designing safe work systems. I led a compliance organization responsible for conducting investigations and ensuring compliance with safety and health standards (OSHA and EPA). I have 21 years of university teaching experience and have taugh...

Craig Rosenberg, PhD User Interface Expert Witness

Seattle, Washington
Human Factors, Software Engineering - user interface, user interface design, mobile software, smartphones, software, software engineering, software architecture, virtual reality, augmented reality, GPS, human factors, display design, virtual environments, augmented environments, systems engineering, simulation, software development, UI
Dr. Rosenberg has been retained over 120 times, has testified at 8 trials in both State and Federal courts, testified at 45 depositions, and has written over 100 expert reports and declarations. Dr. Craig Rosenberg has worked on many high-profile cases and advanced engineering projects for a wide range of Fortune 500 companies including Google, Samsung, Amazon, Boeing, IBM, Disney, Uber, Lyft, Huawei, Nintendo, BMW, Dell, AT&T, Zillow, Motorola, BlackBerry, Ericsson, LG, Sony, HTC, Mattel, United States Army and Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and many others. Dr. Rosenberg is the founder of Global Technica and is an accomplished human factors engineer, user interface designer, software engineer, and systems engineer with extensive expert witness experience specializing in user interface design and human factors issues for embedded, mobile, web, desktop, and server software. Dr. Rosenberg specializes in software engineering, user interface design, information architect...