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Accident Reconstruction and Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering, Auto Accidents, Accident Biomechanics, EDR download, analysis, including TESLA, Work Place Accidents, Heavy Vehicles, Motorcycles, Pedestrians, Bicycles, Failure Analysis, Computer Models, Simulations, Finite Element Modeling (FEA), Human Factors, Vehicle Dynamics and Design.


PhD, University of California, Davis; MS, University of California, Berkeley

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QUALIFICATIONS; Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the California State University in Sacramento, CA with 39+ yrs. experience. Professional Registered Mechanical Engineer (PE License, CA). An expert in accident reconstruction using computer simulations of accidents involving vehicles, trucks, heavy vehicles, motorcycles, biomechanics, pedestrians, bicycles, occupational, workplace, failure analysis impact forces, industrial accidents. EDR (Event Data Recorder) analysis including TESLA vehicles, patents. EXPERT WITNESS EXPERIENCE: Written reports, depositions & trial experience. SPECIALIZED TRAINING; Vehicle Dynamics and Design, Vehicle Safety & Crash Reconstruction, Accident Biomechanics, Finite Element Modeling in Computer Aided Design, Advanced Mechanical Design and Failure Analysis (CSUS); Motorcycle Accident reconstruction, (Northwestern University); EDR Certification, Tech 1, Tech II, EDR Analysis Certification (Collision Safety Institute); Applying Automotive EDR Data to Traffic Crash Reconstruction (SAE Society of Automotive Engineers International); Expert witness training (SEAK Inc.); Advanced Accident Reconstruction Utilizing Human Factors course (Northwestern University); Photogrammetry for Collision Reconstruction (Lightpoint Data). HONORS / AWARDS; Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award, University of California, Davis. Outstanding Research Award, California State University. NASA Faculty Fellow. Chairman of the Technical Committee on Bond Graph Modeling & Simulation. SCS Society for Modeling and Simulation International. Chairman of the ICBGM’2021 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling & Simulation. International Keynote Speaker in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico. Editor of 14 books & author of 70 technical research papers. RESEARCH AND TEACHING AREAS: Computer Modeling & Simulation, Vehicle Dynamics & Design, Accident Biomechanics. System Dynamics & Controls, Finite Element Modeling, Multi Body Dynamics, Accident Biomechanics, Failure Analysis, Vibrations, Systems Engineering SOFTWARE USED: Virtual Crash (Vehicles Accident Reconstruction) , HVE (Human Vehicle Environmental computer analysis and simulation), PC Crash (Vehicles Accident Reconstruction), Input Ace (Video Analysis) , IDRR (Human Factors), Working Model 2D ( Physics, Biomechanics, Force Analysis), SOLIDWORKS ( Mechanical Design, Finite Element Modeling), CDR Software (EDR Downloads and analysis), MATLAB (Computer Simulations) , SIMULINK (Control Systems, simulations), CAMPG (Computer Aided Modeling Program, Electro-Mechanical, Hydraulic Systems).