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  • Company: King Kame Productions Inc
  • Phone: 818-800-4858
  • Website: hankkingi.com

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Automotive and Slip Trip & Fall

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Auto accident, car crashes, auto and motorcycle crash reconstruction, vehicle ergonomics, vehicular dynamics, Performance driving, defensive driving, human factors, Slip, trip and fall, human physicality, wire rigging and safety, climbing rigging and safety.


BA Finance , Morehouse College

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Additional Information

Henry Kingi Jr. is a highly accomplished professional in the field of stunts, with a career spanning over 30 years as a stunt person, stunt coordinator, and action designer. His areas of expertise include slip, trip, falls, (un)orthodox stunt rigging (wire/rope, pulley systems, box truss and pneumatic piston systems), vehicle safety, fire burn protection, vehicular dynamics and vehicle ergonomics. Through his extensive experience, Henry has had the opportunity to study human movement in numerous scenarios and understand the probabilities of sustaining injuries. He has also created and recreated car action sequences, both as a performer and action designer, which has provided him with an in-depth philosophical understanding of vehicle dynamics. With his wealth of experience, Henry is capable of creating or recreating accident scenarios, as well as analyzing and comprehending the causes of accidents. Expert Qualifications: Professional Stunt Person: Henry Kingi Jr. has an extensive career as a professional stunt person, having worked on numerous high-profile projects. His expertise in slip, trip, falls, stunt rigging and safety provides valuable insights into the execution and risks associated with stunts or otherwise. Stunt Coordinator and Action Designer: As a stunt coordinator and action designer, Henry has been responsible for planning and overseeing complex action sequences. His understanding of timing and specialization in vehicular dynamics and allows him to (re)create realistic and plausible car sequences. Stunt Driving Expertise: Henry is highly accomplished as a stunt driver, which has afforded him a deeper philosophical understanding of a vehicles performance, driving and how ergonomics can effect a driver. His performance driving extends across many types of vehicles, which enhances his ability to assess accident scenarios involving vehicles and provide insightful analysis. Accident Scenario Recreation: Henry has the tools and a network of professionals necessary to recreate a multitude of accident scenarios with precision. With his network and expertise he’s able to provide an accurate and detailed analysis of the causes and contributing factors of accidents. Henry Kingi Jr. will provide expert testimony in the following areas: Physical Performance Evaluation: Henry can evaluate the execution of stunts involving slip, trip, falls, and (un)orthodox safety or stunt rigging, assessing compliance with industry standards if applicable and identifying potential negligence or safety concerns. Vehicular Dynamics and Vehicle Ergonomics: With his profound knowledge of vehicle dynamics and drivers ergonomics, Henry can analyze the feasibility and safety of car action and performance scinarios. He can evaluate whether industry standards were followed and identify any factors that may have contributed to accidents. Accident Analysis: Leveraging his experience and expertise, Henry can analyze accident scenarios to determine the causes, contributing factors, and potential negligence involved. He will provide expert opinions on accident reconstruction, evaluating the plausibility of various accident theories. Conclusion: Henry Kingi Jr.'s extensive experience as a professional stunt person, stunt coordinator, and action designer, coupled with his specialization in slip, trip, falls, (un)orthodox theatrical and safety wire/rope rigging and Vehicular dynamics, make him an exceptional expert witness. Henry's comprehensive understanding of accidents allows him to analyze and comprehend their causes. Whether it involves accident recreation, analyzing video footage, examining photos or studying other accident reconstructions, Henry's years of experience provide a unique perspective and skill set to interpret and evaluate the dynamics of accidents both on or off and their causes accurately. His expert testimony provides invaluable insight contributing to a fair and just resolut