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David N. Glaser, MD Glaser Forensic Group

Los Angeles, California
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Neuropsychiatry Expert Witness - Addiction Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, Disability Evaluation, Forensic Psychology, Geriatric Psychiatry, Independent Medical Exams, Legal Medicine, Mental Health, Neuropsychology, Pharmacology-Clinical, Psychiatry, Psychology
David Glaser, M.D. has been performing psychiatric evaluations and teaching about Forensic Psychiatry for over three decades. His interest in Forensic Psychiatry emanates from contact with the late Seymour Pollack, M.D., Ph.D, one of the pioneers in Forensic Psychiatry. Since the inception of his career, Dr. Glaser has performed over a thousand evaluations, criminal and civil, defense and plaintiff, at the request of attorneys, individuals, industry, insurance companies, and judges. In the California Workers Compensation system, he has performed hundreds of evaluations as a neutral evaluator (Agreed Medical Evaluations and Panels Qualified Medical Evaluations), chosen jointly by plaintiff and defense attorneys. Dr. Glaser has been on the faculty of the U.C.L.A. Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program and has been on the Advisory Board of the American College of Forensic Psychiatry. He is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology. He has also been Board Certified in Forensic Psychia...

Mohammad Hanizavareh, MD, ABPN Expedient Medicolegal Services

Orange, California
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - IME, Fitness for Duty, Disability, Sexual Offender Assessment, Competency, Mental Capacity, Standard of Care, Chronic Pain, Malpractice, Traumatic Injury, Abuse, Conservatorship
Dr. Mohammad Hanizavareh, M.D., Q.M.E, is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist who began his work with Expedient Medicolegal Services in 2016. His interest in the intersection between Psychiatry and the Law began with his work in the Cuyahoga County Jail while in medical school and grew with his work in the Sacramento County Jail during his residency training. Since then, Dr. “Hani” has served throughout the state of California giving testimony in 1370, 2972, 1026, and various involuntary medication hearings. Dr. Hani is also a Qualified Medical Evaluator, meeting the needs of workers and employers by writing objective, fact-based analyses of work-place injuries and their sequelae. A Southern-California native, Dr. Hani began his post-graduate education at California State University, Fullerton, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, majoring in Biology with a minor in Biochemistry. He pursued his interest in research there, participating in grant writing, presentations at national confer...

Robert Scott Johnson, MD, JD, LLM San Francisco Psychiatry

San Francisco, California
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - employment litigation, workplace harassment, PTSD, depression, cognitive impairment, testamentary capacity, stalking, medical malpractice, negligence
Dr. Scott Johnson, MD, JD, LLM is a Harvard/Mass General-trained civil forensic psychiatrist licensed in CA, TX and MA. He is board certified in both Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. He has 20 peer-reviewed publications, 2 book chapters, and 12 psychiatric awards. He accepts civil forensic cases with a specialization on the following areas: 1. Employment/workplace litigation Sexual harassment Workplace accidents/negligence Alleged PTSD, Depression or Cognitive Impairment 2. Testamentary Capacity 3. Medical Malpractice/Boundary Violations Psychiatrist standard of care Works with CA Medical Board to assess psychiatrist negligence 4. Stalking Has published and testified on stalking of physicians Certified Threat Manager qualification (ATAP 2017 to present) Trained in use of HCR-20 threat assessment instrument

Barbara J. Justice, MD Forensic Med Group

Glendora, California
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - Psychiatric Disease, Pharmacological Clinical, Competency to Stand Trial, Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, Serve Mental Illness, Psychiatric Disability, Emotional Harm, Emotional Distress, Workers' Compensation, Mental Health, Malpractice, Capacity, Sexual Harassment Sexual Abuse and Victimization.
Dr. Justice began her career in medicine as a surgeon in New York City. After several years as a practicing surgeon, she decided to enter the field of Psychiatry and received training in a Fellowship program at UCLA. She is a Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist with training in all aspects of psychiatry and the law. Dr. Justice has a broad experience testifying in criminal and civil cases and has been deposed extensively from 300 to 400 times. She has also testified frequently as mental health expert witness for the state of California. Her unique background in physical medicine, trauma, psychopharmacology and surgery, combined with her psychiatric expertise, gives her an in-depth understanding of the multitude of factors at issue in civil litigation cases. Dr. Justice is currently Attending Forensic Psychiatrist, Director of Psychiatric Training at the Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk California and a Psychiatrist at the psychopharmacology Center for Behavior Medicine in ...

Robert P Kahn-Rose, MD, PhD Dr. Robert P. Kahn-Rose, Inc.

Encino, California
Geriatric Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Psychiatry, Disability Evaluations, Independent Medical Exams, Elder Law, Mental Capacity Evaluations

Gloria M Kardong, MD Adj Clin Assoc Professor, Stanford

Palo Alto, California
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Womens Health Care Specialist, Pregnancy-Related Psychiatric Problems, Psychiatric Medications in Pregnancy and Postpartum, Postpartum Depression/Psychosis, Infertility, Gynecologic Oncology, Menopause/hormonal issues, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Childhood Sexual/Other Abuse, Eating Disorders
GENERAL PSYCHIATRIC PRACTICE: --Individuals, couples, adolescents, adults --Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology --Mood disorders --Anxiety disorders --ADHD, OCD, PTSD --Personality disorders --Somatoform disorders --Factitious disorders WOMEN'S HEALTH CARE SPECIALIST: Psychiatry/OB-GYN Interface: --Pregnancy-Related Psychiatric Problems, --Psychiatric Medications in Pregnancy and Postpartum, --Postpartum Depression/Psychosis, --Infertility, Gyn-Oncology, --Menopause/Hormonal issues, --Childhood Sexual/Other Abuse-- Adult Consequences, --PTSD, --Eating Disorders

Michael M. Quach, MD Stanford University School of Medicine

San Jose, California
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Disability, Sexual Offender Assessment, Competency, Mental Capacity, Standard of Care, Malpractice, Traumatic Injury, Conservatorship, Wrongful Death, Sex Addiction, Psychopharmacology, PTSD, Trauma, Jail, Inmate, Suicide, Geriatric, Dementia, Cognitive Impairment, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Negligence
I am a Stanford-trained, Board-Certified Psychiatrist with 10+ years experience in Criminal Justice as Lead Psychiatrist for the Mental Health Treatment Court, alongside the Honorable Judge Stephen Manley in the MIOCR (Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction) Program, also known as the Jail After Care Program for Santa Clara County. I also served as Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) Medical Director for Custody Behavioral Health Services, providing clinical leadership and administrative oversight in the development and implementation of policies and practices as well as supervision and clinical direction to all psychiatrists and other mental health professional services at the Santa Clara County Correctional Facilities. I am Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. I received my medical training at Stanford University School of Medicine and completed specialty training in Psychiatry at Stanford's Dep...

Stephen M. Raffle, M.D. Stephen M. Raffle, M.D. & Associates

Kentfield, California
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - PTSD, Emotional Distress, TBI, Undue Influence, Diminished Capacity, Testamentary Capacity, Cross-Examination, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Employee Fitness for Duty, Risk of Violence, Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Independent Medical Exam (IME), Testamentary Capacity, Malingering, Medical Records
Stephen M. Raffle, M.D., Board-Certified Forensic Psychiatrist, has 49 years’ experience testifying in over 800 cases and rendering medical opinions in 5,000+ assessments. He has testified in civil and criminal matters in Federal, State, Administrative and Military jurisdictions. Faculty positions: UCSF Medical School • 27 years, Asst. Clinical Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry; and • 18 years, Asst. Clinical Professor, Dept. of Orthopedics UC Hastings College of the Law • 11 years teaching attorneys effective direct and cross-examination of expert witnesses (see article) at Hastings’ Appellate Advocacy Center. Forensic assessment and opinion: • Anxiety • Bipolar Disorder • Borderline Personality Disorder • Competency • Depression • Diminished Capacity / Insanity • Discrimination • Emotional Distress • Fitness for Duty (FFD) • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) • Psychiatric Disability • Psychological testing (Daubert standard) • Psychosomatic Disorders • Testamentary C...

David A Fohrman, MD Resiliency Services

Fort Collins, Colorado
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Active clinical practice, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, child and adolescent, effects of trauma. complex PTSD, military, veterans, head injuries, fitness for duty, security clearance, effects of marijuana, suicide
Dr. David Fohrman is a board-certified Child, Adolescent and Adult psychiatrist. He is a clinical psychiatrist whose area of focus for the last twenty years has been the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He has extensive experience working with active duty, veterans, adolescents and adults with PTSD, complex PTSD as well as PTSD with co-occurring medical problems and/or substance dependence. Dr. Fohrman can help you make the important distinction between the clinical and legal diagnosis of PTSD. He was the Chief of Mental Health for the 1st Armored Division and the PTSD Prevention Coordinator for VISN-19 (VA). Dr. Fohrman is the author of several books on the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD. His forensic interests include standard of care, medical malpractice, negligence, psychiatrist malpractice, workman’s compensation, veteran’s issue, personal injury, record review, Independent Medical Exam (IME).

Brian Crowley, MD

Washington, District Of Columbia
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - PTSD, security clearance, hospital standards, malpractice, personal injury, testamentary capacity, contractual capacity and undue influence, suicide, sexual harassment, fitness for duty; insanity; other state of mind issues. Have testified in state, federal civil and criminal matters extensively.
Also experienced in military courts martial.

Stuart S Burstein, MD Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry

Sarasota, Florida
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Fitness for Duty, Medical Malpractice, Criminal Responsibility, Testamentary Capacity, PTSD, Post-Concussion Syndrome
Certified in General Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Certified Independent Medical Examiner by American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. Former Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at University of Pittsburgh Medical School. Active clinical practice. Licensed in Florida. Certified as Expert Medical Advisor [EMA] by Florida Division of Workers' Compensation.

Jeffrey A Danziger, MD Psychiatric Affiliates PA

Maitland, Florida
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - will contests, undue influence, contested wills, testamentary capacity, dementia, capacity, forensic psychiatry, psychiatry
I am a forensic psychiatrist practicing in the Orlando, Florida area, and have been retained in numerous criminal cases over the years, and well as civil cases in the areas of personal injury, malpractice, employment litigation, and family law. I have been involved as an expert in various probate cases, including guardianship issues and testamentary capacity cases. I have been retained by attorneys for both the plaintiff and defense in civil cases over my years of practice, and by the state and defense in criminal cases. I am board certified by the ABPN in psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, and geriatric psychiatry. I have a particular interest in matters pertaining to competency in all settings, be they criminal or civil, and the issues of whether one's mental state renders them able to make a specific decision or carry out a specified act. My first testimony ever in a courtroom involved a disputed 16 million will in 1988, and I have had subsequent experience...

Ebony R. Davis, MD Concierge Psychiatry

West Palm Beach, Florida
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Pediatric Psychiatry Expert Witness - Disability Evaluation, Pharmacological Clinical, Medical Management, Forensic Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Mental Health, Psychology, Psychoanalysis

George M Northrup, MD

Tampa, Florida
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Civil and Criminal Competency, Sanity, Testamentary Capacity, Prison Psychiatry, Malpractice, Mitigation, IME, PTSD, Dual Diagnosis, Records Review
Qualified Expert Witness in Florida and North Carolina, State and Federal criminal matters, Worker's Compensation certified, Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry, medical experience.

Roger Z Samuel, MD Boca Raton Psychiatric Group

Boca Raton, Florida
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - PTSD, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Wills/Competency, Custody, Disability, Emotional Injuries, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Suicide, Violence, Addictions, Dementia, Return-to-Work, IME, Medical Malpractice, Worker's Compensation
Dr. Samuel, Medical Director of the Boca Raton Psychiatric Group, is board-certified in 4 psychiatric specialties: General, Forensic, Child/Adolescent, and Geriatric. His forensic psychiatric practice encompasses evaluations; expert testimony for both Plaintiff and Defense; and Independent Medical Examinations. He has testified, at both the State and Federal levels, regarding matters of Addiction, PTSD, Depression, Child Custody, legal competency, Disability, and psychiatric injuries. His written reports, based on the application of current medical knowledge to the known facts of each particular case, are exhaustive and precise with meticulous attention to detail. Dr. Samuel has had articles published on topics concerning Forensic Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology, in peer-reviewed medical journals. Furthermore, he is an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the medical school at Florida Atlantic University and has participated in over 90 clinical research studies...

Henry M. Storper, MD Henry Storper M.D.P.A.

Miami, Florida
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Board Certified Psychiatrist, Inpatient Psychiatry Expert, Suicide, Overdose, Wrongful Death, Inappropriate Psychiatric Admission/ Discharge, Involuntary Hospitalization, Psychiatric Malpractice, Mood Disorders, Records Review
Medical Director CMHC, Medical Director Crisis Stabilization Unit, Medical Director PHP, Medical Director Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, Chief of Staff Deering Hospital. Currently: Outpatient/inpatient private psychiatric practice. Expert in hospital liability, malpractice issues, standard of care issues, litigation, consultations.

Ryan C Wagoner, MD University of South Florida

Tampa, Florida
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Sanity, Competence, Suicide, Violence, Psychiatric Malpractice, Personal Injury, Testamentary Capacity, Disability, Fitness for Duty, Sexual Harassment, PTSD, IME.
Dr. Wagoner is the Chief of Forensic Psychiatry at the University of South Florida. He is board certified in both general and forensic psychiatry and completed a fellowship in forensic psychiatry after his residency training. He is an assistant professor at the university and maintains an active clinical practice. He also serves as the Vice Chief of Psychiatry at Tampa General Hospital. He is actively engaged in teaching forensic psychiatry to psychiatry residents and medical students at the university. Dr. Wagoner is experienced in both civil and criminal cases and has served as an expert in multiple arenas. He prides himself on preparing detailed forensic reports when requested and providing quality consultation to attorneys and businesses. Dr. Wagoner has presented educational lectures at both the national and local level. He is licensed to practice in Florida, Georgia, and California.

Sarah Vinson Lorio Psych Group, Morehouse School of Medicine, Emory School of Medicine

ATLANTA, Georgia
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Pediatric Psychiatry Expert Witness - Trauma, Child Witness Testimony, Capital Cases, Mitigation, Psychic Injury, Child Custody, Diminished Capacity, Title IX, Fitness for Duty, Cultural Psychiatry, Black Mental Health
Triple Board Certified Child & Adolescent, Adult and Forensic Psychiatrist General Psychiatry Residency, Cambridge Health Alliance - Harvard Medical School Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, Emory Medical School Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship, Emory Medical School Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Morehouse School of Medicine Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Emory School of Medicine Testimony Experience in four different states, civil cases, federal and state criminal courts, and family court Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and appointed by two different APA presidents to the National Communications Council Past President of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry University of Florida College of Medicine Outstanding Young Alumna Award 2018

Alexander E. Obolsky, MD Health & Law Resource, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - PTSD, traumatic brain injury, pain/suffering, depression, chronic pain, toxicity, burns, IMEs, neuropsychiatry, medical malpractice, personal injury, impairment, insanity, fitness for duty, malingering, workers compensation, sexual harassment, disability, discrimination, competency, addiction psych
I am a clinician and treat patients with trauma & stress induced emotional and psychiatric disorders, e.g., PTSD, mild head/brain injury, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addictions, and physical/emotional injuries. I have over 20 years of experience in treating patients in a variety of settings, e.g., inpatient, partial, outpatient. I provide urgent, short- and long-term mental health treatment. I offer on-site psychological /neuropsychological testing. I am a life-long teacher and have taught in medical and law schools. I am currently Assistant Professor at Northwestern University Medical School. My professional achievements include having established and ran The Division of Forensic Psychiatry at the Northwestern University Medical School and The Psychiatry and Law Program at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation. I worked as an Assistant Medical Director at the Illinois largest hospital for criminally insane. My forensic practice is focused on evaluation of mental, em...

Leslie S. Zun, MD

Wilmette, Illinois
Emergency Medicine Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - Emergency Medical Services, Independent Medical Exam, Forensic Psychiatry, Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medical Toxicology, Mental Health, Medical Management, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Wound Care, Pain Medicine, Pharmaceutical Research
Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine Professor in the Psychiatry Department Chicago Medical School President, American Association for Emergency Psychiatry Practicing Emergency Physician

Daniel W. Gillette, MD, SM, FACHE, DFAPA

Sioux City, Iowa
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Mental Health Expert Witness - Child-Adolescent Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry, Malpractice, Forensic Psychiatry, Billing Fraud, Chart Review
Board Certified in General and Child-Adolescent Psychiatry and Healthcare Management. Extensive experience in multiple areas of mental health from clinical practice with all ages, clinical management, hospital CEO, insurance company work, criminal and civil forensic work and organized medicine.

Cletus S Carvalho, MD

Lexington, Kentucky
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Geriatric Psychiatry Expert Witness - Addiction Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine, Forensic, Forensic Psychiatry, Expert Witness, Expert Testimony, IME, record review, malpractice, medical malpractice, head injury, TBI
Dr. Carvalho is currently Medical Director for Inpatient Psychiatry at St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead, KY and Associate Professor in Psychiatry at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Carvalho completed his 4 year residency in Psychiatry at St. Vincent's Hospital & Medical Center of New York in Manhattan, New York. He was Chief Resident during his final year of residency. He then completed an additional year of residency training in Geriatric Psychiatry at Columbia University in New York. Dr. Carvalho has obtained and maintained board certification in Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Addiction Medicine. He is also the recipient of numerous regional and national teaching awards. He has been at the University of Kentucky since 2005 and until July 2015 held many leadership positions within the Department of Psychiatry including Psychiatry Residency Program Director (2008-2015), Adult Psychiatry Inpatient Unit Medical Dir...

Leonard J. Hertzberg, MD

Baltimore, Maryland
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Disability Evaluations, Fitness for Duty, Criminal Responsibility and Competency to Stand Trial, Dangerousness, Conditional Release, Personal Injury, Psychiatric Disability, Psychiatric IMEs, Psychiatric Malpractice
Psychiatric Disability, IMEs, Fitness for Duty, Medical Record Review, Malpractice, Physician Impairment, Criminal Responsibility and Competency to stand trial, dangerousness, conditional release, expert witness testimony.

Harold J. Bursztajn, MD Accredited Psychiatry and Medicine

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Independent Medical Psych. Evaluations, Forensic Psychiatry, Expert Opinion Formulation, Managed Health Care, Malpractice, Clinical Trials, Employment Issues, Organizational Consulting, Family & Custodial Issues. Harvard Medical School Sr. Faculty

Don Condie, MD

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Mental Health Expert Witness - child psychiatry , child abuse, serious mental illness, psychopharmacology, childhood trauma, PTSD, forensic psychiatry, aggressive behavior,
Board Certified in Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry as well as Forensic Psychiatry

Melissa Frumin, MD, MS

Newton, Massachusetts
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Psychopharmacology, medical malpractice, neuropsychiatry, geriatric psychiatry

Allan S. Nineberg, MD

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Medical malpractice; Psychopharmacology; Suicide; Boundary Violations; Sexual Abuse
My time is spent 80% in clinical practice of psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, and 20% in forensic psychiatry. In the past 5 years, I have evaluated approximately 75 individuals who reported being sexually abused by clergy, teachers at private schools, or family members. I have worked on about 15 medical malpractice cases involving negligent use of psychopharmacological agents, negligent suicide, or boundary violations including sexual abuse by medical personnel. I have served on the teaching faculty at Harvard Medical School for the past 25 years. Certified by American Board Psychiatry and Neurology, 1982; Staff Psychiatrist, Mt. Auburn Hospital; Private Practice, Adult General Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology, 1981 - present; Speaker at various meetings, workshops including National Conventions on Clinical Effects of Clergy Sexual Abuse; 1st Recipient Margo Fanger Award in Clinical Excellence, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, 2002.

Barry H. Roth, MD

Brookline Village, Massachusetts
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Addiction Psychiatry, Substance Abuse, Geriatric Psychiatry, Contested Wills, Will Contests, Testamentary Capacity, Undue Influence, Psychiatric Malpractice, Trauma, PTSD, Civil Competencies, Criminal Competencies.
Dr. Roth's [forensic] expertise arises from 40+ years of an unusually broad and deep range of clinical work---both public and private, hospital and out-patient---the basis to achieve Certification in the Subspecialties of Addiction Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, and Forensic Psychiatry, and rank of Distinguished Life Fellow, Massachusetts Psychiatric Society & American Psychiatric Association. His clear penetrating insight directly explains complexity in a straightforward manner. QUADRUPLE CERTIFICATIONS IN: PSYCHIATRY ADDICTION PSYCHIATRY GERIATRIC PSYCHIATRY FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY Former Instructor – Harvard Medical School Cornell University Alumnus

Donald L Sherak, MD

Brookline, Massachusetts
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Pediatric Psychiatry Expert Witness - Forensic Psychiatry, Emotional Damages, PTSD, Effects of Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Child Testimony, Standard of Care, Psychopharmacology, Psychiatric Diagnosis, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Developmental Delay, Brain Injury, Criminal Responsibility, Fitness for Duty, Record Review
Dr. Sherak is Board Certified in Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. Over the past 30 years Dr. Sherak has been an invited trainer at professional organizations of physicians, nurses, social workers, attorneys, EMTs, and physicians in training. Dr. Sherak served as Medical Director of the Whitney Academy, a residential school treating Intellectually Disabled and Developmentally Delayed adolescent male sexual offenders, for 17 years and he continues to work with and consult on this population ans well as on individuals with Intellectual Disability, Developmental Delay and Brain Injury. Dr. Sherak has provided over 200 Fitness for Duty assessments for the United States Postal Service, local Police and Fire Departments and biohazard labs.


Columbia, Missouri
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Correctional Healthcare Expert Witness - Suicide, Prisons, Jails, Forensic Psychiatry, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, PTSD, medication, substance abuse, jail suicide, prison suicide, correctional suicide, group home suicide, nursing home suicide, addiction, teen suicide, juvenile suicide
Award winning thought leader on prison suicide. Triple Board-Certified medical doctor. (Psychiatry, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry). Former Director of Psychiatric Services for the Missouri Department of Corrections. Directed, managed and supervised services provided by psychiatrists working in all prisons in Missouri. Was administratively responsible for all mental health services provided by the mental health staff. Considerable experience in providing direct psychiatric services to jail and prison inmates in various correctional institutions. Significant experience interacting with correctional staff that provides direct one-to-one services to inmates on suicide watch and attending to their needs. Authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed articles in correctional mental health and particularly on risk identification, prevention and risk management strategies relating to suicide in jails and prisons. One of the co-authors who updated the World Health Or...

William D. Stratford, MD, FAPA William D. Stratford, Jr., MD, FAPA, PC

Missoula, Montana
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - Personal Injury both sides, with records review. Somatoform/Malingering, Civil/Criminal Competency,
Extensive testing for malingering and embellishment. Work alone or with a sophisticated panel of board certified neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and neuropsychologists through WellCare IME ( Traumatic brain injury, Somatoform issues, Evidence-based assessment. References provided if necessary. Extensive deposition and trial testimony. Over 40 years in practice. Please see website:

Gregory P Brown, MD

Henderson, Nevada
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - testamentary capacity, contractual capacity, undue influence, guardianship, civil litigation, brain injury, personal injury, return to work, disability evaluation,
Dr. Brown has conducted thousands of forensic evaluations and rendered expert witness deposition or court testimony more than 80 times in civil and criminal cases for over 20 years. Dr. Brown testifies on a range of psychiatric issues that arise in litigation, which include but are not limited to testamentary/estate administration disputes, undue influence, fraud, elder abuse, personal injury and mental competency. Dr. Brown has conducted more than 10,000 forensic assessments, including civil commitment evaluations conducted for Clark County. Dr. Brown is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in the fields of Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. Dr. Brown is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine and Program Director for the Psychiatry Residency Training Program in Las Vegas. Dr. Brown’s clinical practice is based in the greater Las Vegas area, though he conducts his forensic practice where he is neede...

Joel M Silberberg, MD Private Practice of Forensic Psychiatry, Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Active clinical practice, Professor of Psychiatry, emotional harm, PTSD, closed head injury, decisional & testamentary capacity, professional competence, negligence, suicide & violence risk assessment, wrongful death, psychopharmacology, addictions, CST, sanity, sentencing, mitigation, death penalty
Past Career Milestones: Director Medical Student Education in Psychiatry; Professor Clinical Psychiatry, Loyola University of Chicago, Maywood, Illinois. Medical Director Madden Mental Health Center, Hines, Illinois. Assoc. Professor Psychiatry, Rush Medical College, Chicago, Illinois. Director Mental Health Services, Cermak Health Services of Cook County, Chicago, Illinois. Assoc. Professor Psychiatry; Division Director; Program Director, Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Training Program, University of TX Health Science Center at San Antonio. Assoc. Professor Psychiatry; Program Director, Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Training Program, Northwestern University School of Medicine. Director Division of Psychiatry and the Law, Northwestern University School of Medicine. Assoc. Professor Psychiatry, Northwestern University School of Law. Professor Psychiatry at University of Nevada School of Medicine, Las Vegas, at University Medical Center. Professor Psychiatry; Chief Tele-ps...

Lawrence Amsel, MD, MPH Columbia University

New York, New York
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Legal Medicine Expert Witness - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide Prevention, Psychiatric Malpractice, Law and Psychiatry, Criminal Mitigation, Medical Decision Making, Hospital Practice, Statistics and Causal Analysis, Grief and Mourning, Pediatric Psychiatry, Family Loss, Neuropsychiatry, Behavioral Economics/Game Theory,
Dr. Amsel serves as an expert witness in matters related to psychiatry, with a focus on Malpractice, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide, Grief, Medical Decision Making, Hospital Psychiatric Care, and appropriate Evidence-based Standards of Care. Excellent references from multiple law firms are available on request. Dr. Amsel's expertise in dealing with the interface of legal and psychiatric issues is based on 28 years of experience in clinical practice, academic psychiatry, research, and public health, as well as his experience as an expert witness. Dr. Amsel studied mathematics at Columbia University before entering Yale University School of Medicine. After completing residency training he joined the Columbia faculty completing two prestigious National Institute of Mental Health research fellowships and obtained an Masters in Public Health (MPH) specializing in mental health statistics, and Child Psychiatry Research. As an expert on the effects of traumatic experiences, espec...

Michael Bernstein, MD

Lawrence, New York
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Pediatric Psychiatry Expert Witness - Forensic Psychiatry, Adolescent Psychiatry, Personal Injury, Tort, Disability, IME, Expert Witness Testimony

Ziv E Cohen, MD, FAPA Principium Psychiatry, PLLC

New York, New York
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, substance use, bipolar disorder, PTSD, dementia, brain injury, personality disorder, competency, standard of care, personal injury
Dr. Cohen is a board certified forensic psychiatrist with experience in civil and criminal medical legal work. Dr. Cohen trained in medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and completed psychiatry residency at Cornell Medical Center. He completed fellowships in forensic psychiatry at Columbia University. He has served as a military psychiatrist and specializes in the evaluation and treatment of PTSD. He teaches psychiatry to medical students, residents, and forensic fellows at Cornell Medical Center, Columbia Medical Center, and Bellevue Hospital, in New York City. Dr. Cohen has written on suicide, violence risk assessment, firearms and mental health, PTSD in the legal system, and has presented on competency to stand trial, cultural psychiatry, and military psychiatry. Dr. Cohen has been qualified as an expert in New York Family Court, New York Supreme Court, Federal Court in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and in North Carolina's Western District. Dr. Coh...

Alton Williams, MD, JD

Durham, North Carolina
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - PTSD, Will Contest, Competency to stand trial, Capacity, Fitness for Duty, Mental Health, Disability, Insanity, IME, Correctional psychiatry, Involuntary, Competency
By way of further background, I graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science, and later studied medicine at Yale University. Seeking to complement my medical degree with formal legal training, I then earned a J.D. from the University of North Carolina. Thereafter, I completed psychiatry residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital. Drawing on my medical and legal expertise, I later accepted a fellowship in forensic psychiatry at Harvard, based primarily at Massachusetts General Hospital. Board-certified in both general and forensic psychiatry. I have experience testifying in state and federal courts. In addition I perform record reviews and draft opinions regarding mental health disability. Working in diverse settings, from major teaching hospitals to correctional facilities and large law firms, I have developed critical diagnostic, evaluative and writing skills. For example, I am highly experienced in reviewing files, preparing rep...

Adrienne Saxton, M.D.

Northfield, Ohio
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - IME, disability, malpractice, competency, sanity, criminal responsibility, guardianship, fitness for duty, will contest, mitigation, malingering, worker's compensation
Fellowship trained, rigorous testimony training/ experience, completed well over 100 forensic psychiatric evaluations, responsive, reasonable fees. Dr. Adrienne Saxton is a forensic psychiatrist based in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated medical school with high distinction. During her medical training, she was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. This honor is reserved for those with high academic standing as well as firm ethics, professionalism, leadership qualities, and dedication to service. Dr. Saxton completed a four-year residency in psychiatry. During her senior year of residency at the University of Michigan, she served as chief resident of outpatient services. After Residency, Dr. Saxton went on to complete a fellowship in forensic psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University. Her fellowship program director was Dr. Phillip Resnick, a world-renowned expert in the field of forensic psychiatry. Dr. Saxton’s rigorous fellowship training included education ...

Robin A Altman, MD

Reading, Pennsylvania
Pediatric Psychiatry Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - child psychiatry, adolescent psychiatry, young adult psychiatry, psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Child Custody, Competency, Testamentary Capacity, Diminished Capacity, Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Autism, Asperger's Disorder
I have been a practicing child psychiatrist in a solo private practice since 1995. I am board certified in both adult and child and adolescent psychiatry. I initially worked at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center for 7 years, and then moved to Spring Psychological Associates, where I continue to have an office. I was the first chairperson of the Child Psychiatry Department at Reading Hospital. I was the medical director of the Children's Home of Reading from 1997-2012. I managed the medical functioning of the institution while caring for adolescents in their residential treatment facility. I currently work for Concern, Inc, a mental health provider in the Reading area, where I see adolescents at the Abraxas shelter and detention center, as well as group home and therapeutic foster care children. I have been a principle investigator for psychiatric research at the Berks Research Center in Reading. In my spare time, I am a writer, and have written Shrink Rap - An Irrev...

Robert M. Davis, MD

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness - Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Injectable Medication, Policies and Procedures, Mood Disorders, Assertive Community Treatment, Suicide, Psychopharmacology, Competency Evaluations, Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Evaluations, Community Mental Health

James C Ballenger, MD Low Country Forensic Consultation

Charleston, South Carolina
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Neuropsychiatry Expert Witness - Psychiatry, Bipolar Disorder, Alcohol Blood Levels, Addiction Medicine, Psychopharmacology, Panic Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress, Suicide, Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury, Malpractice (Psychiatry)

Timothy D Brewerton, MD, DFAPA, FAED, DFAACAP, HCEDS Medical University of South Carolina

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Pediatric Psychiatry Expert Witness - Medical malpractice: plaintiff and defense cases. Trauma-related disorders: PTSD/complex PTSD, dissociative disorders. Mood disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, food addiction, obesity, ADHD, OCD. Child-adolescent & adult psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and psychopharmacology.
Dr. Brewerton is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, where he is also in private practice. He is board certified in general, child/adolescent and forensic psychiatry, as well as addiction medicine. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry; a Founding Fellow of the Academy of Eating Disorders; former president of the Eating Disorders Research Society; author of approximately 150 articles/book chapters on various topics in psychiatry, including eating and related disorders, psychopharmacology, neurobiology, posttraumatic stress, dissociation and the effects of childhood sexual/physical abuse; Editor of the Clinical Handbook of Eating Disorders: An Integrated Approach (2004), Co-editor of Eating Disorders, Addictions, and Substance Use Disorders: Research, Clinical and Treatment Perspectives (2014). Dr. Brewerton has re...
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