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James J. Lilje, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI

Aviation & Aerospace - Pilot Training, Pilot Evaluation, Flight Planning, Flight Evaluation, Airplane Flight Risk Assessment, Flight Risk Mitigation, Extended Overwater Flight, ETOPS, Performance Based Navigation, PBN, Required Navigation Performance, RNP, Cat. II & III Approaches, Technically Advanced Aircraft, TAA
I am a pilot and flight instructor with over 50 years of experience in military, airline, air ambulance, air taxi and general aviation. Since 2007 I have worked primarily as a flight instructor. I teach and evaluate flying skills and judgment to pilots at all levels from beginners to the highly experienced. I am very successful at teaching complex flying concepts to people who have little or no previous knowledge. I hold an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (the highest pilot license) and a Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificate issued by the FAA. The Gold Seal recognizes the high first time pass rate of my students when they take their FAA fight check for a new rating. I have 19,000 flight hours which includes over 3500 hours of instruction given. Current flight instructor, Galvin Flight Training. • I give flight instruction for all pilot ratings from Private Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot. • I am a stage check instructor for all Part 141 and Part 61 courses taught at ...

Michael R. Henderson XL Aviation

Aviation & Aerospace, Engineering - Aircraft Accident, Aircraft Incident, Aircraft Crash, Plane Crash, Aviation Safety, General Aviation, GA, Aviation, Flight, FAA, NTSB, FSDO, AOPA, Pilot Training, Flight School, Aircraft Maintenance, Crash Forensics, Aircraft Safety, Cessna, Cirrus, Bonanza, Piper, Beechcraft, Champion, Extra, Pitts
Current Flight School & Aircraft Lease Business Owner, Physicist with over 50 years of critical problem solving experience providing General Aviation Aircraft and Pilot Training. Expert in determining the critical factors that determine all manner of aviation outcomes connecting pilot capability, training, emotional fitness, state of being and the relevant relationships between pilot, machine and environment. Inventor and builder of key technologies. Sought technical resource focused on FAA requirements, historical trends, aircraft capabilities as well as current pilot training and behavior characteristics relevant to critical performance cause and effect. Skilled and experienced in critical state of the art problem solving techniques developed for and used by NASA, Boeing, IBM, Intel, Apple and Others.....Expert Pilot & Physicist. Cause and Effect Master, Clear and Concise Reporting. Most recent cases: Desiree Horton v OCFA et al

Kodey B. Bogart KB Solutions, LLC.

Melbourne, Florida
Aviation & Aerospace, Safety - Helicopter Air Ambulance, Aviation Law Enforcement, Aviation Safety Management Systems
Vastly experienced pilot, aviation safety professional, and aviation expert. Involved in teaching numerous aspects of helicopter flight and safety management systems. Former United States Army Warrant Officer and Aviator flying the Blackhawk during medical evacuation missions. Decorated Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran receiving two Air Medals and a Sikorsky Rescue Award. One semester remaining for a Master of Science, Aviation Safety Degree concentrating on safety management systems (4.0 GPA). Graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Aeronautics with a minor in Helicopter Safety. Extensive experience in aviation operations, including aviation safety, flight training, maintenance test flights, helicopter air ambulance, and aviation law enforcement with over 2,400 hours of accident-free flight time. Numerous military and civilian flight credentials, including Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rotorcraft, FAA Certified Flight...

Keith M. Cianfrani, Ed.D, (abd), MAS, CRSP Aviation Safety Consultants, LLC

The Villages, Florida
Aviation & Aerospace, Accident Reconstruction - Aviation Accident Investigation, Risk Management, Human Factors, Safety Management Systems (SMS), Aviation Safety Auditing,Flight Data Monitoring,
Keith M Cianfrani, Ed.D. (abd), MAS, CRSP, President/CEO, Aviation Safety Consultants, LLC is a company designed to assist the aviation community with precise and specific safety consulting. Our clients include insurance companies, Part 135 and Part 91 aviation operators, aviation flight schools, aircraft production companies, and law firms. Keith is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, the founder and owner, has over 40 years of aviation experience. He is a master army aviator, aviation safety officer, commercial pilot, instructor pilot and was an accident investigator for the U.S. Army Safety Center. He is rated in both rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. As a safety officer, Keith has managed safety programs in organizations with over 100 aircraft stationed throughout 5 states. Keith is is an a safety and accident investigation instructor for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Keith is a certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and has also worked in the civilian, commercial a...

Artemas Kit Darby, III KitDarby.com Aviation Consulting, LLC

Aviation & Aerospace, Employment - pilot, airline pilot, military pilot, corporate pilot, pilot divorce, pilot career, pilot selection, pilot training, pilot pay, pilot benefits, pilot retirement, pilot job, airline pilot career value, pilot career earnings, pilot wrongful termination, pilot injury, pilot death, pilot career delay
Worldwide, Mr. Darby is recognized as an expert in US pilot hiring, pilot selection, pilot supply and demand forecasting, and interview preparation including: testing, simulator evaluations, medical exams and personnel interviews. He is regularly quoted in the national media - newspapers, magazines, and on television, including The Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, New York Times, Flying Magazine, AOPA Pilot, Airline Pilot Magazine, Time Magazine, Business Week, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and many more. He is the president of KitDarby.com Aviation Consulting, LLC in Peachtree City, GA. KitDarby.com provides pilot career consulting to individual pilots, flight schools, government agencies, investment firms, and both domestic and international airlines. The company also provides litigation support for pilots that are delayed, injured, or have been involved in a fatal accident to determine potential lost career values and earnings capacity. CIVIL ATP: S&MEL Land (B-717/27...

Shem Malmquist, FRAeS Malmquist System Safety, LLC

Melbourne, Florida
Aviation & Aerospace, Accident Reconstruction - System Safety, Safety Analysis. highway, rail, marine, Airlines, Human Factors, Weather Radar, Microburst, Downburst, Windshear, International airline operations, airline safety, complex system analysis
Expert witness in civil and commercial aviation, accident investigation and complex safety-critical systems. Most experts specialize in a single domain, typically very narrow in scope. As a result, it is common for a complex case to require multiple expert witnesses. This can dramatically increase the cost and complexity of your cases. Malmquist is an experienced expert, comfortable with both depositions and trial testimony, combining almost 50 years of being a pilot with many years of experience as an accident investigator as well as teaching safety and accident investigation at the university level. Malmquist has specialized in applying system theoretic analysis in major trials. These methods, developed by MIT researchers, provide a solid, traceable, foundation for understanding and explaining accidents involving complex systems. This goes far beyond just opinion as the basis of the analysis can be shown to be complete, rather than ad hoc. Malmquist is a visiting instructor at ...

Daniel Monlux Wingman Med

Pensacola, Florida
Aviation & Aerospace, Family Medicine - Aerospace Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Aviation Medicine, FAA Medical Certification, FAA HIMS, FAA Medical Denial, Flight Medicine, Aviation Medical Examiner, Airplane Accident Investigation, Airplane Accident, Airplane Crash, FAA Medical Appeal, FAA Medical, Pilot Medical
Dr. Daniel Monlux is a FAA Senior HIMS AME who is board certified in Family Medicine and Aerospace Medicine. He has helped thousands to maintain their flight medicine certifications. He started his career in the U.S. Navy and has more than 2500 flight hours including combat service in the F/A-18. A commercial pilot for more than 20 years, he is also a certified flight instructor for single engine, multi-engine, and instrument flight. Dr. Monlux is also a trained aviation accident investigator having graduated of the Naval School of Aviation Safety, with a focus on pilot medical suitability. Dr. Monlux provides aviation medical consulting with Wingman Med.

Keith Roxo, MD MPH Wingman Med

Pensacola, Florida
Aviation & Aerospace, Occupational Medicine - Aerospace Medicine, Aviation Medicine, FAA Medical Certification, FAA HIMS, FAA Medical Denial, Flight Medicine, Aviation Medical Examiner, Airplane Accident Investigation, Airplane Accident, Airplane Crash, FAA Medical Appeal, FAA Medical, Pilot Medical
Dr. Keith Roxo is a TOPGUN trained adversary pilot turned Aerospace Medicine physician with over 2000 hours in high performance aircraft including the F/A-18, F-16 and F-5. He holds multiple military flight instructor qualifications, an airline transport pilot certificate and CFII. He is board certified in Aerospace and Occupational medicine and is a FAA Senior HIMS AME. He is also a trained aviation accident investigator having graduated from the Naval School of Aviation Safety with a particular focus on pilot medical suitability. Dr. Roxo provides aviation medical consulting with Wingman Med.
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