James J. Lilje, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI Expert Witness
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Aviation & Aerospace

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Pilot Training, Pilot Evaluation, Flight Planning, Flight Evaluation, Airplane Flight Risk Assessment, Flight Risk Mitigation, Extended Overwater Flight, ETOPS, Performance Based Navigation, PBN, Required Navigation Performance, RNP, Cat. II & III Approaches, Technically Advanced Aircraft, TAA


B.A., Washington State University

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I am a pilot and flight instructor with over 50 years of experience in military, airline, air ambulance, air taxi and general aviation. Since 2007 I have worked primarily as a flight instructor. I teach and evaluate flying skills and judgment to pilots at all levels from beginners to the highly experienced. I am very successful at teaching complex flying concepts to people who have little or no previous knowledge. I hold an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (the highest pilot license) and a Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificate issued by the FAA. The Gold Seal recognizes the high first time pass rate of my students when they take their FAA fight check for a new rating. I have 19,000 flight hours which includes over 3500 hours of instruction given. Current flight instructor, Galvin Flight Training. • I give flight instruction for all pilot ratings from Private Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot. • I am a stage check instructor for all Part 141 and Part 61 courses taught at Galvin. • I have written or helped write numerous special courses for Galvin. Examples of recent special courses include: • A Part 61 Multi-engine transition course for Private and Commercial Pilots training in aircraft and simulators. • Lead Instructor in a new FAR 141 approved course to transition helicopter pilots to fixed wing aircraft. • A 5 to10 day ATP course using airplanes and simulators. • A 21day course for pilots of the Turkish Air Force and Indian Navy to prepare them for three separate FAA ratings. • Initial and recurrent training for FAA Flight Safety Inspectors in technically advanced light single-engine and multi-engine airplanes. I was both an instructor and check airman for these courses. • A course for non-pilots to qualify for a sUA (Drones) Remote Pilot Certificate Licenses, Experience, and Education ✔ Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with B-737, B-757, B-767, B-777 & Learjet type ratings ✔ Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor (Single-engine and Multi-engine Airplanes, Instrument Flying) ✔ 12,400 hours of Pilot in Command time ✔ 16 years as a Civilian and Military Flight Instructor ✔ 19,000 hours total flight time ✔ 3500 hours of dual flight instruction given ✔ Small Unmanned Aircraft Remote Pilot Certificate ✔ Pilot Training Stage Check Instructor ✔ Flight Engineer (Turbojet) Certificate ✔ Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor Certificate ✔ United States Naval Aviator ✔ Co-inventor of the CX-1 flight calculator