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Jerry A. Formisano, Jr., PhD, CIH, CSP GKO Environmental Health Services, LLC

Kailua, Hawaii
Industrial Hygiene, Maritime - asbestos, U.S. Navy, asbestos insulation, asbestos gaskets, exposure assessment, boiler plant safety, steam plant safety, mathematical modeling
Experience with chemical exposures to United States Navy personnel who worked with aircraft, in shipyards, or on-board U.S. Navy ships, at sea, including during repair and overhaul. United States Navy active-duty Industrial Hygiene Officer 1986-2007. Familiar with U.S. Navy regulations for health and safety. Specialized training with U.S. Navy and U.S. Army to assist personnel deployed to combat areas with potential chemical exposures to toxic industrial chemicals (TICS), toxic industrial materials (TIMS) and Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) weapons of mass destruction. Director of Industrial Hygiene for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center 2003-2007. Senior Industrial Hygienist for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard 2007-2013 assisting Los Angeles (688) class nuclear submarines. Experience with asbestos removal, asbestos air sampling, asbestos identification, and counting of asbestos fibers. Trained in asbestos identification and ...
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