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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of maritime expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on maritime and related issues. Maritime expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these maritime expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Accident Investigations, Allision, Allisions, Boat, Bulk Carriers, Captain, Chemical Tankers, Collision, Collisions, Cruise, Deck, Ferries, Fires, Gangway, and Gas Carriers.

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Captain Kurt M. Hallier Maritime Perspective Inc.

Montgomery, Texas
Maritime, Safety - Vessel Management, Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Gas Carriers, Bulk Carriers, Ferries, Marine Terminals, Incident Response, Accident Investigations, Personal Injury, Fires, Collisions, Allisions, Groundings, Loss Control, Vessel Salvage, Offshore Operations, Marine Pilots, Navigation and Waterways.
Master Mariner and Marine Manager with more than 40 years of proven global experience in managing shoreside, shipboard, offshore facility, and terminal operations within the petroleum industry. Successfully resolved complex issues by collaborating with international, federal, state, and local agencies. Recognized as an industry expert in terminal operations, incident management, safety, quality, and environmental affairs. Demonstrated proficiency in conducting port, terminal, and offshore assessments to optimize operations and improve safety. Known for utilizing a robust network of global marine experts to effectively manage risk and enhance the performance of marine assets. Responded to the Exxon Valdez oil spill and Deputy Incident Commander for the salvage of the OMI Charger in Galveston Bay. 30+ years as a member of a major oil company Tier One Incident Response Team responding to actual oil spills, salvage operations, fires, vessel collisions, groundings and allisions. Partic...

Reginald E. McKamie, MBA, CPA, JD

Houston, Texas
Maritime - Captain, Seaman, Gangway, Master Mariner, Seamanship, Boat, Ship, Collision, Deck, Shipboard Safety, Allision, Cruise
Captain McKamie has 48 years of experience in the maritime industry both at sea and ashore. Captain McKamie is a licensed Unlimited Master Mariner for over 33 years and is a retired U. S. Navy Captain. At sea Captain McKamie was Captain of a very large crude carrier that traded on U. S. domestic and international voyages. While in the Navy Captain McKamie taught shiphandling to Prospective Commanding Officers and Prospective Executive Officers at the Navy School for Shiphandling. Ashore Captain McKamie has management experience in vessel manning, crew training and marine insurance. McKamie, a graduate of the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York might assist you in matters involving marine cargo, marine insurance, marine casualties, marine collisions, marine navigation, marine seamanship, deck seamanship, marine allisions, marine rules of the road, seamanship, seaman claims, marine radar, International Safety Management Code (ISM) application, SOLAS, marine safet...
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