Land Surveying Expert Witnesses in Ohio

The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of land surveying expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on land surveying and related issues. Land surveying expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these land surveying expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Civil Engineering, Drainage, Grading, Land Development, Site Design, Subdivisions, and Utilities.

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Charles A. Nettleman, III, PhD, Esq, PLS Nettleman Land Consultants, Inc.

Land Surveying - Land Boundary, Land Title, Land Easements, Adverse Possession, Surveyor Negligence, Land Surveyor, Standard of Care, Texas Surveyor Certificate of Merit, Water Allocation, Dock Dispute, Riparian Rights, Littoral Rights, Geomatics, Encroachment
Dr. Tony Nettleman is a professional land surveyor in twelve states (Florida, Texas, New Mexico, California, Alabama, South Dakota, West Virginia, Kentucky, Nevada, Virginia, Louisiana, and Ohio) as well as a licensed attorney in Florida. Tony is a nationally recognized author and co-author of land surveying textbooks including Clark on Surveying, Evidence & Procedure for Boundary Location, and Brown’s Boundary Control. These books have collectively been cited over 200 times in state courts nationwide. Tony also publishes extensively in peer-reviewed and trade journals. Dr. Nettleman has helped hundreds of landowners resolve land disputes in over a dozen nationwide courts. His testimony has never been successfully Daubert challenged, and he greatly enjoys fieldwork, land research, and testifying. Dr. Nettleman’s practice areas include boundary, easement, title, riparian, and negligence claims. Additionally, Tony teaches university courses as a professor, lectures nationwide to aud...

Frank Ferrantello, PLS Ferrantello Group

Land Surveying, Slip Trip & Fall - Boundary Dispute, accident and site mapping, civil engineering,flood,drainage,utility,land development,standard of care,easements,mapping,zoning,land use,earth work, adverse possession,
Mr. Ferrantello has been retained by a vast number of law firms, insurance companies and municipalities.Mr. Ferrantello has also had great deal of experience with large number of diverse projects such as: Expert Surveys, Maps, Plans, Diagrams, Exhibit’s, Testimony for damages and injuries such as: trip and falls, tree damage, flood building damage, traffic accidents, public and private property damage as well as wrongful death suits. Also has an extensive experience and background in Site Planning and Subdivision Consulting, examining title records, deeds and other recorded documents such as ingress and egress, pedestrian easements, right of ways, air and development rights, vista easements, bridle paths, beach, bathing and mooring rights, covenants and restrictions, real property, zoning and other land use principles. Extensive knowledge of the local Long Island zoning codes, site planning and subdivision regulations.The profession itself is to define the property lines and measure...

Matthew C. Neff, P.E.,P.S. M.Neff Consultants

Cleveland, Ohio
Civil Engineering, Land Surveying - civil engineering, drainage, grading, utilities, site design, subdivisions, land development
Mr. Neff has expertise in the areas of civil / site engineering, design and review of roadways, utilities, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water mains, site planning, industrial site design, residential site design, multi-family site design, stormwater management, soil and erosion control, water quality, EPA regulations, and feasibility studies. Mr. Neff has surveying expertise in land surveying including boundary line determination; boundary, topographic and ALTA/ACSM surveys. Mr. Neff has been an expert witness including document analysis and report preparation in land development and drainage cases.
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