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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of environmental expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on environmental and related issues. Environmental expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these environmental expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Anthropology, Antiquity, Archaeological Resources Protection Act, Archaeology, Arpa, Artifact, Bed Bug, Birds, Bite, Cemetery, Cockroaches, Cultural Resources, Damage, Damage Assessments, and Entomologist.

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Christopher D Dore, PhD, MBA, MCIfA, RPA, CFLC Heritage Business International

Tucson, Arizona
Archaeology, Environmental - archeology, archaeology, archaeological resources protection act, ARPA, cultural resources, heritage, national historic preservation act, antiquity, artifact, smuggling, trafficking, anthropology, cemetery, excavation, damage assessment, Native American, looting, environmental
Dr. Christopher D. Dore, Registered Professional Archaeologist 10331 and a Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant, provides expert witness services in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, and cultural resource/heritage management. He has trial, deposition, and consulting experience. His expert services focus on the investigation, assessment, and valuation of damage resulting from impacts to archaeological resources under the Archaeological Resources Protection Act and other laws. With an MBA in addition to his doctoral degree in anthropology, Dr. Dore is particularly sought after for cases involving the valuation of damage. In addition to services focused on damage to archaeological resources, Dr. Dore also provides expert services on topics of cultural resource compliance under laws such as the National Historic Preservation Act, California Environmental Quality Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. Dr. Dore has participated in criminal and civil cases for both th...

Douglas L Seemann, BCE BCE Services, LLC

Oro Valley, Arizona
Entomology, Environmental - Entomologist, Entomology, Pesticide, Termiticide, Bed bug, Rats, Rodent, Mice, Hantavirus, Pest Control, Habitability, damage, bite, infestation, Cockroaches, Spider, Mites, Birds, Scorpion, IPM, sting, public health, Standard of Care, vermin, injury, contamination, vector, Realtor, Broker, Fly
BCE Services, LLC... "Entomologist Will travel" I am a Board Certified Entomologist with expertise in Applied Forensic Urban Entomology and Pest Control practices, and hold several Pest Control Licenses in CA and AZ. I held the Qualifying licenses for 2 southern California and several Arizona pest control companies and currently, an Arizona School District. I have previously held licenses in CT, NY and NJ, and additionally managed pest control branches in NM, TX, NV, and Sonora Mexico. I am not geographically bound. A graduate of the University of Connecticut where I focused on medical entomology and parasitology, I have served as Technical Director, Manager, VP and Owner of Pest Control companies across the country since 1983, and I am currently the Technical Director of a pest control company in Arizona. I have been a consultant since 2000 and served as the AZ Governor's appointed Entomologist Advisor to the AZ Office of Pest Management, and am on the BCE Continuing Education C...
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