Douglas L Seemann, BCE Expert Witness
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Entomology and Environmental

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Entomologist, Entomology, Pesticide, Termiticide, Bed bug, Rats, Rodent, Mice, Hantavirus, Pest Control, Habitability, damage, bite, infestation, Cockroaches, Spider, Mites, Birds, Scorpion, IPM, sting, public health, Standard of Care, vermin, injury, contamination, vector, Realtor, Broker, Fly


BS, University of Connecticut; BCE, Entomological Society of America

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BCE Services, LLC... "Entomologist Will travel" I am a Board Certified Entomologist with expertise in Applied Forensic Urban Entomology and Pest Control practices, and hold several Pest Control Licenses in CA and AZ. I held the Qualifying licenses for 2 southern California and several Arizona pest control companies and currently, an Arizona School District. I have previously held licenses in CT, NY and NJ, and additionally managed pest control branches in NM, TX, NV, and Sonora Mexico. I am not geographically bound. A graduate of the University of Connecticut where I focused on medical entomology and parasitology, I have served as Technical Director, Manager, VP and Owner of Pest Control companies across the country since 1983, and I am currently the Technical Director of a pest control company in Arizona. I have been a consultant since 2000 and served as the AZ Governor's appointed Entomologist Advisor to the AZ Office of Pest Management, and am on the BCE Continuing Education Committee for the Entomological Society of America. I was one of the authors of the AZ state pest control certification manual, have written numerous articles in the trade publications and taught Pest Management as Associate Professor at the State University of New York. I have been licensed in Real Estate in Arizona since 2008 and am familiar with the regulations regarding landlords, tenants and property management. I have served as expert witness in approximately 100 cases since 2004 and have found that these cases rarely go to trial and typically result in a settlement once the conclusions and the supporting data are presented. If it does become necessary to appear in court or deposition, I am well prepared and qualified to do so with extensive public speaking, educational and instructive experience. I have represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants. To date, in cases where I was allowed to testify, none of my clients, plaintiffs or defendants, have lost a case. Cases have included Habitability, Bed bugs, Cockroaches, Flies, Rodents, Rats, Bird mites, Termites, Termite damage, Termite inspection, Beetle damage, Hantavirus, Pesticide exposure, Wrongful death, Failure to disclose in real estate transactions, Spider bite, Mosquitos and Ultrasonic Devices. These cases have involved homes, schools, multi-unit housing, SRO, assisted living facilities, healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels, resorts, HOA, food plants, animal facilities and communities. These cases have been tried across the country in numerous states, including Hawaii.