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Rosemary Coates, MBA Blue Silk Consulting

Los Gatos, California
Manufacturing, Procurement/Purchasing - Chinese Products, Chinese Imports, Counterfeit Imports, Chinese Manufacturing, Electronics, Purchasing, Inventory, Warehousing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Purchasing, ERP systems implementations
China Manufacturing expert specializing in global supply chain sourcing, planning, production, logistics, import/export. Licensed US Customs Broker. Author of five books on global supply chain management including Amazon Best Seller "42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China." Ms. Coates is a seasoned executive and MBA, with over 30 years of experience in industry and consulting. She has worked on legal cases for the past 10 years, writing reports, giving depositions and testifying at trial. Her expertise is in global supply chains operations and software implementation including SAP and Oracle. Her legal work includes a variety of supply chain, import/export, and IT systems cases and issues including contract disputes, product defects, failed systems projects and patent infringement.
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