Neuropsychiatry Expert Witnesses in Illinois

The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of neuropsychiatry expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on neuropsychiatry and related issues. Neuropsychiatry expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these neuropsychiatry expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Cognitive Deficits And Psychiatric Symptoms Following Illness Or Injury, Complex Causation, Medical Ethics, Neuropsychiatry, Psychotherapy, Seizures And Epilepsy, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

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Norman V. Kohn, MD

Chicago, Illinois
Neurology, Neuropsychiatry - Neuropsychiatry, traumatic brain injury, cognitive deficits and psychiatric symptoms following illness or injury, seizures and epilepsy, psychotherapy, medical ethics, complex causation, litigation consulting
Trained and board certified in neurology, with additional subspecialty training in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Experience includes neurology practice, with years as neurology chair in a major teaching hospital and trauma center; practice and teaching of psychiatry, psychotherapy; and psychoanalysis. Expertise in -alcoholism and addiction -chronic pain -motivation, secondary gain, and malingering -doctor-doctor and doctor-patient communication -physician role responsibilities -medical decisionmaking -medical ethics -distinguishing coexisting psychiatric and medical factors -explaining medical concepts to juries
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