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Kathryn S Crous EMR Forensics Expert LLC

San Antonio, Texas
Health Informatics, Software Engineering - EMR - Electronice Medical Records, EHR - Electronic Health Records, Medical Records Forensics, Medical Records, Cerner, Epic, Meditech, Health Records, HIPAA, Expert Witness, Computer Forensics, Audit Trails
As an EMR forensics expert I can help others interpret the paper records that are generated from an EMR. Understanding the entire technical architecture and the complex regulatory requirements in healthcare requires a depth of understanding of the entire technical stack along with knowing the types of technologies used in healthcare. I am able to do a front end and back analysis to ensure integrity, sequence of events and completeness of comprehensive medical records. Having spent my entire career in healthcare I provide a deep understanding of the clinical, technical and healthcare workflow to articulate clearly to a jury the sequence of events in medical legal cases. I have practiced as an RN in many settings and have been a CIO of two major academic hospitals in the Greater New York area. I have designed, built, tested and deployed EMRs across the country including Cerner and Epic EMRs. Should you need the services of an EMR forensics expert to augment analysis, understandin...
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