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John D. Nelson, PhD, PE, DGE Engineering Analytics, Inc.

Fort Collins, Colorado
Construction Defects Expert Witness, Geotechnical Engineering Expert Witness - Expansive Soils, Foundations, Collapsible Soils, Landslides, Retaining Walls, Excavations, Embankment Dams, Mill Tailings, Foundation Movement
Dr. Nelson is a Principal Engineer and former CEO of Engineering Analytics, Inc. a Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Consulting Company that he founded. It is located in Northern Colorado. He is also Professor Emeritus of Colorado State University where he taught Geotechnical Engineering for 39 years. He is the senior author of two textbooks on Foundations on Expansive Soil. He has served as expert witness on over 100 cases involving construction defects relating to foundations constructed on expansive or collapsing soil. He is also an expert on Mill Tailings Dams. He is the engineer of record for raises on two tailings dams and has consulted on several cases involving tailings dam failures.
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David Wilshaw, MS, PG Britannia Solutions LLC

Winter Garden, Florida
Geology Expert Witness, Geotechnical Engineering Expert Witness - Sinkhole, Ground Subsidence, Landslides, Mine Subsidence, Ground Movement, Landslip, Karst Geology, Limestone Cavities, Soil Liquefaction, Cliff Erosion, Landfill, Organic Soil, Expansive Soil, Collapsible Soil, Dam Failure, Rock Fall, Buried Debris, Groundwater Seepage, Backfill, Shrink/Swell Clay
David Wilshaw holds a B.Sc. Degree in Geology - University of London (1984) and a M.Sc. (Engineering) Degree in Foundation Engineering - University of Birmingham (1987). He has over 35 years of professional experience in engineering geology, geotechnics and geo-environmental assessments gained throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and the Caribbean. Licensure & Certifications: • State of Florida Professional Geologist since 2006. • State of Tennessee Professional Geologist since 2012. • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Professional Geologist since 2017. • Fellow of the Geological Society of London since 1989; Chartered Geologist since 1992 • Certified State of Florida Neutral Evaluator of Disputed Sinkhole Insurance Claims since 2011 Mr. Wilshaw is currently engaged in: geotechnical investigation and ground-risk management in the residential / commercial construction, transportation and mining sectors; soil & rock drilling and testing; Phase I Environmental Site Assessments; pre-sui...
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Raymond S Rollings, PhD, PE Rollings Consulting, LLC

Beaufort, South Carolina
Civil Engineering Expert Witness, Geotechnical Engineering Expert Witness - Airport Pavements, Airfield Pavements, Airstrips, Heavy-Load Pavements, Port Pavements, Runways, Taxiways, Tarmacs, Airfields, Concrete Pavements, Asphalt Pavements, Soils, Aggregates, Expedient Pavements, Design, Construction, Maintenance
Ray has extensive experience with design, construction, and maintenance of airfield and other heavy-load pavements on all seven continents. This includes conventional airfield pavements, austere military airstrips in remote locations, and compacted snow and ice runways in Antarctica. He has conducted research and engineering studies on pavements for Army Corps of Engineers, US Air Force, and Federal Aviation Administration. Experience includes approximately 6-1/2 years as USAF civil engineering officer, 25 years as a civilian research engineer with Army Corps of Engineers research laboratories, and 10 years as a private consultant. Ray has extensive experience teaching including graduate courses, undergraduate courses, and lectures at US Air Force Academy, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Royal Military College-Duntroon, Mississippi State University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, and University of Cincinnati among others. Since 2005, He has ...
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Ben L. Seegmiller, PhD Seegmiller International

Sandy, Utah
Mining Expert Witness, Geotechnical Engineering Expert Witness - Mine Stability, Landslide Analysis, Ground Failure, Ground Stability, Underground Stability, Mine Slope Failure, Rock Stability, Earth Subsidence, Mine Stability Litigation, Open Pit Slope Stability, Ground Stabilization, Rock Fall Evaluation
Ben L. Seegmiller was born in Southern Utah and raised on a cattle ranch. He graduated high school from Wasatch Academy in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. He is a second generation miner, having learned about rocks, minerals and mining from his father, Pratt D Seegmiller, the original discoverer of Utah’s Marysvale Uranium District. Ben studied Civil Engineering at the University of New Mexico and later transferred to the University of Utah where he received his doctorate in Mining Engineering in 1969. He began his career in mining with the Anaconda Company where he traveled in Mexico, Canada and throughout the Western USA working on rock stability projects both on the surface and in the underground. In 1974 Ben formed Seegmiller International and has consulted as a specialist in rock stability projects throughout the world for civil and mining clients. In 1978 he was the first rock mechanics consultant hired by the Peoples Republic of China to address stability concerns at several of their sur...
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Michelle L Macauley, PE, LEG Macauley Trenchless PLLC

Federal Way, Washington
Construction Expert Witness, Geotechnical Engineering Expert Witness - Trenchless Engineering, Differing Site Condition Claims, Risk Analysis, Microtunneling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Auger Boring, Pipe Ramming, Trenchless Technologies, Value Engineering, Constructability Review, Trenchless and Geotechnical Claims Analysis
Michelle has over 21 years of experience in geotechnical engineering, trenchless engineering, alternatives analysis, and constructability review. Her expertise includes trenchless feasibility review, construction risk analysis, risk mitigation through review of construction documents, trenchless design, and construction support. She has provided geotechnical and trenchless support for claims prevention during construction, bid document preparation, claims review and preparation, and rebuttal contributions during the mediation process for differing site conditions claims. As a member of the Board of Directors of the North American Society for Trenchless Technologies (NASTT) she keeps abreast of cutting edge technologies and approaches. Michelle is a member of the American Society for Civil Engineering (ASCE) committee for the Trenchless Installation of Pipes (TIPs) and is on the committee to update the ASCE Manual of Practice (MOP) for Pipe Ramming (MOP 115). She is also on the c...
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