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This page contains environmental expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on environmental and related issues. Environmental expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts. The issues and subjects these environmental expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Alcohol, Carcinogenicity, Dioxin, Dram Shop, Drugs, Dui/Dwi, Environmental, Environmental Risk, Environmental Testing, Environmental Toxicology, Food Contamination, Lead, Marijuana, Medical Testing For Mold Exposure, and Medical Testing For Mold Illness.

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Lucy H Fraiser, PhD, DABT Lucy Fraiser Toxicology

Toxicology, Environmental - risk assessment, public health, air quality, NAAQS, risk-based corrective action, ozone (O3), nitrogen oxides (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), particulate matter (PM), chemicals
Dr. Lucy Fraiser is a board-certified toxicologist with over 25 years of experience in the areas of exposure and risk assessment, health effects and toxicology evaluations, development of quantitative toxicity criteria, development of risk-based air quality guidelines and soil cleanup criteria, and risk communication. Dr. Fraiser has conducted hundreds of exposure assessments for chemicals used in pharmaceutical laboratories and industrial processes, chemicals applied to control pests and unwanted vegetation, and chemicals released as unwanted by-products of chemical and product manufacturing, combustion of fossil and waste-derived fuels, generation of electricity, petroleum refining, smelting, rock crushing, and activities at military installations. Dr. Fraiser has been qualified as an expert, deposed, and has provided expert testimony in contested case hearings, criminal case hearings, Federal Civil suits, and toxic tort litigation on numerous occasions.

Ted W Simon, PhD, DABT Ted Simon, LLC

Winston, Georgia
Toxicology, Environmental - Drugs, Alcohol, Marijuana, Poisoning, DUI/DWI, Dram shop, Water Contamination, Soil Contamination, Perfluorinated Chemicals, Dioxin, Environmental Risk, Environmental Toxicology, Carcinogenicity, Food Contamination, Pesticides, Lead, PCBs
Award winning toxicologist and scientist. 10+ years' experience as a toxicologist employed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Experienced expert witness on issues including alcohol and marijuana, DUI and dram shop issues, environmental risk, Illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, accidental poisoning, and intellectual property. 10+ years consulting and expert witness experience. Served as EPA's senior toxicologist in the waste management division working on risk and soil cleanup. Well published, including author of textbook on toxicology and environmental risk assessment and a reference work on pesticides. Expertise in toxicology, risk assessment, mathematical modeling, statistics, neuroscience, and environmental/ecological health issues. Interest and expertise in the effects and testing of alcohol, marijuana and pharmaceuticals, perfluorinated chemicals, arsenic, chromium, benzene and other solvents. Extensive national and international public speaking experience. 15+ ye...

Canyon M West Mold Law Group

Dawsonville, Georgia
Mold, Mold - Mold Sickness, Mold Illness, Mold Expert, Mold Litigation, Mold Exposure, Mold Testing, Environmental Expert, Environmental Testing, Medical Testing for Mold sickness, Medical Testing for Mold Exposure, Mycotoxin Test, Mycotoxins Tests, Mycotoxins Testing, Medical Testing for Mold Illness
We are EPA, CDC, AIHA, and FEMA certified. We link the pathogens "mold& Bacteria, Endotoxins, and Mycotoxins" in your home, school, or workplace (Mold contaminated environment) to the direct causation of disease, all the way down to DNA damage and cancer. If you are sick from an indoor water damaged environment the "Mold Law Group" will get you the best settlement you can imagine. We are the nations leading experts for environmental disease caused by indoor water damaged environments.
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