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The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains a comprehensive list of aquatics safety expert witnesses who testify, consult and provide litigation support on aquatics safety and related issues. Aquatics safety expert witnesses and consultants on this page may form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, and provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. The issues and subjects these aquatics safety expert witnesses testify regarding may include: Drowning, Aquatic Accident Reconstruction, Beach Safety, Commercial Diving Accidents, Dive Equipment, Diving Accidents, Diving Casualties, Drowning Resuscitation, Emergency Medicine, Emergency Response Diving, Ems, Lifeguarding, Lifeguards, Military Diving, and Mixed Gas Diving.

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Stephen Leatherman, PhD Aquatic Accidents Group

Miami, Florida
Aquatics Safety, Risk Management - Drowning, Rip Currents, Beach Safety, Lifeguards, Swimming Accidents, Diving Accidents, Aquatic Accident Reconstruction, Swimming Pools.
The Aquatic Accidents group provides expert investigation of accidents involving water bodies. We provide expert consultation in drownings, swimming and diving accidents, beach safety and lifeguards, rip currents, and more. Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman has over 25 years of experience in consulting and expert witness investigations and has provided expert testimony for the U.S Senate and U.S. House of Representatives 11 times. Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman is a tenured, full professor of coastal science in the Department of Earth and Environment at Florida International University. Dr. Leatherman (a.k.a. Dr. Beach) has authored or edited 20 books and National Academy reports including National Geographic Field Guide to the Water’s Edge; Dr. Beach’s Survival Guide: What You Need to Know About Sharks, Rip Currents, & More Before Going in the Water; America’s Best Beaches; Sea Level Rise: Causes and Consequences; Cape Cod: From Glaciers to Beaches. He has authored over 200 journal article...

Eric M. Macdonald Apex Dive Safety and Compliance, LLC

Lynn Haven, Florida
Aquatics Safety, Accident Reconstruction - SCUBA Diving accidents, Commercial diving accidents, Diving casualties, Mixed Gas diving, Surface Supplied diving, salvage work, rigging, underwater search, recompression chamber, scientific diving, Military diving, Emergency Response diving, ROV operations, dive equipment, under-sea operations
Over 35 years of direct responsibility for complex diving, salvage, and open ocean recovery operations within the U.S. Navy. Expertise encompassing the following areas: • Dive Program Management. Participated in a complete reevaluation of all USN diving policies and publication of a new OPNAV 3150 Navy Diving Policy instruction. Revised USN Diving Manual (Rev. 7) to reflect new policy. Chairman of the Chief Warrant Officer Advisory Team (CWOT) tasked with advising Navy leadership on all aspects of diving, salvage, and special diving operations. • Dive Instruction and training. High Risk Training Officer for USN dive program. Navy Personal Qualification Standard (PQS) manager for entire Navy Dive Program. Updated and published Navy safety program and qualification manual. • Dive Safety enforcement. Dive Safety Officer for three (3) Naval Repair activities, and three (3) Mobile diving and salvage teams; published fleet wide dive safety policy/procedures. • Dive Inspection/A...

Andrew Schmidt, DO, MPH Surf Emergency Resources, LLC

Jacksonville, Florida
Emergency Medicine, Aquatics Safety - Emergency Medicine, Drowning, Submersion, Lifeguarding, EMS, Wilderness Medicine, Water Safety, drowning resuscitation
I am an academic emergency physician in Florida with a focus in pre-hospital medicine. My primary areas of research and teaching are drowning resuscitation, drowning physiology, and water safety. I have an extensive background in open water lifesaving and teach nationally and internationally on drowning prevention, drowning resuscitation, and lifeguarding; additionally I have been involved in numerous national and international guideline publications. I have published numerous papers and book chapters on these topics and collaborate with an international network of drowning researchers. Within the hospital, my interests are critical care and trauma. I have been providing expert witness services specific to drowning physiology, resuscitation, and water safety since 2018.
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