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Theodore Menadier, MBA

Approach One LLC

Denver, Colorado
Cannabis, Agriculture - Hemp Cultivation, Feminized Seed, Marijuana Cultivation, Clones, Seedlings, Crop Projections, Crop Valuation, Indoor Cultivation Equipment, Outdoor Cultivation, CBD, Cannabis, Economic damages
8 Years of experience in hemp and marijuana I have experience in providing opinions in both State and Federal Court. I have been retained in 12 cases in the last 2 years. I have experience testifying in court and in depositions. My mix of industry experience and education make me uniquely qualified to address many types of issues within Marijuana and Hemp industries. Where many experts have a narrow area of expertise I have developed a broad spectrum of experience that allows me to address in most instances the entirety of issues involved in a case. I am experienced in indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation, markets, and business practices. I can articulate an educated clear opinion in many areas of the hemp and marijuana industries involving cultivation, equipment, infrastructure, and the broader hemp market. In addition to continuing expert witness case work, I currently work with Rocky Mountain Distributors, a laboratory and cultivation facility producing live rosin for the ...
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