Rebecca H Loftis, PsyD CCHP-MH Expert Witness
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  • Additional States: Nevada
  • Company: Forenpsych
  • Phone: (775) 420-2248

Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Forensic Psychology and Psychology

Specialty Focus:

Criminal Forensic Evaluations, Trial Consultation, Correctional Suicide Prevention, Violation of Correctional Standards, Psychological Autopsy, Violence Risk Assessment, Psychosexual risk Assessment, Psychopathy, Threat Assessment, Court Involved Treatment, Anger Management, Clinical File Review


BA, Salem State University; MA Clinical Practices, University of Hartford; PsyD Clinical Psychology, William James College

Years in Practice:


Additional Information

Dr. Loftis is a Certified Correctional Health Provider - Mental Health, a designation governed by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. She has over fifteen years of experience in correctional health care, having provided training on suicide prevention in custody, correctional standards and correctional programs review. She has conducted numerous psychological autopsies, civil commitment and risk of violence evaluations, sexual violence and recidivism assessments for the correctional community. Dr. Loftis became Designated Forensic Psychologist in Massachusetts, having trained at state hospitals, correctional institutions and rural clinics. She has provided the courts with Competency to Stand Trial, Criminal Responsibility and Drug and Alcohol Evaluations. Dr. Loftis has evaluated several thousands of persons convicted of sex offenses and violent offenders seeking parole or pardons in the state of Nevada. She has also consulted on topics such as rapist typologies, psychopathy, violent crime and addiction. Dr. Loftis has also provided anger management treatment in corrections and the community for over fifteen years with a curriculum that she developed. In addition, Dr. Loftis has co-developed a sex offender curriculum which is utilized by the State of Nevada Department of Corrections. She currently resides in Dragoon, Arizona.