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General Specialties: Accident Reconstruction and Products Liability

Specialty Focus: 3D Trucking Accident Reconstruction Animations, Accident Reconstruction Animations, Night Lighting Accidents, 3D Crime Scene Reconstructions, Whiplash Accidents, Products Liability, Pedestrian Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Cranes Accidents, Dart Out Accidents, Slip and Fall, Fires Simulations

Education: Purdue Engineering BS & Quantitative Methods minor (AI mathematics + computers), from 4 years of Purdue Engineering University; Top Secret Security Clearance & Lieutenant Navy Supply Corps Officer, from 43 weeks Navy Officer & Supply Corp Schools; Senior Marketing Representative, College years equivilants schools of 1.6 years Navy, .8yr IBM, .2r Computers Courses; 13 year old, city's youngest Eagle Scout by one year + 3 palms + Order Of The Arrow, from 36 verbal merit badges exams in Boy Scouts of America

Years in Practice: 30

Additional Information

PLEASE EMAIL TO RECEIVE ANIMATIONS LIKE YOUR CASE 1. Scott is likely America's most experienced all around reconstructions animator, with 278 retained cases in 38 states, 37 specialties, 25 testimonies, plaintiffs or defendants, 25 criminal defense, in 26 years. 2- He was retained for 41 new cases since 2009 (5 trucking and 5 criminal defense). 3- His fee is 51.5% less than Reconstructionist expert's 2021 averages, with more savings in more productive methods. 4- 36% repeats by attorneys or experts prior to the 2009 study. 5- 87% of cases settled early (if finished 1 month before trial), and 9% "won" in trial. 6- Trucking cases were 61% of animations programming hours. 7- Scott was honored to be chosen by Attorney J. Kendall Few to write 2 NITA Papers suggesting American Judge's animations admissibility questions, based on 12 Law books of "Federal Evidence Rules" precedents, for Kendall Few to present live to the National Institute For Trial Advocacy (NITA), annual meeting. 8- IQ 142 = 1 in 246 people, qualified on GRE Graduate Schools Records Exam. 9- He testified for the 1st SC jury viewing of reconstructions animations, 1st in the South Eastern states, and many other states in following years, in Federal, State, and Criminal Courts. 10- His animations and report usually preclude site visit costs, or testimony beyond his report. 11- Return on investment usually returns costs several times over, many tenfold, and some more. 12- He had the honor of being invited twice to present 14 animations with Federal Judge G. Ross Anderson, to state and county CLE programs where the Judge said "It is difficult to imagine a more effective tool for enhancing your case presentation...The combination of verbal and visual delivery is remembered six times as effectively as verbal delivery alone" 13- Most all attorneys rely on Scott's thorough report, and postpone deposition costs until after the usual 87% early settlement. PLEASE EMAIL TO RECEIVE ANIMATIONS