Tornado Damage Expert Witnesses

Tornado damage expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on tornado damage. The tornado damage expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Construction Defects, Environmental, Meteorology, and Structural Engineering.

Mark S Densmore, P.E., S.I., DFE MSD Engineering, LLC

Lakewood Ranch, Florida
Construction Defects, Structural Engineering - Wind Defects Roofing, Hail Defects Roofing, Moisture Intrusion/Damage, Structural Damage, Structural Collapse/Failure, Construction Defects, Milestone Inspections, Structural Forensic Consultant/Engineer, Tornado Damage, Hurricane Damage, Flood Damage
28 Years Engineering Experience. Board-Certified Diplomate in Forensic Engineering (DFE). I am a professional structural forensic consultant/engineer and testifying expert witness, licensed in 15 states, plus DC. My experience involves inspecting property damage/defects, documenting and evaluating damage due to the effects of "mother nature" (hail, wind, and water), and providing a litigation-ready report. You can count on me to scientifically examine and evaluate your construction defect and/or failure, and deliver a timely report. MSD Engineering gives you the personal service with integrity that you can depend on (Independent & Unbiased). I would like to put my 25+ years of engineering experience to use to serve as your expert witness. I have authored over 1800+ civil/structural forensic engineering reports and 500+ sinkhole and structural damage reports. I have inspected over 1000+ residential structures and 100+ commercial structures. I am a member of the National Academy of Fo...

David L Mitchell, PhD MET Associates

Dayton, Texas
Meteorology, Environmental - weather event re-construction, air dispersion modeling, forensic meteorology, expert weather testimony, air pollution, visibility, rainfall, hail, aviation accidents, marine accidents, severe storms, hurricane damage, wind analysis, tornado damage, wrongful death, property damage, personal injury.
Dr. David L. Mitchell is an authority on the numerical modeling of geophysical and atmospheric data with a Doctorate in Meteorology from Purdue University. Dr. Mitchell has over 35 years of technical modeling experience in industry and consulting. Dr. Mitchell is a Court Qualified Expert in Air Modeling and Forensic Meteorology. His business experience includes various research, project management and technical consulting positions with Conoco, Getty Oil Company, Texaco, Tenneco, British Petroleum, Leviathan Gas Pipeline LLP and IBM Corporation. Dr. Mitchell has extensive knowledge of Forensic Meteorology and has published his research results on the numerical modeling of atmospheric stability and convection. Dr. Mitchell is an expert in the field of Air Pollution Meteorology with over 30 years of experience with the mathematical modeling of wave propagation in elastic media, atmospheric fluid dynamics and air dispersion modeling. He has extensive knowledge of air pollution m...