Rent Control Expert Witnesses

Rent control expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on rent control. The rent control expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Premises Liability, Property Management, and Real Estate.

Steven Edrington, CCIM, CPM, CFLC Edrington and Associates

Oakland, California
Real Estate, Premises Liability - Property management, broker, agent, landlord/tenant, apartment, residential, commercial, HOA, wrongful eviction, habitability, standard of care, premises liability, slip/trip/fall, inspection, building codes, electrical codes, health and safety, maintenance, personal injury, rent control, damages
Edrington and Associates are residential investment property specialists. We maximize value and solve complex real estate challenges for our clients, who are owners, developers, and buyers/sellers of rental housing. We are active practitioners in the field in addition to our expert witness work where we primarily serve landlord/tenant and insurance defense attorneys. Steven Edrington is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), Certified Property Manager (CPM), Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC), and an ICC Residential Building Inspector. Philip Barthman is an ICC Combination Inspector, electrician, and former Alameda County Building Inspector. We are frequent presenters to the Bar Association of San Francisco, Alameda County Bar Association, Bridge Association of Realtors, San Francisco Apartment Association, and East Bay Rental Housing Association on topic including Issues of Habitability, Adding/Legalizing Units, and Oakland Rent and Eviction Controls.

Steven D. Epcar, CPM S.D. Epcar & Associates

GRANITE BAY, California
Real Estate, Property Management - Expert in real estate and property management issues, including residential, commercial, retail, HOA, hotel, mixed-use properties. Litigation support includes standard of care, partnership conflict, brokerage/leasing, landlord/tenant, valuation, premises, rent control, life/safety and environmental.
Mr. Epcar is experienced in real estate management organizational/profitability assessments. His extensive background includes the successful development and operation of "best in class" real estate management and consulting organizations. He has extensive experience in multi-family, commercial, retail, condominiums, hotels, mixed-use asset operations, renovations and marketing. In addition he has provided project management, investment feasibility and due diligence services as well as marketing/branding for business development and expansion. His background also includes significant real estate development services, commercial leasing and Tenants-In-Common/1031 exchange investments. Mr. Epcar is a Certified Property Manager (CPM), a licensed California real estate broker and a licensed Managing Broker in the State of Washington. He is also a member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA). His expert witness/litigation support activities over the past 18+ years incl...

Robert S. Griswold, CRE, CPM, RPA, ACoM, CCIM, PCAM, CCAM, GRI, ARM, BS, MBA, MSBA Griswold Real Estate Management, Inc.

San Diego, California
Real Estate, Premises Liability - Property management, broker, agent, residential, apartment, commercial, retail, hospitality, HOA, slip/trip/fall, maintenance, inspection, water intrusion, mold, premises liability, personal injury, rent control, habitability, bed bugs, roaches, balcony collapse, health & safety, & personal injury.
Robert Griswold specializes in: * Currently active as a day-to-day hands-on practitioner, consultant and expert in all aspects of real estate (except valuation). Serves as a consultant or expert witness in standards of care, standards of practice, best practices, and custom and practice for real estate transactions, property management/ownership and fiduciary duty issues for all types of residential and commercial real estate – management, operations, maintenance, health & safety, habitability, mold, water intrusion, personal injury, trip & fall, premises liability, property inspection, broker or agent failure to disclose; misrepresentation; negligence/fraud & association board duties, & real estate receivership. * Certified Property Manager (CPM(®), Counselor of Real Estate (CRE®), Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM®), Real Property Administrator (RPA®) * Accredited Residential Manager (ARM®), Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM®) Professional Community Association Man...

Scott T. Bennett, CPM ExpertMulti-Family Expert Witness Group

Keller, Texas
Property Management, Real Estate - Real estate and property management issues, residential, mixed-use. Leasing, landlord/tenant, rent control, life/safety and environmental, manufactured homes, Risk and Safety at Apt buildings, Multi-Family injuries, Property management issues related to management operations, premises liability
Mr. Bennett is experienced in Real Estate Management both Multi-Family, Office and Retail Organizational structure. His extensive background includes the development, operations, risk management, hazard evaluations, safety standards and "best in class" real estate management. Mr. Bennett has over 25+ years experience in multi-family, commercial, retail, condo's, mixed-use management operations and renovations. His background also includes significant real estate development services, leasing and Tenants law. He is a Certified Property Manager (CPM), and real estate executive in Texas. His expert witness/litigation support activities over the past 25+ years includes working and testifying on behalf of both Plaintiff and Defendant with significant deposition and trial experience. His work has included cases in various other states outside of Texas. Experience in Manufactured Homes and Mobile Home Parks/Subdivisions and Manufactured Home Development Additional expertise ...