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Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services

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Emergency medicine, EMS, medical device, medical education, critical care, surgical complication, acute coronary syndrome, motor vehicle accident, stroke, missed diagnosis, informed consent, disabilty, airway, hypoxia, trauma, workers compensation, treatment of minors, involuntary detainment, ACLS


BA, Binghamton University; MD, University of Washington; MPH, Harvard School of Public Health

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I am board certified in Emergency Medicine by the American College of Emergency Physicians. Having completed my medical degree at University of Washington I completed my residency at Yale and my first job was as a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) during which time I earned a Masters in Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. Currently I am an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Public Health at the University of Washington and practice clinically at three hospitals, including our level 1 trauma hospital and our cancer and transplant hospital I have nearly two decades of experience practicing clinical emergency medicine in community, government and academic settings. Within these settings, I have cared for high volumes of trauma, pediatrics, geriatrics, oncology, psychiatry, substance abuse disorder, complicated cardiac patients including those with assist devices, and surgically complex patients. In addition to my patient care, I have significant public health and health systems experience at the hospital, health system, regional, national and international level, including roles as medical director and staff supervisor at the health system level with more than 25K employees. I have worked extensively with state and local departments of health, JACHO requirements, EMTALA, COBRA, OSHA, workers compensation and labor and industries, informed consent, involuntary detainment, AMA discharge, mental capacity assessment, and elopement. My academic experience includes publishing and lecturing, as well as educating and supervising trainees (medical students, residents and fellows), nurse practitioners, physician assistants, paramedics, RNs and medical technical staff. My years of legal involvement include work with criminal, civil and family law cases including: legal writing, testimony, case review and summaries, data analysis, literature review and related analysis. Case experience including: medical codes, operative complications, anesthesia complications, emergency medicine complications, disability, medical equipment, assault, trauma, firearm injuries, critical care, obesity, barbaric surgery, thoracic surgery, physiology, anoxic brain injuries, airway complications, cosmetic complications, ALS, ACLS, ATLS, PALS and misdiagnosis. I have significant comfort explaining complex medical and physiological concepts to lay people, presenting in-front of small and large groups, working with media, insurance and risk management teams.