Lisa Boesky, PhD Expert Witness

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General Specialties: Correctional Healthcare and Psychology

Specialty Focus: jail suicide, prison suicide, rehab facility suicide, treatment facility suicide, psychiatric hospital suicide, juvenile detention suicide, juvenile corrections suicide, suicide standard of care, correctional suicide, suicide risk assessment, suicide, jail/prison/correctional facility suicide

Education: PhD, Wayne State University; MA, Wayne State University; BA, University of California, Santa Barbara

Years in Practice: 20+

Additional Information

Expert on child and adult Suicide within Correctional and Treatment facilities (jails, prisons, mental health facilities, substance abuse treatment facilities, juvenile detention, psychiatric hospitals, etc.). Licensed clinical psychologist for 20+ years. Consults on mental health and Suicide Prevention programs, including multiple class-action lawsuits, and "Suicide Vulnerability Assessments" in correctional and residential treatment settings. Developed and presented over 140 "conference" keynotes and workshops, and over 125 full-day or multi-day "training" programs. Opinion source for national media including CNN, Fox News, USA Today, US News & World Report among others. Author of books, articles and national training curriculums. Experienced expert witness and forensic consultant (defense and plaintiff cases) related to Suicide deaths in Correctional and Treatment facilities.