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Otolaryngology and Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck

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Medical spa, medspa, aesthetics, botox, filler, hearing loss, facial trauma, disfigurement, facial paralysis, sinus, nasal surgery, head and neck cancer, complications, ENT surgery, facial plastic surgery, facelift, rhinoplasty, scar, complications, tinnitus


MD, Tulane University School of Medicine; MBA, University of New Mexico

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I am double board certified in Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and have been in practice since 2009. I have worked at top hospitals including Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, and I trained at Tulane in New Orleans and Mount Sinai in New York City. I did a one year fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in Tampa, Florida. I also co-own a medical spa so have extensive experience in that realm. I also co-own a hearing aid business so have extra experience with hearing loss and tinnitus beyond the usual clinical scope of practice. I have worked in VA settings throughout my training. Currently I practice in the State of New Mexico on which I volunteer for the New Mexico Medical Review Commission which is a panel that reviews all malpractice cases brought in the state, this brings insight in how to review whether there is evidence of deviation from the standard of care, causation of harm, reasonable doubt, etc. I have consulted on Independant Medical Examinations over the last eight years for workmans compensation and employment cases. Also I have reviewed cases to determine if there is merit, as well as performing expert witness review and depositions. I can provider determination of percent disablity based on AMA guidelines and weight in on maximum medical improvement status. My work has been on the side of the plantiffs and the defendants. The scope of my cases has included tinnitus, hearing loss, facial trauma, nasal trauma, scars, deformity, sequelae of injuries to the head and neck etc. spanning the entire scope of otolaryngologic and facial plastic issues. To date I have not been sued, and my license is in good standing. I am active in my state medical society and have held numerous leadership positions throughout my career. (see CV)