Drug Interaction Expert Witnesses

Drug interaction expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on drug interaction. The drug interaction expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Anesthesiology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Legal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pharmacist, and Pharmacology- Clinical.

Pejman Golpanian, MD

Beverly Hills, California
Anesthesiology, Legal Medicine - airway, difficult intubation, brain damage, low oxygen, hypoxia, hypotension, blood pressure, paralysis, narcotics, aspiration, allergic reaction, pregnancy, epidural, awareness, drug interaction, positioning, numbness, ultrasound, nerve injury, nerve block, fire, recovery, death, laryngospasm, cpr
Dr. Pejman Golpanian is a highly experienced, board-certified Anesthesiologist actively practicing in California. He currently practices and holds privileges at 40+ outpatient ambulatory surgical centers, dental offices, and multiple Hospitals in the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Thousand Oaks areas. He has performed well over 15,000 successful anesthetic procedures and is highly trained in all aspects of anesthesiology including general anesthesia, dental anesthesia (with a current dental anesthesia license), regional anesthesia with ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks, neuro-axial spinal and epidural anesthesia, and sedation with monitored anesthesia care. Dr. Golpanian is an active expert consultant for the Medical Board of California assisting investigators, prosecutors, and administrative law judges in understanding the medical aspects of a medical-legal case. He provides clinical expertise and testimony regarding the practice of medicine and can e...

Michele Alba, MD

Loveland, Colorado
Family Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology - Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Newborn, Cancer Screening, Cesarean, Childbirth, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Drug Interaction, Failure to Diagnose/Refer, Fetal Heart Monitoring, Hospital Infections, Hypertension, Hemorrhage, Pre-Eclampsia, Sepsis, Shoulder Dystocia, Uterine Rupture, VBAC
As a board-certified family medicine physician with fellowship training in high-risk maternal child health, Dr. Alba practices full-scope family medicine with surgical obstetrics in Northern Colorado. She currently serves as faculty physician at one of the nation's top family medicine residency training programs with over 5 years of clinical experience. While her expertise includes primary care, addiction medicine, and women's health, Dr. Alba's breadth of knowledge spans inpatient and outpatient geriatric, adult, pediatric and obstetric medicine. She oversees medical students, residents, midwives, and mid-level providers. She is passionate about patient safety and quality improvement and holds leadership roles on both Family Medicine and Obstetrics Safety Net Boards at her current institution. Dr. Alba is known for her curious mindset, thoughtful analytical skills, and excellent communication abilities both written and verbal. She is able to translate complex information into tang...

Andrew Perugini, Pharm.D.

Clinical Pharmacist - Hartford Healthcare

Watertown, Connecticut
Pharmacist, Pharmacology- Clinical - Clinical Pharmacist, Toxicology, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Overdose, Opioid Overdose, Adverse Drug Events, Anticoagulation, Medication Error, Pharmacist Medical Malpractice, Drug Interaction, Pharmacokinetics, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Oncology, Intensive Care Unit, Alcohol,
Dr. Perugini is a pharmacist with 12 years of experience. He initially started his career in retail pharmacy and eventually moved to the hospital setting as a clinical pharmacist. He is an adjust assistant professor at several pharmacy schools in his state. He has worked his way up to the position of Pharmacy Supervisor/Clinical Coordinator at his practice site. He is a member of several system-wide committees to help establish new protocols or therapies and to investigate medication error events and ways to reduce future errors. His knowledge is extensive, encompassing a wide range of areas, including infectious disease, emergency medicine, critical care, anticoagulation, neurology, oncology, cardiology, extravasation and more. As mentioned before, he serves as the clinical coordinator at his hospital, ensuring that any new clinical initiatives are properly executed at his practice site. This includes providing education and participating in committees to discuss ways to improve pa...

Lihui Yuan, Ph.D, PharmD

Gainesville, Florida
Pharmacist, Pharmacology- Clinical - Ambulatory care, clinical pharmacist, pharmacology, diabetes management, warfarin therapy, drug interaction, medication error, immunization schedule and shoulder injury
Dr. Yuan received her Ph.D and PharmD from university of Florida, works as a clinical pharmacist at UF Health with broad experience on diabetes management, anticoagulation medications including warfarin. She has done cardiovascular and diabetes research during her research career and has published a list of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Yuan is an instructional associate professor at University of Florida and provides didactic and experiential training in PharmD program, her teaching topics include: cardiovascular, endocrine, and renal pharmacology and pathophysiology. She received multiple awards due to her excellence in teaching, including the highest teaching award for the College of Pharmacy at University of Florida: Teacher of the year. Dr. Yuan is also an instructor of the APhA Pharmacy-based Immunization Delivery course to prepare pharmacists with the knowledge and skills to become certified immunizers.

Luke A. Probst, PharmD, BCPS, CPGx

Forensic Pharmacy Experts

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Pharmacology- Clinical, Pharmacist - Prescribing Error, Drug Interaction, Drug Toxicity, Overdose, Pharmacy Error, Pediatric Pharmacist, Polypharmacy, Adverse Drug Reaction, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy Standards, Pharmacy Malpractice, Drug Allergy, Pharmacogenomics
Dr. Probst is a consultative expert for medical litigation cases requiring pharmacological expertise. He has extensive pharmacy experience - including pediatrics - in academic medical centers and other practice settings, and he can opine on causation or standard of care issues associated with medication errors. In addition to maintaining a hospital based pharmacy career, he has co-authored several dozen articles, reviews manuscripts for several journals, has taught in nursing and medical courses, and delivered presentations at local, state and national meetings. He has maintained Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist designation since 1998, is an active member of American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and a former member of the New York State Council of Health System Pharmacists, Pediatric Pharmacy Association, and American College of Clinical Pharmacy.

David C Griffin, RPh

Griffin Pharmacy Consultants, LLC

Grandview, Texas
Pharmacist - Pharmacy Standards, Medication Errors, Drug Interactions, Medication Overdose and Underdose, Medication Interaction, Pharmaceuticals Adverse Reactions, Pharmacy Safety and Counseling, Pharmacist Duty to Warn, Adverse Drug Reactions, Drug Interaction, and Controlled Substance Policies.
Over 40 years of experience in retail and community pharmacies. Well-versed in practice standards and pharmacy operations, including controlled substance laws & policies as well as financials, inventory, sales & pricing, and staff supervision & training.

Alexander Shepherd, MB ChB, PhD, FRCP, FAHA


San Antonio, Texas
Pharmacology- Clinical, Internal Medicine - Drug adverse effect, drug toxicity, poisoning, drug overdose, prescribing, mechanism of drug action, drug Interaction, drug dose, poly-pharmacy, malpractice, drug reaction, drug patent,
I am a Board certified internist and PhD clinical pharmacology expert in drug action and effect with over 35 years of experience. I have been retained in almost 400 legal cases, for both defendants and plaintiffs, usually in medical malpractice cases in which adverse drug effects or actions are involved. I also have extensive expertise in drug litigation and patent disputes. In cases where drug prescribing, dosing, adverse effects and drug interactions are in question, I provide standard-of-care expert witness testimony. I am Board certified in Clinical Pharmacology and in Internal Medicine. I have been Chairman and Executive Director of the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology, President of the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and have been on multiple national committees. I teach and practice Clinical Pharmacology and Internal Medicine in an academic and clinical setting.