Andrew Perugini, Pharm.D. Expert Witness
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Clinical Pharmacist - Hartford Healthcare

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Pharmacist and Pharmacology- Clinical

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Clinical Pharmacist, Toxicology, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Overdose, Opioid Overdose, Adverse Drug Events, Anticoagulation, Medication Error, Pharmacist Medical Malpractice, Drug Interaction, Pharmacokinetics, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Oncology, Intensive Care Unit, Alcohol,


Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Connecticut

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Additional Information

Dr. Perugini is a pharmacist with 12 years of experience. He initially started his career in retail pharmacy and eventually moved to the hospital setting as a clinical pharmacist. He is an adjust assistant professor at several pharmacy schools in his state. He has worked his way up to the position of Pharmacy Supervisor/Clinical Coordinator at his practice site. He is a member of several system-wide committees to help establish new protocols or therapies and to investigate medication error events and ways to reduce future errors. His knowledge is extensive, encompassing a wide range of areas, including infectious disease, emergency medicine, critical care, anticoagulation, neurology, oncology, cardiology, extravasation and more. As mentioned before, he serves as the clinical coordinator at his hospital, ensuring that any new clinical initiatives are properly executed at his practice site. This includes providing education and participating in committees to discuss ways to improve patient care. The practice site where he works is one of seven hospitals in his system. He regularly staffs the ICU, participates in medical rounds, covers the emergency department, and cardiology floors at his hospital. He is actively involved in Antimicrobial Stewardship at his hospital, working in conjunction with the lead Infectious Disease Provider. Dr. Perugini helps facilitate inpatient chemotherapy regimens, provides anticoagulation recommendations, and is an active member of the Stroke Committee at his facility. With twelve years of experience that spans from retail pharmacy to clinical pharmacy, his knowledge is extensive, and he has experience in various areas of pharmacy.