Death In Custody Expert Witnesses

Death in custody expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on death in custody. The death in custody expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medicine, Emergency Preparedness, and Medical Management.

Kevin R. Brown, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAAEM Brown Consulting

Armonk, New York
Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services - EMS, Emergency Medical Services, paramedics, prehospital care, resuscitation, myocardial infarction, airway management, wound care, death in custody, excited delirium, allergic reactions, EMTs, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, cardiac arrhythmia, trauma care
EM Residency trained and Board Certified. Experienced Clinician and Director. Twelve years of paramedic field experience: EMS QA, prehospital care, protocol development, & telemetry experience. Emergency Medicine Residency Trained; Medical School Faculty Assitant medical director of paramedic Education Co-authored three electrocardiogram texts, interests: MI care, resuscitation, airway management and wound care, physician assistants (PA-C), and nurse practitioners (APN) in emergency care.

Bill McDonald, Ph.D., SME, NR-Paramedic, FACPE, FAcEM, NCEE, RF, CIC, CEM McDonald Public Safety Consulting, LLC

Staten Island, New York
Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Preparedness - Ambulance, Paramedic EMT, Advanced Airway Management (Intubation), stretcher falls, American Heart Association, EMS Emergency Communications and System Design, Emergency Management, Positional Asphyxia, Death in custody,Standard of Care, Police, Police administration
Dr. McDonald is the Principal Consultant & has worked in public safety for over two decades with his primary area of expertise in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Preparedness. Dr. McDonald's additional experience includes paramedic care, EMS operations, Standard of Care situations, Falls, Drops, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Dispatch Errors, Emergency Communication, EMS Education, Emergency Vehicle Operations, American Heart Association Education (BLS, CPR, ACLS, PALS), Coordinating both EMT and Paramedic training programs. Dr. McDonald has worked in the private sector, non-profit area of EMS, and for a municipal organization. Dr. McDonald has held field positions as an EMT and Paramedic, EMS Supervisor and Manager positions, and EMS Educator and Clinical Performance Improvement leadership roles. Dr. McDonald was the EMS Educator and Lead Instructor for the Jersey City Medical Center EMS/Hudson County Community College School of Pre-Hospital Medicine's Paramedic Program....

Paul A. Werfel, MS, NRP, CIC The Werfel Group, LLC

Mt Sinai, New York
Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medicine - EMS, Emergency Medical Services, paramedics, ambulance, prehospital care, resuscitation, Critical care transport, myocardial infarction, airway management, death in custody, excited delirium, allergic reactions, EMTs, protocols, intubation, cardiac arrhythmia, trauma care
A prolific international speaker and author of over 50 articles, magazine columns, and book sections, Paul brings over four decades of EMS experience to the table. In addition to fourteen years as an NYC Paramedic, Professor Werfel has served as The Program Coordinator for Advanced Cardiac, Trauma, and Pediatric life support at the Emergency Care Institute at Bellevue Hospital-NYU Medical Center in New York City, and as Emergency Care Programs Coordinator at Jamaica Hospital, Queens N.Y. In addition to being the Director of the Stony Brook University EMT and Paramedic Program, He also serves as Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and Clinical Assistant Professor of Health Science. As a recipient of the 1998 Faculty Achievement Award, Professor Werfel is also a member of the review boards for Pre-hospital and Disaster Medicine, and Pre-Hospital Immediate Care Magazines. He was an expert writer for the National Standard EMT-Intermediate/Paramedic Curriculum revision project, an...

Joseph A Lord, NREMTP, CC-CEMTP, Lords Consulting LLP

Shelby, North Carolina
Emergency Medical Services, Medical Management - Emergency Preparedness, EMS. Emergency Vehicle Safety, Grant/Proposal Writing, Operations and Strategic Analysis, Paramedic, Standard of Care, Ambulance Crash, Patient Transportation, Protocols, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Personal Injury, Intubation, Death in Custody, Excited Delirium, EMT
Lords Consulting LLP has multiple expert witnesses specializing in Emergency Medical Service. We have a combined 60+ years' experience in the Emergency Medical field in a multitude of specialized areas. We have worked as EMTs, Paramedics, Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Registered Nurses, Training Instructors, Field Training Officers, Disaster Preparedness Management, Disaster Relief and Training Exercise Managers. We are nationally registered and are able to provide expert witness in all states. We have an abundance of awards and certifications. Certifications: NC Office of Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic Instructor and Paramedic, International Trauma Life Support Provider and Instructor, National Registry Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic, American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider/Instructor, American Heart Association Pediatric Life Support Provider/Instructor, TN Department of Health and Human Services Paramedic, Ventilator Certified,...